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Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, is also the province’s largest city and commercial and economic center. Guizhou Province is located in southwest China, adjoining Sichuan, Chongqing Municipality to the north, Yunnan to the west, Guangxi to the south and Hunan to the east. It is a mountainous province, hilly in the west while relatively flat in the east and south.

Guizhou’s industries include timber and forestry, energy and electricity generation and mining.  Guizhou has abundant mineral resources and the mining industry includes coal, limestone, arsenic, gypsum, bauxite, aluminum, and oil shale. Manufacturing and industry are also important to Guiyang’s economy which includes industrial and mining equipment, railway vehicles and equipment, industrial chemicals, fertilizers, rubber products, vehicle tires, textiles, glass, paper, and other consumer goods. 

Increasingly, tourism is a growing industry due to Guizhou’s, picturesque, mountainous landscape as well as its many ethnic minorities. The rich population of minorities in Guizhou allow for a great many ethnic festivals throughout the year.

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