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4. Shanghai Conch Group Corporation to Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Works.

Shanghai Conch Group Corporation

Shanghai Conch Group Corp. mainly produces middle and high-class shirts, suits, jackets, and the latest fashions. It belongs to the Shanghai Textile Holding Co., Ltd. The fixed assets of the group have now reached RMB 54 million and sales revenue was RMB 1 billion. Conch Group owns several famous brands, such as "Conch", Greenleaf", and "Aolong" among them. The "Conch" shirts and suits series are made with fine materials and Italian samples. The products are sold all over the country and in more than 50 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, and Japan, etc. The group has set up a national marketing system. It has more than 1,500 counters. It also is the first corporation of the country to manage manufacture and sales with MRP-11. It also set up branches in Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, and America, dealing with import and export trade.

Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

SDEC, whose predecessor was the Agricultural Machinery Company of China, Wusong manufactory was established in April 1947. In 1993, SDEC was reorganized into Shanghai Diesel Engine Company Limited and listed on the A Share market. SDEC is the leading corporation in the industry that is professional in design and manufacturing medium-output and high-speed diesel engines. It also is the first corporation in the industry to pass the ISO 9001 quality system approval in 1994. The "Dong Feng" diesel engine of "135 series" produced by SDEC covers a variety of more than 200 products with output from 60kw to 300kw, which are widely used as power for construction machinery, marine vessels, generating sets and other purpose machinery. The products are widely sold and exported to over 50 countries and regions.

Shanghai Forever Holdings Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Forever Holding Company Limited was established in October 1993, and it was reformed from Shanghai Forever Automobile Company Limited. The former company was Shanghai Automobile Factory, which was established in 1940. The company can produce 3 million automobiles and power-assisted bikes and are exported to over 100 countries and regions throughout the world. As a good quality brand name of automobile, "Forever" has over 90 million clients that make up one-fifth of the market; it also has tax of RMB 3.2 billion and export value up to RMB 300 million dollars.

The registered share capital of the company is RMB 231 million and it has gross assets of RMB 1.2 billion. It has 4 joint ventures, 9 wholly owned subsidiaries, 3 joint operating companies, and 5 associated corporations. It has formed 5 key automobile, power-assisted wagons, motorcycles, fitness equipment and real estate.

Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Corporation

Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Corporation (SGPC), a subsidiary of China Petrochemical Group Company-SINOPEC, is the leading corporation of the industry in China. Over 55 years old, now it has 8 millions tons per year crude oil processing capacity, producing 12 categories and over 130 kinds of gasoline, lube oil, and fine chemical products. The products are widely sold to America, Japan and other South East countries and regions. It also owns over 100 sales outlets in the country. In August 1995, it passed ISO 9002 quality management system certification. In November 1999, it passed ISO 9001 quality system certification. In February 2000, it also passed ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

Shanghai Jahwa Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jahwa Company Limited is a professional cosmetic production corporation, it is jointly established by two full subsidiaries, Shanghai Jahwa joint company and a company in Hong Kong. The company officially started operation on January 1, 1996. On May 30, 1996, it became a member corporation of SIIC.

There are seven professional production development centers. The company has the greatest production power in cosmetic business.

In 1995, Shanghai Jahwa became the first cosmetic corporation to pass the ISO 9001 international quality approval. It has established a sales network in the country's major cities. The company now has many famous brand products. For the past three years, it continued to have more than 30% increase in sales income, it is now one of the largest cosmetic corporations in China.

Shanghai Lao Feng Xiang Co.,Ltd.

The company has the longest history and the largest scale in the ornament industry. It has diversified investment and has registered capital of RMB 123 million. The company has 1,500 staff. The former company was established in 1848 during the Ching Dynasty. The products of the company have been exported to South East Asia, Europe and America. It is the first corporation to obtain the International Best Design Award and the country technical improvement awards. It has also be first to have the country quality golden award.

