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Whether you are thinking of joining LEHMAN, LEE & XU as a first year associate or with experience behind you, you will have an opportunity to learn and practice in diverse and substantive areas of the Chinese law and you will work in teams to represent major clients. Find here below some of the questions that associates most frequently ask about the firm:

Is working in a Chinese law firm very different from a US or European firm?
In China you will be classified as a foreign lawyer and subject to regulations regarding foreign lawyers. The working environment in terms of language and entrepreneurship may also strike you as different and more vibrant. The ease with which business contacts are made on a regular basis, no matter if you are an experienced lawyer or recently out of law school may be a pleasant surprise.

Do I have to be employed for a certain period of time until I can work directly with clients?
LEHMAN, LEE & XU is a firm with an entrepreneurial culture, which means that you get to handle serious matters sooner than at most firms. Many junior associates are given responsibilities directly in relation to the client and several have had actual trial experience. We believe that practical experience is the best way to let you develop as a lawyer.

Does LEHMAN, LEE  & XU have office dress code?
Yes, just like most offices in China we prescribe to business dress, i.e. suits & ties for men, and dresses and slacks for women.

How much work after hours is expected?
Just like in every other successful law firm, you must expect to work hard. But we also believe that lawyers are human being first. So, for the sake of health and quality of our work output, it is important that no one sacrifices life for work. It is worth noting that compared to a US or European firm, since you will be living and working in a different and perhaps new culture, by necessity the work environment and attitude toward work will be different.

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