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Why Choose Us

In China even the slightest of shortcomings in planning and execution can result in potential production shutdowns or cash flow problems. When such circumstances occur, the way in which a firm reacts in the short term has long-lasting effects. LEHMAN, LEE & XU's objective is to promote a stronger and more successful performance for operations in Greater China.

Facing The Facts

Any time that is wasted avoiding sensitive issues or "sugar coating" problems is just that - time wasted. LEHMAN, LEE & XU's policy is to approach the task at hand in an honest, objective, straightforward manner. Only then can we deliver results.

No Easy Way Out

A firm should do everything in its power to correct or prevent problems. In a financial turnaround or crisis management situation, LEHMAN, LEE & XU's objective is to save a company...up to the last point of feasibility. Our negotiating abilities, combined with our long-standing relationships with lending institutions, enable us to deal effectively with deadlines and potential legal actions. 

Build On Your Success

In most instances, a successfully built company does not remain successful by resting on its laurels. Long term prosperity requires a constant desire to set newer, higher goals. Whether it's to improve productivity, increase output, or develop new measurement systems, LEHMAN, LEE & XU is a valuable resource to businesses seeking to reach a higher level of performance.

Venturing Into New Territories

Charting a new course. Setting new goals. Reaching for new heights. However you refer to it, the act of taking your company into unexplored areas is a daunting challenge. Strategic planning and market analysis are two key tools you'll need to succeed. LEHMAN, LEE & XU provides both. From conceptualization to implementation, we'll cover each step in the process of shaping new directions for your business.

Personalized and Compassionate Service

An attentive personalized service and specialist advice of high professional standard with direct access to partners and proactive solutions at a realistic price defines the style of LEHMAN, LEE & XU We remain committed to going the extra mile to provide the quality and range of service that ensure we make a difference to our clients' business.

Extensive Network and Resources 

In China, we possess a wide network of contacts based on personal relationship and business relationship, as well as professional expertise with luxuriant experiences in their respective fields. We therefore engage in providing in-depth value-added service to foreign enterprises' activities in China. Due to our advantage in global network and strong international background of our professionals, we can also provide various professional services relating to overseas investments and incorporation. We have extensive resources in premier jurisdictions worldwide, including but not limited to: Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Nevada, Delaware and Mauritius.

Dealing with Twists and Turns

One of the greatest challenges any business organization faces is dealing with the unexpected. Whether the issue is strategy or performance, problems become more pressing when expected strategy or performance outcomes fail to materialize or when unexpected impediments to strategy or performance materialize. Either scenario is a brush with the unexpected. Preparation is everything. When problems arise, our team of dedicated consultants is on hand to help you plan, design and implement solutions. Our highly skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds are trained to make the best out of each situation by turning crisis into opportunity.

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