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Briefing Paper Series

Matthew Mahre 

Medical Equipment, Devices & Healthcare

Matthew Mahre 


Matthew Mahre 

Transportation and Logistics

Brendan Baker 

Media Entertainment

Edward E. Lehman and Daniel Liner


Edward E. Lehman and Matthew Mahre

Real Estate 

Edward E. Lehman and Matthew Mahre


Edward E. Lehman and Matthew Mahre

Foreign Legal Services 

Daniel Liner

U.S. - China Visa Policy

Brendan Baker


Brendan Baker


Brendan Baker


Matthew Mahre

Direct Sales

Matthew McKee

China gets Serious on Anti-avoidance

Kelly Zong and Matthew McKee

Employee Insurance Entitlements: What do employers need to pay?

Matthew McKee and Li Hong

Supervisorís role in a limited liability company

Lily Han, Kelly Zong, and Wei Wei Ye

Registered Capital of Foreign Invested Enterprises in China: Not as Scary as it Seems

Sabrina Wang, Matthew McKee

Litigation and arbitration in China: Which is better?

John Lee, Matthew McKee

Bankruptcy: A way to restructure your business in bad times

Daisy Xu, Matthew McKee

Legal Representatives: Understanding the Risks and Responsibilities

Nancy Sun, Matthew McKee

Settlement of Termination Payments: Are they Enforceable?








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