The company has fully utilized the brand name advantage, technical advantage and scale advantage, it enforces brand name strategies, and has developed a chain operation. It now has over 20 shops in the Shanghai Province.

Shanghai Seagull Camera co., Ltd.

Shanghai Seagull Camera Co., Ltd has more than 50 enterprises, including Shanghai Seagull Camera Factory, Shanghai No.3 Camera Factory, Shanghai No.2 Photographic Equipment Factory, Shanghai Colored Optical Glass Factory, Shanghai Seagull Camera Sales Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Minolta Optical Products Co., Ltd. It is the biggest photographic equipment company in China and has the longest history. "Seagull" brand cameras share more than 50% of the domestic market and are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as USA, UK Germany, Japan, etc. In 1998, Seagull Camera reached first brand in the same trade. The company is the first camera enterprise to pass ISO 9001 in China.

Shanghai Sporting Goods Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Sporting Goods Co. Ltd. mainly produces "Double Happiness" table-tennis equipment, sports products, medical used aluminum tubes, office stationary, student utilities, accounting books, paper products, financial software and tables. All of the products are famous in the markets both within and outside the country.

Shanghai Threegun Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Threegun Corporation is famous for producing Threegun brand underwear. The corporation was established on November 18, 1994. In June 1998, Threegun established a holding company with its 2.18 billion dollars. The corporation now has fixed assets of RMB 350 million, registered capital of RMB 230 million and 50,000 staff. The company also has 16 internal and overseas branches. The corporation mainly produces 'Threegun' high quality underwear. From 1994, it has become the top brand in annual sales and the market occupation rate in the textile industry for 5 years. The products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions throughout the world.

'Threegun' is the only underwear brand to be one of the 'China Well Know Trademarks'.

Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Corp.

The core corporation of Shanghai Tobacco Group Company owns the modernized industry and accessories industry. As one of the country's 500 strongest corporation, it is recommended by the State-owned asset management committee as one of the 23 best State-owned corporations.

The production techniques and equipment has reached the international advanced level. It has also passed ISO 9002 quality approval. The brand Zhonghua is well sold throughout the country and is exported overseas. The company has established 13 cigarette production bases over 8 provinces. It has over 19,000 sales network points that cover the whole country. The company now also deals with commerce, catering and hotel services, food industry, real estate, finance and insurance, and all of these help the company to have economic increase.

Shanghai Toothpaste Factory Co., Ltd.

As the enterprise having the history of more than eighty years, Shanghai toothpaste factory takes the leader position in the China toothpaste industry for its average output, industry output value, sales income. With advanced technical processes, stability of production quality, its output for export is 30% of total. Among the main brands of toothpaste manufactured by our factory such as "Spearmint", "Shanghai", "Jade", etc., the "Spearmint" brand toothpaste offers fine paste, rich form, high abrasion and good testing, it also has the function of preventing tooth from decay when containing fluoride. Filled in high quality aluminum and laminated tubes, the production is exported to more than 10 countries and regions. All our products have obtained ISO 9002 certification.

Shanghai Wanxiang Group Co., Ltd.

The company establishment has been approved by the government. It is jointly composed by Wanxiang Department Stores, Shanghai Bedroom Stuff Company, and Wanxiang Pudong Company.

'Wanxiang' is a share holding system company and is composed of different brand name companies. The Company has famous trademarks like 'Xiang' and 'Yuanxing'. The products are well sold throughout the country. The company has many operating networks in the popular areas. It is building the Wanxiang International Plaza at No. 107 Nanjing East Road. The building area of the Plaza is 90,000 squares meters.

Shanghai White Cat Group Co., Ltd.

The former party of Shanghai White Cat (Group) Company Limited, Shanghai Synthetic Detergent Factory, was famous for producing 'White Cat' washing powders. In October 1995, the factory changed its system and renamed as Shanghai White Cat (Group) Company Limited.

