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LEHMAN, LEE & XU is widely regarded as one of the largest and most prominent law firms in China. With offices strategically located in all the major investment centers of Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, the Firm is able to effectively provide legal counsel for all aspects of inward and outward investment.  Further, the Firm maintains offices in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mongolia, providing it with a strong presence in greater Asia. The Firm also has an associated office in Italy to facilitate European-China business transactions.  

Established in 1992 as one of the first private law firms, LEHMAN, LEE & XU is rapidly expanding, and has now been ranked the third largest law firm in the country. The firm's team of foreign and Chinese-licensed attorneys, fluent in both English and Chinese, are all highly qualified, diversed in culture and background, most of which graduated from prestigious law schools in China, America, Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain and Russia. 

All of our partners have vast experience in working with international or foreign law firms, and have been practicing law since the re-establishment of China's legal profession.

Unique among Chinese firms, LEHMAN, LEE & XU maintains a trademark and patent agency, ensuring that its clients' intellectual property portfolios are fully protected as well as providing a one-stop solution center from filing to enforcement.

LEHMAN, LEE & XU has represented many of the world's most successful multinational corporations, as well as hundreds of small to medium-enterprises in all aspects of their China business, commencing from establishment/ corporate structuring to operations. The Firm provides counsel to the Foreign Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association (FRPIA), the Foreign Health Industry Manufacturer's Association, the Foreign Chemical Manufacturer's Association, the China International Franchisers Association (CIFA), and the China Chainstore and Franchise Association (CCFA).


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