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Notice On Implementing Special Rules Of The State Council On Strengthening The Administration Of The Safety Of Food And Other Products And Adopting Electronic Product Quality Inspections

Issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on November 29, 2007 and took effect on the same day.

1. What shall production enterprises do according to this Notice?

Enterprises producing industrial products which require production permits and the CCC shall join the electronic inspection network for product quality and use the unified bar code on their packaging. The First Catalogue of Electronic Inspection Products and the Implementing Measures will take steps to impose electronic inspection on products subject to production permits and the CCC.

Production enterprises with products falling into the Catalogue of Electronic Inspection Products shall also apply for the electronic inspection code and complete access procedures when applying for the production permit and CCC. The approved enterprises shall use the code and connect to the network in a timely manner. If the code cannot be granted in time for the printing of packaging, the transition period shall not exceed half a year. At the early stage, the enterprise may attach the code on the packaging; after the due date, the code shall be printed on the packaging.

Applicant enterprises shall provide correct information when applying for the electronic inspection code and joining the network. Before the code is approved, the enterprise shall be qualified with the products code. The basic number of the electronic inspection code shall be the same as that in the product code.

2. What requirements are provided to sellers and Internet service providers in this Notice?

When distributing the products listed in the Catalogue of Electronic Inspection Products, sellers shall focus on examining whether the products possess production permits, the CCC and unified code, and shall present all the permits and licences required and maintain proper records.

Internet Service Providers shall ensure the good condition of the internet service and safety and integrity of the information and actively provide technical support.

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