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Anti-Monopoly and Antitrust

Lehman, Lee & Xu’s  Anti-Monopoly and Antitrust Practice understands China’s legal environment yet retains a global outlook which allows it to pro-actively solve problems with the clients and the regulators. Equipped with detailed first-hand knowledge of antitrust issues and trends in regulatory enforcement, our lawyers have acted as legislation experts participating in highest level discussions with the regulatory authorities. Our antitrust team offers domestic and foreign clients broad and effective services, applying expertise, understanding of a wide range of sectors, and global vision to China’s legal and regulatory environment.

Scope of Services:

-Merger Filing:


Performing of merger control review, assessment of the need for mandatory merger filings, assisting clients in devising merger strategies, complete merger filings, and responding to government investigations into non-compliant filings, and coordinating cross-jurisdictional filings;


- Antitrust Compliance and Consultation:


Providing antitrust compliance opinions to clients on vertical and horizontal corporate transactions and business agreements, including cooperation agreements, joint development agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, and supply agreements; Providing compliance counseling for businesses where there is potential for a perception of abuse of market dominance, building comprehensive antitrust compliance systems, devising antitrust compliance plans for businesses, and conducting antitrust compliance training for employees.


-Antitrust Investigations:


Assisting businesses in responding to government antitrust investigations.


-Antitrust Litigation:


Representing clients in civil litigation, administrative litigation, and administrative reconsideration involving antitrust issues.

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