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Sep 2013

Full Text of Amended Chinese Trademark Law-CCPIT

Apr 2013

The Growing Importance of E-Commerce in China (cn)

Aug 2011

The Corporate Immigration Law Review - China

April 2011 - Edward E. Lehman

Best Practices for Mergers and Acquisitions in China

January 2010 - Scott Garner, Bexcel Chen

Getting the Deal Through - Tax on Inbound Investment  

June 2009 - Matthew McKee

Preventing Excessive Debt: China’s Developing Thin Capitalization Regime

March 2009 - Matthew McKee, Sherry Guo, and Wei Wei Ye

Getting the Deal Through - Corporate Governance 2009, China Chapter

March 2009 - John Lee, Cynthia Zhang

Trademark Practice and Forms, China Chapter

January 2009 - Edward E. Lehman, Scott Gardner, Matthew McKee

China Tax Insights - January 2009

December 2008 - Edward E. Lehman and Aldo Settimio Boni de Nobili

Getting the Deal Through - Electricity Regulation 2009 - China chapter.pdf

September 2008 - Edward E. Lehman and Aldo Settimio Boni de Nobili

Clean Development Mechanism Projects in China - A Brief Guide.pdf

July 2007 - Robert Alex Clar

An Overview of China's New Labor Contract Law

July 2007 - Edward Lehman

Does China's New Labor Contract Law Better Protect Intellectual Property Owners?

July 2007 - Sandy Lin

Blogging Down Privacy Rights

- translated and reprinted with permission from: Newsweek Select - Perspective 

May 2007 - Lily Han

The Regulatory System on Product Placement in China          

May 2007 - Sun Wenjie

Interpreting the New Enterprise Income Tax Law                    

March 2007 - Corporate Practice Group

Corporate Practice Group - Laws & Regulations Updates          

January 2007 - Will Fung

Policy-Oriented vs. Market-Oriented Bankruptcy

- Published by the China Law Reporter - Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2007 - American Bar Association; International Law Section - China Committee -

January 2007 - Sandy Lin

Establishing Presence in China through Merger & Acquisition

- First Published by the International Legal News - Volume 2 Issue 2

June 2006 - Robin Teow

Shenzhen, Pudong ... What's NEXT?

Aug 2021



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