Shanghai White Cat (Group) Company Limited has gradually developed as the key large corporation of China Synthetic Detergent Industry. It is the largest Synthetic Detergent production corporation and it is also one of the 500 largest industrial corporations in China. The corporation has 4 factories and they are distributed in Shanghai, Chongqing, Fushun, and Shenzhen. It can produce various kinds of products like washing powder and products, and domestic cleansing products.

Shanghai Xiafei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xia Fei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in production and sale of daily chemicals. The company's predecessor, Shanghai Xia Fei Daily Chemical Factory, was established in 1985. In the more than ten years after the factory was founded, Xia Fei developed continuously. Up to now, it has won the title of 'Shanghai Know-brand Product" for many years successively. The company was granted "Enterprise with Best After-service of State Famous Products", "International Achievement" on the seventh International Invention Convention, "Jin Qiao Prize", "The Most Popular National Brand in China", "94 Loved Brand by Chinese Families" and "The Second Prize of Scientific & Technical Advancement". All these make the company a brilliant pearl of China's cosmetic industry in only more than ten years. Shanghai Jahwa Co., Ltd. is an enterprise possessing the strongest production capacity, highest turnover and the widest range of consumers in the trade of cosmetics. Its famous brands such as CHIF & CHINF (perfume), LIUSHEN (toilet water) and MAXAM (cream) etc. have earned high reputation and market share.

Shanghai Yah Chong Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yah Chong Company Limited was established in 1919; it mainly produces 'Butterfly' domestic used and industrial used sewing machines. It is one of the country's large key corporations and is a self-operating export company. It produces 10 categories of 40 different kinds of products and can produce 1.5 million sewing machines. 'Butterfly' sewing machines become famous and are sold in 122 countries.

The company has many new products, including 'Butterfly' sewing machines, which are hugely demanded overseas. With its high quality and reasonable price, it has become a best seller in the market.

Shanghai Zhonghua Pharmaceutical Factory

Shanghai Zhonghua Pharmaceutical Factory, founded in 1911, is the first Chinese national enterprise of pharmaceutical industry in Modem Time, and is comprehensive enterprise producing antibiotic raw materials and medicines, nutritional tonics and traditional preparations. "Temple of Heaven" and "Dragon and Tiger" are the well-know trademarks of our products. The essential Balm series precuts of "Temple of Heaven" and "Dragon and Tiger" brand enjoy high reputation at home and abroad, and have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions. It is called the "Oriental Magic drug" in the international markets. The Essential Balm and Rendam series products of the "Dragon and Tiger" brand are widely known. The quality of the "Dragon and Tiger" brand Griseofulvin accords with the standardization of the latest B.P. and U>S.P., 95% of its outputs are for export and it is welcomed by the customers in Europe, America, Japan, Australia, and other countries.

Shanshan Group Ltd.

The core company of Shanshan Group Ltd. - Ningbo Shanshan Holding Company Limited produces suits, fashionable clothes, shirts, leisure clothing, kids, clothing and wool flock products. It is the second of the Top 8 Clothing Industry in China. According to the latest statistics of the Trading Department, Shanshan suits are a best seller in the country. It has the highest shares of the market, and it has obtained the Golden Bridge Award for 4 years. Shanshan shirts are one of the ten best-selling brand names. Shanshan Corporation is now planning to build a national Shanshan Industrial City.

According to statistics of the internal trading department, from January to April in 2000, Shanshan suits average occupation rate is 11.39% and it covers most regions in China.

Shanxi Nanfeng Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.

The company is approved by Shanxi Province government with official document number (96)47. On April 2, 1996, the company was registered at Shanxi Province administrative and management office.

