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Aviation and Shipping Excellence at LEHMAN, LEE & XU


In the dynamic landscape of China's rapid development as the world’s second largest economy as integral part of the world’s supply chains, the opportunities for foreign investment, regulatory compliance, and trade have surged in this area. LEHMAN, LEE & XU's aviation, and shipping team has seized this momentum, carving a distinctive niche in the market through an understanding of the legal frameworks governing China's maritime and aviation, aerospace, shipping and transportation sectors. Our commitment extends to providing robust and comprehensive services to various stakeholders, including equipment manufacturers, equity providers, financiers, airlines, aircraft owners, pilots, and shipping companies.


Navigating Maritime Operations with Expertise:


Our team stands ready to offer legal services tailored to help you achieve your business objectives. With extensive experience in all facets of maritime operations, we cover a broad spectrum of services, including:


·   Casualty, Pollution, and Salvage: Drawing on our extensive experience, we navigate high-profile maritime incidents involving pollution and salvage operations.


·       Maritime and Logistics Contracts: Our expertise lies in crafting and negotiating contracts to ensure the smooth functioning of maritime and logistics operations.


·         Regulatory and Government Compliance: We provide adept counsel on regulatory compliance and engage with government authorities to address legal intricacies.


·       Maritime Security and Piracy: Our team adeptly handles legal matters related to maritime security and piracy, ensuring adherence to international laws.


·      Vessel Finance, Maritime Bankruptcies, and Workouts: With a track record of success, we facilitate vessel finance deals and navigate maritime bankruptcies and workouts, including maritime liens.


·        Energy, LNG/LPG, and Cables – Offering legal support in transactions involving energy, LNG/LPG, and submarine cables.


·      Intermodal and Terminal Operations: Providing strategic legal counsel on intermodal transportation and terminal operations.


·        Cruise Line and Yacht Transactions: Managing legal aspects of cruise line operations and transactions involving luxury yachts.


·         Dispute Resolution and Arbitration: Leveraging our experience, we resolve disputes through effective arbitration mechanisms in the maritime sector.


·   Health and Safety Regulatory Matters: Offering proactive legal guidance on health and safety regulations relevant to the maritime industry.


·   Insurance Transactions: Our team structures and negotiates insurance transactions for entities in the maritime sector.


·      Legal Due Diligence: Conducting thorough legal due diligence to ensure regulatory compliance for our clients.


·        Assistance in the Preparation of Internal Legal Audits: Supporting clients in preparing internal legal audits to maintain regulatory compliance.


Comprehensive Aviation and Shipping Law Services:


·     In the realm of aviation, maritime, and shipping law, our clients benefit from a diverse range of services, including:


·       Sale and Purchase of Aircraft, Engines, and Spare Parts: Facilitating transactions involving the sale and purchase of aircraft, engines, and spare parts.


·       Sale and Purchase of Vessels, Engines, and Spare Parts: Handling legal aspects of transactions related to vessels, engines, and spare parts in the shipping industry.


·     Sale and Purchase of Businesses and Assets: Advising on legal, regulatory, and administrative aspects of business and asset transactions in aviation and shipping.


·   Debt Management and Collection: Assisting clients in debt management and collection processes within the industry.


·      Restructuring and Reorganization Support: Providing legal support for restructuring and reorganization initiatives in aviation and shipping.


·   Joint Venture Arrangements: Structuring and negotiating joint ventures to enhance business collaborations in the aviation and shipping sectors.


At LEHMAN, LEE & XU, our experience, and proactive approach uniquely position us to address the complexities of the aviation and shipping industries. Whether facilitating transactions, managing disputes, or ensuring regulatory compliance, our team is dedicated to guiding you through every aspect of your journey in these dynamic sectors within greater China.

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