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What are the major contents of the listing agreement?

What are the major contents of the listing agreement?

The listing agreement is an agreement signed between the exchange and the listed company prior to the company's stock being listed and traded. It principally includes the following:

  • The stock exchange provides trading facilities and convenient service for the trading of the company's securities;
  • The listed company undertakes to abide by relevant state securities laws, rules and regulations, and related rules of the exchange.
  • The listed company and its directors, supervisors and officers undertake to accept the supervision of the stock exchange and be subject to sanctions by the stock exchange for any violation in accordance with the law;
  • Listed fee and its method of payment.

The exchange can cease the trading of listed securities in accordance with the law. If the exchange determines that a company's securities no longer meet the conditions for listing, it can temporarily suspend or cease the listing of such securities.


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