Shenyang Dawn Garments Group Corporation

The corporation has fixed assets of RMB 1 billion and has 3,600 staff. The annual productivity is 2.6 million clothing, 2 million meters of clothing area. It is the 13th in the country's 100 top textile and clothing companies. It is also one of the 18 key corporations in Shenyang Province. In 1999, the gross industrial production amount was RMB 913 million, sales income was RMB 1.16 billion, profit was RMB 58 million, profit tax was RMB 91.15 million and export amount was RMB 18.15 million.

Shenzhen Fiyta Holdings Ltd.

FIYTA Holdings Ltd. is the sole listed and a celebrated company in the clocks and watches industry in China. Up to now, FIYTA has 9 holding enterprises with more than 2000 employees. The total assets of FIYTA are RMB 800 million. The main products are 'FIYTA' brand watches. FIYTA has advanced processing technology for sapphire crystal, hard alloy and precision ceramics materials with CAD & CAM systems, production line of stepping motor and vaccuum iron plating. FIYTA has been honored of 'King of Clocks and Watches of China' in 1995. 'The Famous Brand of China' in 1999 is the unique celebrated brand in China in the industry and ranked No. 1 of sales of same product in China for successively six years.

'Harmony' is the second commercial brand following 'FIYTA', construction of the chain stores of Harmony World Watch center is the long-term strategy of extending the product image and obtaining commercial profit.

Shenzhen South Medicine Factory

999 Group Corporation is a large medicine profession corporation. It was established in June 29, 1993, with held total capital 150 billion dollars.

999 Group Corporation is one of the 100 largest companies in China. Its core is the Shenzhen South Medicine Factory, which is the first producer of China Medicine by the use of Western Medicine production techniques. Its annual sales received RMB 4.63 billion, gross profit RMB 740 million and net profit RMB 490 million. In 1999, 999 Medicine's Share A successfully issued on the stock market, capital gain near RMB 1.7 billion. It strengthened the corporation capital base and has become the first class plant medicine corporation in the world.

Sichuan Chengdu Quanxing Distillery

Nowadays Chengdu Quanxing Distillery of Sichuan is a large-scale commercial enterprise with a long wine-making history and modern scientific techniques. It's one of the best industrial enterprises of the top 50 in China. Chengdu Quanxing Distillery is becoming a conglomerate, trans-regional and transnational multiple developed enterprise. In the country's 17 famous wine producing factories, the factory ranked fourth in gross tax profit amount and top three in sales income. It is one of the top ten corporations in beverage manufacturing business and it is the 189th in the country's 1000 largest corporations.

Sichuan Jan Nan Chun Group Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Jan Nan Chun Group Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest companies in China. The company has RMB 1.8 billion in capital, and 5,300 employees. It owns six companies. Wine is the major business of the company. The company has the capacity of producing 50 thousand tons of white wine. The company's main product, China's famous wine - Jiannanchun, has earned the Golden Award of Province and China degree and International degree for more than 60 times. The markets of company products include the United States, Germany, Spain, Malaysia and so on (more than 20 countries and regions).

Sichuan Langjiu Group Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Langjiu Group Co., Ltd. was rebuilt on the base of Sichuan Langjiu Distillery in 1998, with 2,600 staff on the roll list, and the total capital of 1.5 billion, net capital one billion. The wholly-owned subsidiaries: Sichuan Langjiu Distillery, Sichuan Langjiu Sales Co., Ltd., Sichuan Langzhong Pharmaceutics Co., Ltd.; Holding Companies: Chengdu Hualuen Stock Co., Ltd.

Lang liquor started its production in 1903 by the Chishui River, which enjoys the fame of "the river of nectar" at the border of Sichuan and Guizhou Provinces. From "Xuzhi Distillery", Huichuan Brewery" to "Jiyi Brewery", it has already had a history about one hundred years. In 1957, Sichuan Guilin Langjiu Distillery was set up at the base of the former brewery. In 1984, Lang liquor was awarded the title of "China Famous Liquor". "Lang" brand was awarded "China Famous Trademark" in 1997.

