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In recent years, the rapid growth of Chinese economy has brought about a significant modern Chinese consumer. With China poised to become one of the major battlefields in the world of advertising, it is important to understand advertising effectiveness in this relatively new and untapped market. While trailblazing and innovatory models developed in the West may work very well in those markets, allowing marketers to focus attention on their target customers and ensure that their brand fits those customers' needs, China demonstrates an assemblage of competing social and demographic trends that can defy the most commonsensical analysis and strategy. And with the volatile media landscape, the best method of communicating a brand is in continuous change. Therefore, having a well versed and dependable advisor whose interests lie solely in the success of your enterprise can mean the paramount difference between success and failure.

The sizzling pace of changed market conditions, the magnitue of intense competition and a tightly controlled media environment in China have further called for advertising lawyers with on-the-ground and meticulous local knowledge to offer you cutting-edge and industry-focused legal expertise.

LEHMAN, LEE & XU advertising law specialists offer complete legal service to a broad spectrum of advertising clients on a wide diversity of matters. We have advised some of the biggest players in the industry in some of the advertising industry's most significant and intricate matters. The consequential breadth of expertise allows us to handle all aspects of any advertising law matter and gives our clients an upper hand in representation on matters falling outside the sphere of more traditional advertising law firms.

We are experienced in providing advice on changes in laws, regulations and policies and on how those changes affect our clients' interests. We have rendered our assistance to Chinese government bodies and regulatory agencies by providing our comments on new legislation and policies. Our dedicated advertising team also advises on all types of marketing contracts and content issue and is regularly involved in brand selection, protection and maintenance work. On the contentious side, we bring to bear the tremendous skills of our market-leading dispute resolution practice.

Our sophisticated understanding of our clients' marketing priorities and the dimensions of their business needs ensures that we are well placed to provide comprehensive and individually tailored solutions to the standard of professionalism, quality and timeliness essential to support the business complexities of each of our clients. We endeavor to identify critical issues before they surface, which enables our clients to prepare for and deal with the unexpected that is pivotal to their marketing strategy rather than merely reacting to them.

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