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What new rights are included in the Amended Copyright Law?

The rights of copyright owners are also expanded. Whereas the previous law did not deal with the right of rental nor the right of distribution over a public network, Article 10 of the revised law includes the Right of lease, Right of broadcast and the Right of information network dissemination (Internet publishing) as new property rights of copyright holders. The new law also requires that radio and TV stations compensate copyright holders for using their works. According to the old law, if the purpose of use was "non-commercial", the radio or TV station was not required to pay any compensation. Now, according to the revised Article 43, although radio and TV stations do not need a license or permission to use a work, they must pay compensation to the copyright holder. Also, property rights of a copyright are now assignable. Compared with the previous law, which did not allow for the assignment of any property rights, Article 25 not only legally recognizes assignments concerning the rights of reproduction, distribution, lease, exhibition, performance, show, broadcast, information network dissemination, production, adaptation, translation and compilation, but also determines what details are necessary for a rights assignment contract.

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