The company has had the capacity to produce 20,000 tons of liquor, and it is the largest famous liquor production base that can produce Jiang aroma, jian aroma and nong aroma types of liquor.

Sino French Joint Venture Dynasty Winery Ltd.

The company was established in 1980, it is one of the first Sino-Foreign joint ventures in the country and it is also the first joint venture in Tianjin Province. The main product is Dynasty first class grape wine and has been very successful. The annual productivity has increased from 100,000 bottles at the beginning to 18,660,000 bottles in 1996. The variety of wine has developed from the white grape wine to 3 categories and 16 species nowadays. The company has become the largest scale high class grape wine producer in Asia.

In 1996, the product passed ISO 9002 quality control and it shares 50% of the market in the country. The wine has been recognized as national banquet. The company is the supplier of near 170 government representative offices overseas. The products are also exported to over 20 overseas countries and regions including America, Britain, Canada, France, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong and Macau.

TCL Holdings Co., Ltd.

TCL Holdings Co., Ltd., established in 1981, is a comprehensive large-scale State-owned enterprise. After 20-year development, TCL has formed 4 series of products represented by TCL King color television in the industries of audio-visual products, telecommunication, information appliances and electrical components.

Over the past 20 years, TCL has racked up a compound annual growth rate of more than 50 percent in the last ten years and earning revenues totaling to RMB 20.5 billion in 2000, and the 2000 value of export-generated foreign currencies reaching US $500 million as well. Today, each market of its 4 pillar industries is undergoing consolidation, among top 3. As a whole, TCL is ranked fifth in a rating for the China 100 prestigious Electronics and IT enterprises and TCL brand value in 2000 reached RMB 10.593 billion.

TCL, with 10000 professional distribution people, has established an extensive nationwide sales and distribution network with a computerization process that reaches across the whole country.

The White Dove (Group) Co., Ltd.

The White Dove (Group) Co., Ltd. is, nowadays, the largest comprehensive enterprise that manufactures abrasives and abrasive tools in China. It has a large technical personnel and many advanced equipment. Its products-"White Dove" abrasive wheels are characterized by their sharpness for grinding, uniform structure and correct hardness, etc. It manufactured wheels with all kinds of abrasive, grain sizes, bonds, sharps and dimension. They can widely used for various grinding, lapping and polishing processes in all trades and professions. In order to ensure good quality of these wheels, we have widely carried out the comprehensive quality control and inspection, and designed reasonable formulations and chosen suitable processes so as to meet the requirements of different grinding objects. Therefore, the quality of these wheels are constant. For several decades, they have been supplied not only in any parts of this country, but also in about sixty countries and areas in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, and enjoyed high prestige among numerous users.

The Xiangquan Group Co., Ltd Huan, China

Huan Xiangquan Group used to be Jishou Wine Factory and was established in 1956. The Group is organized by Xiangquan Group Co., Ltd. and Stewbum wine Co., Ltd. The Group now has 58 economical entities, including branch companies, stock control companies, lease & trusteeship companies and scientific research institutes. It has total assets 2.5 billion RMB and 8000 employees. Te industry structure, wit Stewbum and Xiangquan Wine as the leading products, includes beer, medicine, pottery and porcelain, alcohol, asylum, feed, packing and tourism.Xiangquan Group entered into 500 China Powerful Enterprises.

Xiangquan wine and Stewbum wine won gold prize in Rance Bohrdo & Belgium Brussels World Wine Exposition. It is cognizance the "State Masterwork" and "World Famous Consumable". Waling wine is titled " China Star Wine" and Desman Daqu win State Sliver Prize. 1997 "Xiangquan Ghost" a share is successfully listed on the stock market which is a new milestone in Group development history.

