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Summer Internship FAQs

Interview with Kevin Fisher (USA) Summer Intern 2006

Our Summer Internship Program is one of our means of hiring new associates. By offering a summer internship position we want to provide law students with hands-on experience what it is like working in China.

As a Summer Intern, you will work directly with clients and attorneys handling client matters. We emphasize teamwork and encourage cooperation, not competition, within our Firm.


Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many summer interns the Firm takes?

A: LEHMAN, LEE & XU only accepts a very limited number of summer interns and therefore all of them will get an in-depth feel for what it is like to work at the Firm.


Q: What kind of knowledge / skills are expected of an intern?

A: None. However, pro-active attitudes, hardworking, never afraid of challenges are some of the characteristics the Firm is looking for in an intern.


Q: What kind of contributions are expected of an intern?

A: From day one, an intern will work side-by-side with associates and partners on substantive client work and you will have the opportunity to learn about whatever areas of the law that interest you.


Q: What kind of lifestyle awaits an intern in China?

A: As a Summer Intern, for e.g. in Beijing or Shanghai, you should expect a busy social life throughout the entire summer.  Both Beijing and Shanghai have a lot to offer from the view point of social events and making new contacts, both in business as well as social. If you come from abroad this will be a unique opportunity for you to experience working and learn the aspect of "Guanxi" in China.


Q: What are my chances of getting an offer to join the Firm after graduation?

A: The Firm welcomes worthy candidates who are able to prove through their work product and interpersonal interactions that they have what it takes to work in China.


Q: How long does an intern have to wait before given a chance to liaise directly with clients?

A: LEHMAN, LEE & XU is a firm with an entrepreneurial mentality and as a summer intern you might well have client contact but our associates and partners handle most client contacts.


Q: What is LEHMAN, LEE & XU's policy on office dress codes?

A: Fortunately or unfortunately (for some), business dress, five days a week.



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