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Lehman, Lee & Xu is a leading force in China's franchise law landscape, recognized for its role in reviewing, advising, and providing comments on the country's first franchise law in 1997. The firm played a pivotal role collaborating with the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) on implementing the franchise laws, and advised on the establishment of the first franchise in China (prior to the establishment of the franchise law).

Our Franchise lawyers established and served as the legal counsel to the China International Franchisor's Association (CIFA), a platform facilitating discussions on China's legal and business landscape for foreign franchisors. Additionally, the firm provided the first legal and regulatory advice to the International Franchise Association (IFA), the world's largest membership organization for franchisors, franchisees, and franchise suppliers, assisting with IFA China-related advocacy, education, and China-related growth opportunities in accordance with China's laws, policies, and regulations.

Our franchise practice group is a collaborative effort, bringing together diverse lawyers from various regions of China, with additional support from experts in major practice areas such as tax law, administrative law, and intellectual property law. This collaborative approach ensures that clients receive comprehensive legal resources for the successful operation of a franchise business in China.

Lehman, Lee & Xu's franchise lawyers offer legal and business counsel across the entire spectrum of franchise law. From advising startups to assisting established companies in expanding their franchise systems, our services cover business organization strategies effective in China, business plan development, drafting franchise agreements, and sub-franchising agreements.

For well-established franchise businesses, we provide guidance on mergers, acquisitions, compliance with state registrations, statutes, and regulations, as well as intellectual property matters, including copyright protection domestically and internationally, trademark and service mark filings, trade secrets, and intellectual property acquisition.

Our franchise practice group is well-versed in handling all facets of commonly litigated matters within the industry, including disputes between franchisors, franchisees, and third parties. Lehman, Lee & Xu has a track record of managing intricate business litigation cases on behalf of franchisors, covering issues such as franchise termination, enforcement of post-termination covenants, intellectual property disputes, trade secrets, unfair competition, trademark infringement, and bankruptcy litigation. The lawyers in the franchise practice group are also experienced in resolving disputes through mediation and arbitration when alternative dispute resolution methods are deemed appropriate.

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