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Technology in Action

In order to handle time zone differences, rapid changes in law, and respond to client requests in a timely and efficient manner, LEHMAN, LEE & XU employs state-of-the-art technology to deliver our legal services. The Firm is on the leading-edge of technology use among Chinese law firms, implementing mobile computing, internal intranets, client extranets, and high-powered servers to allow for 24/7 access and communication between our clients and attorneys.

Knowledge Management Systems

LEHMAN, LEE & XU has recently invested substantial time and resources in localized knowledge/document management software which allows for firm-wide search capabilities for the strongest precedent agreements and forms, as well as allowing for structured document-routing technology, ensuring that pleadings, contracts, opinion letters, and other documents are of the highest quality and completed in the most efficient manner.

Mobile Technology

Due to the necessity of substantial business travel while maintaining constant access to emails and the Firm's resources, LEHMAN, LEE & XU understands the importance of mobile technology. All of our attorneys are recommended to carry a laptop, and cellular phone (with GPRS) at all times during travel.  The Firm's document management software is available online, allowing our attorneys to work during travel as if they were sitting at their own desks. 

Compatibility with Our Clients' Technology

LEHMAN, LEE & XU's systems are up-to-date and compatible with our clients' technological requirements. We can also easily coordinate with other firms and service providers to take advantage of a client's investments in other systems. We understand that fast turn-around time is extremely important to our clients, yet no compromise as to the standard of our professionalism.   

Deal Room Technology

In conjunction with our knowledge management system, we have designated specific areas of the system for deals such as mergers & acquisitions which require substantial negotiations and the ability of a number of participants to view and amend documents in real-time.  This allows us to work with clients and their counsel in different countries and time zones, particularly with regard to multiple agreement drafts.  

Commitment to Technology 

LEHMAN, LEE & XU regularly upgrades its technology systems in line with the latest innovation and revolution of IT products,  thereby enabling the Firm to operate more efficiently and effetively while improving our ability to collaborate with clients. The Firm budgets a substantial amount ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions each year to truly reflect our commitments in these products. We use licensed Microsoft products for our core network and desktop operating systems as well as our core Office applications. We combine these with industry leading document management and comparison tools to better enable us to retrieve and act quickly on client matters.

The Firm's video-conference facilities link all offices and are used daily on clients' matters to bring our clients and attorneys face-to-face. These technology investments have saved our attorneys and clients significant travelling time and money, enabling matters to be resolved more expeditiously while maintaining a higher-quality of life for all parties concerned throughout the process.

Electronic Billing

Furthering our commitments to use technology for enhanced cost efficiency and productivity, LEHMAN, LEE & XU prepares electronic invoices and detailed billing reports for all our clients. We utilize the BillQuick billing system which has since implemented for the past 7 years.

Case Studies

  • We have used imaging technologies to create an indexed document database of over 1 million pages of documents in response to the largest known civil document production in the Chinese courts to date;

  • We work with our Library's research librarians and the Records Department's information specialists to retrieve information from private, public, and commercial on-line and CD-ROM database sources for clients;

  • We access our document management system and databases, which are indexed in a variety of ways to allow us to search, retrieve and leverage prior work product. This reduces both duplicate research and work product and enables us to serve clients better and faster;

  • We produce digital images of case documents which reduces the need for physical copies. With just a few keystrokes, lawyers and legal assistants are able to simultaneously access documents from their desktops, saving time, copying charges and storage space. Document imaging greatly facilitates our attorneys' work and also enables us to better collaborate with clients through the firm's extranet systems and other commercial offerings;

  • We use our in-house graphic design/desktop publishing staff to produce charts, large exhibits, and other visuals on short notice for use during trial and /or arbitrations. Close relationships with reliable vendors also enables us to produce and use sophisticated multi-media and animated presentations in court and before administrative tribunals. Lawyers in the courtroom/arbitration are able to quickly project visuals, photos and text on overhead screens from their laptop computers. These techniques enhance our lawyers ability to communicate effectively with judges and arbitrators. Such visuals have been key in several sizeable verdicts returned in our clients' favor.

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