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Product Liability

The development of product liability law in China is in its early stages. Nevertheless, laws in China are now granting consumers the right to bring claims against domestic and foreign retailers and manufacturers.

Our firm's representation has spanned local, regional, and now international product litigation, as we have become the first Chinese law firm to bring an international products liability claim in the United States for a claim which occurred in China. Additionally, we advise our corporate clients on defensive measures to take in order to satisfy their legal obligations and reduce exposure to product liability claims.

We have provided the following services to our clients in this area:

  • Launching first international products liability class action in China;
  • Negotiation and drafting licensing and distribution agreements;
  • Due diligence investigation of consumer complaints;
  • Negotiation and settlement of product quality complaints;
  • Defence of product liability actions in Chinese courts; and
  • Representation of manufacturers and distributors in front of State and local government agencies.

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