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No.2712, Xinhua Technology Building, No.262 Shifu Street, Shenghe District, Shengyang Liaoning, 110013 China

Shenyang is one of China’s most important industrial centers.  Traditionally focused on heavy industry, particularly aerospace, machine tools, heavy equipment, and defense, Shenyang has more recently expanded into software, automotive, and electronics.  Many of China’s largest industrial companies have their headquarters in Shenyang.  Brilliance China Auto is a major Chinese automobile manufacturer with most of its production located in Shenyang.  Shenyang Aircraft Corporation is a large aircraft manufacturing company which produces airplanes for both civilian use as well as for the Chinese Air Force.  Neusoft Group, the largest software company in China is located in Shenyang, as is Shenyang Machine Tool Group, the largest machine tool manufacturer in China.

LEHMAN, LEE & XU’s Shenyang partner office provides our clients with a wide variety of legal services including advisory services concerning foreign direct investment, commercial law, intellectual property matters, and litigation. Please contact for more information.

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