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Lehman Lee & Xu's franchise practice group brings together a diverse group of lawyers from across China who are focused on this sector of business. The franchise practice group is also supported by lawyers in our other major practice areas, including tax law, administrative law and intellectual property law. This team approach ensures that the client is provided with all of the legal resources necessary to successfully operate a franchise business in China.

Lehman Lee & Xu's franchise lawyers provide legal and business advice covering every aspect of franchise law, from advising on a new start up franchise company to an established company that wants to expand its franchise system. Services provided to developing franchise businesses include guidance on business organizations that will operate effectively in China, developing business plans, drafting franchise agreements, and sub-franchising agreements.

For established franchise businesses, Lehman Lee & Xu provides advice on issues such as mergers, acquisitions, compliance with State registrations, statutes and regulations, intellectual property matters, including domestic and international copyright protection, trademark and service mark filings, trade secrets, and acquisition of intellectual property.

The franchise practice group is also experienced in handling all aspects of commonly litigated matters within this industry, including disputes between franchisors, franchisees and third parties. Lehman, Lee & Xu has handled complex business litigation on behalf of franchisors involving issues such as franchise termination, enforcement of post termination covenants, intellectual property, trade secrets, unfair competition, trademark infringement and bankruptcy litigation. The lawyers in the franchise practice group are also experienced in resolving disputes by mediation and arbitration, when the situation calls for such alternate methods to dispute resolution.

Lehman, Lee & Xu is recognized in China as a leader in the area of franchise law and was the first firm to translate and review China's franchise law in 1997. The firm set up and is legal counsel to the China International Franchisor's Association (CIFA), which provides a forum for foreign franchisors to discuss China legal and business issues.

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