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Exceeding client expectations

Client Satisfaction is the top priority at LEHMAN, LEE & XU. The quality of supervision in all matters will be uniformly high.


Service to the Firm

There is no room for attorneys who put their individual interests ahead of the interests of the Clients or the Firm. Only the highest caliber professionals with passion for their work are acceptable at our Firm.


Continuing legal education

Every attorney is required, not merely encouraged, to learn and develop new skills. Every attorney is responsible for producing the best work and for encouraging the best work from every other person at LEHMAN, LEE & XU.


Respect and rewarding our people

People within our Firm will always treat each other with the highest of respect. The Firm has been, and will continue to invest a significant amount of time and money in processes and practices that will pay dividends in the future. Those who contribute the most to the overall success of the Firm will be appreciated and rewarded generously.


Commitment to our community

A commitment to public service is an obligation of every attorney at LEHMAN, LEE & XU. We recognize, encourage and support our people in their efforts to contribute to the communities in which they live and work.

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