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Interim Measures On Awarding The Reporting And Investigation Of Copyright Infringement And Piracy, issued by National Copyright Administration on September 26, 2007 and became effective on the same day

1. How to report a copyright infringement and piracy to the National Copyright Administration?

The National Copyright Administration has established the Anti-piracy Reporting Center  which rewards the reporting and investigating of serious copyright violation and pirating activities. The reporting hotline is 12390 and the reporting e-mail box is jubao@ncac, The Reporting Centre shall keep all data and information regarding reports and the persons who report confidential.

2. What are the conditions for reward?

Conditions for reward include the reporting of copyright violation and pirating activities, providing facts, clues and evidence with regard to the violating activity or playing a crucial role in the prosecution process.

 3.  How will an reward be determined and given?

There are three kinds of rewards and the exact kind of reward to be awarded is determined according to the significance of the facts, clues or evidence provided by the reporting persons. The reporting persons will be required to assist the investigation directly and the details reported must be in line with the basic conclusion as to facts made after the investigation. Units (and their officers) responsible for or assisting in the investigation with outstanding performance may also receive awards. The amount to be awarded for each case shall not exceed RMB100,000 with the exception of really serious cases.



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