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Lehman, Lee & Xu has an extensive immigration practice specializing in both inbound corporate immigration as well as offering a well-regarded outbound immigration consultancy service.

Our inbound clients have included companies in the banking, financial services, information technology, management consultancy and retail industries. We act as local country service provider in China for some of the top global Immigration Law firms.

We understand the importance our clients place on compliance. In the midst of global tightening in Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Bribery laws, Lehman, Lee & Xu is at the forefront of offering Visa & Immigration services at the higher level of corporate compliance which our client’s demand. As a registered Chinese law firm, our professionals and operations are held to higher standards of professionalism and ethics than a traditional visa agent. Our firm’s management comes from an international legal background having an in-depth understanding of global compliance issues.

Our lawyers are familiar with China and UK Anti-Bribery Law, in addition to the USA’s FCPA. Any local service provider we rely on must pass our substantive compliance review process. We will NEVER participate in any kickbacks, “grease payments,” or any other scheme to facilitate illegal payments.

Our immigration specialists directly assist foreign professionals with all aspects of immigration to China, including residency applications, business invitation and licensing invitations, work permits and entry visas for principles and their family members. As one of the leading business immigration practices in China, our attorneys are regularly called on to comment on the legal developments of immigration law in both China and Hong Kong and regularly keep multinational corporations advised on changes to the law in the sphere of corporate immigration.

Our outbound immigration consultancy has assisted Chinese nationals in migrating overseas through study, family sponsorship, intra company transfers, investment projects, specialist skills and diversity migration. We are a member of the visalaw group, a global alliance of top tier immigration law practices allowing us to utilize the specialist knowledge of practitioners in nations throughout the globe to offer our clients the best possible legal representation.

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