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Export, Customs and Trade

The rapid increase in international trade in China in recent years has created many business opportunities for foreign companies both selling to and sourcing from China. However, many companies find that the regulatory barriers facing a foreign company are the greatest disincentive from doing business in China. Lehman, Lee & Xu realizes that it is vital for a foreign company, whether buying from or selling to China, to ensure that its interests are properly protected.

The attorneys at Lehman, Lee & Xu are expert in providing trade and marketing-related advice in China. We have represented a diverse number of clients, ranging from small companies to large multinational corporations, both domestic and foreign, in their international trade and marketing matters. Our range of services spans from negotiating trade documents to representing clients in court proceedings.

Many of our international trade and marketing clients have requested our expert advice concerning various types of counter trade transactions, including barter trade, product buyback, clearing account trade, compensation trade, counter-purchase and offset arrangements. The highly trained Lehman, Lee & Xu team of international practice attorneys also has extensive experience in the complex import and export laws, including customs, and assisting clients with their processing and assembly arrangements in China.

In helping companies create effective and successful business strategies in China, Lehman, Lee and Xu provides expert counsel on the legal aspects of trading goods in China, including the following:

  • Foreign trade corporations (Import/Export companies) Agency, export import licenses, Certificates of Origin, commodity inspection, standards;
  • Sales of Goods contracts, technology import contracts, trade law, carriage of goods by sea contracts, letters of credit;
  • Compensation trade, processing and assembly contracts;
  • Customs duties and Value Added Tax (VAT);
  • Role of Representative Offices in China;
  • Market research and product sourcing;
  • Contract negotiation and performance;
  • Product transportation and insurance;
  • Product inspection and resolution of discrepancies;
  • Adjustment of insurance claims;
  • Arbitration and litigation of trade disputes;
  • Import and export permits and licenses;
  • Customs and tariff compliance;
  • Letter of credit negotiation and administration;
  • Banking and financial transactions;
  • Trust and fiduciary representation.

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