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What is a copyright?

A copyright is a legal right that allows the creator of a work to have certain exclusive rights, including the right to determine how and when it is used. A copyright gives the creator the following rights: 1. the publishing right, that is, the right to decide whether or not to make a work public; 2. the authorship right, that is, the right to indicate author's identity and to have the author's name indicated on his works; 3. the alteration right, that is, the right to alter or authorize others to alter one's work; 4. the integrity right, that is, the right to protect one's work against distortion and mutilation; and 5. the exploitation right and the remuneration right, that is, the right of exploiting one's work by means of reproduction, performance, broadcasting, exhibition, distribution, making cinematographic, television and video productions, or adaptations, translations, annotations and compilations, and the right of authorizing others to exploit one's work by the above-mentioned means and of receiving remuneration thereof.

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