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The LEHMAN, LEE & XU Real Estate team is comprised of both Chinese and foreign lawyers with many years of experience in all types of real estate transactions. This diversity of experience and foreign expertise enables LEHMAN, LEE & XU to provide creative, accurate and economical legal services to its clients.

With China's rapidly expanding economy there is an increased need for residential housing, commercial space and industrial parks that are structured to meet the unique requirements of the Chinese population. With the experience and background of various lawyers in our Real Estate group, we can provide the expert advice needed by real estate developers to formulate and complete innovative real estate projects in all parts of the country.

As LEHMAN, LEE & XU is also one of the oldest registered law firms in China, we take pride in the fact that we can provide real estate legal services to both Chinese and foreign clients. This fact is extremely important in dealing with real estate matters in China as it gives LEHMAN, LEE & XU the ability to finalize real estate transactions quickly and efficiently.

Some of the legal services we provide to our real estate clients are as follows:

  1. Advising real estate developers on all types of residential, commercial and industrial projects;
  2. Preparation of all types of documentation to facilitate the acquisition and the transfer of property land use and lease rights;
  3. Advising both landlords and tenants concerning lease matters;
  4. Establishing and advising real estate brokerage companies;
  5. Advising property managers;
  6. Establishing foreign real estate enterprises in China;
  7. Negotiating and dealing with government agencies to facilitate real estate transactions;
  8. Advising building contractors and real estate consultants;
  9. Designing and undertaking due diligence investigations to identify and quantify commercial risks associated with real estate transactions; and
  10. Advising and preparing real estate security documentation including mortgages, debentures and other types of debt instruments.

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