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Nanning is the capital of the Guangxi autonomous region, which is located in southern China and bordering on Vietnam. Nanning’s importance as a gateway to the ASEAN trading region was highlighted by the China-ASEAN frequent meetings that take place in the city.

However, Nanning’s own resources have also spurred economic development in the region. Nanning is the center of production for a wide range of agricultural products including subtropical fruits and sugarcane.  Food processing, flour milling, sugar refining, meatpacking, and leather manufacture are important industries for the city.  In addition to agriculture, Nanning is a center for printing and paper manufacture, as well as heavy industry and mining. Mineral resources include gold, iron, manganese, aluminum, quartz, silver, indium, coal, marble, and granite, which constitute one-third of China's total for these metals.     

LEHMAN, LEE & XU’s Nanning partner office provides our clients with a wide variety of legal services including advisory services concerning foreign direct investment, commercial law, intellectual property matters, and litigation. Please contact for more information.

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