Tianjin Automobiles Group Co., Ltd

Tianjin Automobiles Group Company Limited is multi-functional, large scale automobile producing corporation that includes technological development, production and sales, venture capital, external trading and service providing.
The Company has 17 state-owned full subsidiaries (factories), 9corporations, 23 co-operation companies, 1 holding company. It also has sales companies, import/export companies, product exploitation centre and vocational training centre.
The main products include Xiali, Huali tourist bus, Yan light vehnicles. The Company has high productivity that can produce 230,000 vehnicles every year.

Tianjin Beacon Paints Co. Ltd.

The former company of Tianjin Beacon Paints Holding Company Limited is Tianjin Paints Factory which established in 1916. the company is called as Incubator of China paints industry and it has developed as one of the country's largest paints production corporation.
The annual production ability of the company is 80000 tons, it can produce 18 categories and more than 2400 patterns and types of paints products. It designs and manufactures part of production equipment of paints, thus it has the advantage of composite operation.

Tianjin Goubuli Dumpling Restaurant Group Corp.

Tianjin Goubuli Dumpling Restaurant Group Corporation is a second class corporation, state-owned special class hotel and is famous all over the world. One of the top 10 restaurants in China.
The headquarters is the restaurant origin of Goubuli. It is famous with cuisines like Tianjin, Shandong and other specialties. It now has 1 nation-wide executive chef and prominent chefs to cater for banquets and national dinning occasions.
The Goubuli Dumpling has a long history since its establishment. Despite with its unique recipe formula to maintain its taste and attracton. It has also been improved from time to time to suit the trend of modern cooking.

Triangle Group Co., Ltd.

Triangle Group Co., Ltd. is the backbone of the industry in China. It possesses an assets of RMB2.2 billion. It has the capacity to produce 7 Million sets of tires. It is one of a few tire manufacturers owning the most complete sizes and varieties in China. It was ranked as 15th in the worldwide tire industry and ranked the first in similar domestic industry.
It has been approved by ISO9001 quality system, QS9000 quality system, ISO14001 environment management system, ISO10012 measurement system. It was successful in getting the American DOT Certificate, and Europe ECE Certificate.

Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd.

Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd. was established dated June 16, 1993 (her prior name was China owned Tsingtao Beer Manufacturer that was established in 1903.) Company has the record of longest history in China regarding the field of beer-manufacturing. Hong Kong issued the kind of H Shares in 1993. Tsingtao is the first China Corporation which is allowed to issue shares in Hong Kong share Market. In July of the same year, Co. issued the kind of A Shares in China, and was allowed to buy and sell shares in Shanghai dated Aug 27, 1993.

Tsingtao owns Tsingtao Brewery Factory 1, Factor 2, Factory 4, Yangzhou Beer Manufacturer. Tsingtao Wheat Factory Owns 55% shares of Tsingtao Beer Manufacturer (Xian) Co. Ltd. and 35% shares of Shenzhen Tsingtao Beer Co. Ltd. Currently, Tsingtao Beer Shares Co. Ltd. is the no. 1 of sales, government receives profit tax and receives foreign currencies from export in China Beer field.

V V Group Co., Ltd

VV Group was established in December 1992, it is the largest bean milk production base. In 1997, the sales income was RMB 3 billion and the profit tax was RMB 350 million. The Company has obtained the honour of "China 500 best Industrial Corporation" and "China 100 largest Food Manufacturing Corporations".
The company has 6 raw materials supplying bases, more than 30 production bases and 100 modernized production lines. It produces 5 categories, over 20 brand name products. Among them "VV" milk powder is one of the best sellers in China which it shares 80% of market and it is called "The king of bean milk in China".
Besides bean milk products, the company also produces "VV" salad dressing, nutrient wheat¡­, distilled water pork ham sausage and natural juice. The Corporation has already become a composite large food products corporation.

