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Recruitment Process in China: Finding the right talent for your business

China is one of the most lucrative emerging markets in the world. The fast-growing economy offers foreign investors numerous growth opportunities and a huge market to sell their products and services. If you are expanding to this part of the world, you can be sure that you are setting up your business for long-term growth.

However, you need a team behind you if you are to be a successful businessman in China. People everywhere prefer doing business with people they can relate to, so you are better off hiring the locals. Besides, you spend less time and money in training, as they are already accustomed to the way of doing business in their country.

Nevertheless, hiring in a foreign land can be overwhelming. So, how do you ensure that you are hiring the right talents for your business in China? Here are some of the things you should know.

1.      Define what you want

The first step to attracting the right candidate for a position starts by defining clearly what you are looking for. Have a picture of the ideal candidate who will complete tasks efficiently to achieve your company goals. State the qualifications, experience, achievements, and ideal qualities that the candidate needs to have in your job advertisement. By doing this, you will be discouraging people who donít have what you need from applying. This way, you will have an easier time perusing through applications.

However, it is good to research the average qualifications for similar positions in your industry. You donít want to fall too low and get substandard work. You also donít want to aim too high and lack people for the position.

2.      You can utilize the online platform

Just like everywhere else in the world, most Chinese job-seekers flock to the internet looking for jobs. If you are to attract the ideal candidates for your positions, you can post your job offering online . However, it is good to note the popular job sites in this country and post your job post there. Some of the popular online job boards among Chinese job seekers include WeChat, LinkedIn, 51job, Zhaopin, Chitu, and other region-based sites such as Shenzhen Party and Guangzhou Stuff among others.

3.      PEOs are also a good choice

While you can get the right candidate online, hiring one requires that you understand the labor laws for you to hire in China compliantly. However, you can bypass the need to understand the jargon by hiring through a global PEO . Besides doing the recruiting for you, your employees are given support during the onboarding process, and the organization takes care of the payroll for you. With this task off your list, you can fully devote your time to your business.

4.      Offer attractive packages

There is a vast war for top talents out there, and China is not an exemption. If you want the right candidates to consider working for you, you must be willing to offer a competitive package for the job. You can start by researching the average salary for the positions in the industry. This way, you can be sure to set the package at a competitive figure. Ideally, the traditional package in China includes a base salary, bonus, and social benefits such as social insurance and allowances such as transportation, meals, and the like. Ensure that you state clearly what the candidate can expect once he or she takes up the job.

5.      Use the probation period well

Even with all precautions in place, it is possible to land on a candidate who canít execute the job as per requirements. Unfortunately, the Chinese labor law favors the employee once he or she has signed the contract. This is to say that it can be very hard to terminate the employment without tangible reasons.

Thankfully, there is a probation window depending on the length of the contract. It is much easier to terminate the employee during this period as long as you can prove that he or she doesnít meet the job requirements. You can utilize this window to get rid of people that arenít good and get back to headhunting for qualified ones before itís too long.


Recruiting in China can seem overwhelming especially when you are a foreign business. However, keep in mind that hiring is the same everywhere in terms of interviewing candidates. The same qualities you would be looking for in your home are the same with Chinese candidates. You only need to note the differences in labor laws and find a partner to help you out.






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