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Energy & Resources

The Firms Energy & Resources practice is anchored in the firm's capabilities spanning project development, project financing, corporate law, taxation, and dispute resolution. These capabilities, refined through diverse experiences, provide a solid foundation for serving energy-related industries.


Against the backdrop of the global emphasis on renewable and alternative energy technology, our extensive experience in various energy sectors positions us to offer support to developers, investors, owners, and lenders.


Our Energy & Natural Resources law team consists of seasoned attorneys dedicated to guiding multinational energy companies through the intricate business and regulatory landscape. With expertise in obtaining approvals, developing and financing oil and gas projects, and independent power production facilities, we particularly emphasize renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, hydro-electricity, and biomass.


Our legal services cover:


- Environmental due diligence, risk assessment, impact assessment, and compliance with environmental laws.


- Providing legal opinions on energy and environmental laws and regulations, collaborating with competent authorities.


- Establishing power plants and drafting electricity purchase agreements.


- Structuring and financing renewable energy projects.


- Structuring mining, oil, and gas projects, establishing ventures, installing pipelines, and drafting trading agreements.


- Offering advice and assistance on pollution-related liabilities and industrial safety compliance.


- Structuring urban utilities concessions and urban planning projects.


- Developing and implementing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects.


- Electric Transmission.


- Energy Regulation.


- Energy Storage.


- Mining & Minerals.


- Oil & Gas.


- Solar Energy.


- Wind Energy.


In conclusion, Lehman, Lee & Xu's Energy & Resources law practice leverages expertise in project development, financing, corporate law, taxation, and dispute resolution. With a focus on renewable energy, we navigate regulatory complexities, providing comprehensive legal support. Our commitment is to assist developers, investors, owners, and lenders in contributing to the future of the energy sector.


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