Wanshili Group Corporation

Wanshili Group Co. is a first-class national enterprise of omnibearing and multi-grade entity with silk and textiles as its leading business. Wanshili Group possesses 21 entities with almost RMB500 million of fixed assets and more than 2000 employees. It's a comprehensive enterprise, integrating science, industry and trading; linking production, supply and sale, developing simultaneously the first, second and third industry. It has set up own distribution centers in Hong Kong, America, etc. It mainly produces silk, imitation silk, polyester fabrics and garments, which are in great demand all over the country, as well as in America, Japan, Italy, Germany, Brazil, etc.

Weihai Jinhou Group Corp.

Jinhou Group Co., Ltd. of Weihai (hereinafter referred to as Jinhou Group ) was established in 1951. At the end of 1999, the company pssessed a fixed asset of RMB 71,900,000, a net asset of RMB 42,380, and a staff of 3300 including 280 technicians. The main products include "Jinhou" Brand leather shoes, leather bags, leather cases, leather belts,leather gloves, shirts, suit pants, winter clothers,and mineral water. Most recently, the China Leather Industry Association awarded Jinhou the title of " King of China Leather" (1998,2000). "Jinhou" Brand shoes have been recognized by the State Industry and Commerce Bureau as a "Popular Brand in China" and "Jinhou" Brand leather bags have been awarded the "Popular Product" in Shandong Province for three consecutive years from 1997 to 1999. In 1996, "Jinhou" Brand leather products and garments were awarded the "reputed Products" award. Moreover, the leather shoes, leather products, and garments of "Jinhou" Brand have conformed to the Certificate of Quality System ISO9002 and are quite popular both at home and in countries such as Korea, Japan, the U.S., Russia, Bahrain, Fijian, Kuwait, etc.

White Swan Hotel

The White Swan Hotel is the first joint-venture stars hotel in China since the reform and opening-door policy was exerted. It is the first luxury hotel which is conceived, and managed entirely by Chinese. In 1985 is became China's first hotel to obtain the membership of "the Leading Hotels of the World", and in 1990 on of the Five-Star Hotels in China. What's more, the hotel stands the first on the list of " 100 First-Class and 50 Best Star Hotel of China" in 1996. In recent years, the hotel has been continuously selected as the Leading/Best Hotel in Guangzhou by the readers in many international magazines including Asian Wall Street Journal, The Business Traveller Asia-Pacific, Institutional Investor, etc. The White Swan Hotel has 18-year glorious history and has received more than 40 heads of many states, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Presidents Nixon and Bush of the United States, German Prime Minister Helmut Kohl, as well as Mr. Deng Xiaoping, the general designer of China's reform and opening.

Wuhan Jianmin Medicine Factory

The former company of Wuhan Jianmin Medicine Factory has a long history of 360 years and was established during Ming Dynasty.
The company now has one core corporation and 18 branch companies, it has gross capital RMB 230 million dollars, and annual production ability over RMB 200 million. The company has reestablished as a modernized Chinese medicine corporation. The company continued to have 30% growth over the past nine years. It becomes a leader in the medicine industry in China.
One of the major work of the Factory is to develop children's medical products. Now the company is the appointed production base of children's medicine by the country. The Factory has many popular products that are welcome by the customers.

Wuliangye Yibin Co., Ltd.

Five-crop Liquid (original name as Multi-crop Wine) is produced in Sichuan Yibin Five-crop Liquid wine factory. The composition of this wine with different crops. It is said the history can be come back to the Ming dynasty. The factory still was a wine well which was made in the Ming dynasty. Yinbin City museum keeps a secret formula of Multi-crops wine. The name of Multi-crop wine changes to Five-crop Liquid from the year 1929. the advantages of Five-crop Liquid including good smelling and wonderful taste. It is considered the taste of the wine is very famous of Daju wine. This wine has been viewed as famous wine in country degree. The prior name, Yinbin Five-crop Oil wine factory in regard to establish the current company in 8th May, 1997, the key persons decided to re-organize a part of the company, established Yibin Five-crop Liquid Shares Co Ltd., and issued share of A in Shenzhen dated April 27, 1998.

Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co., Ltd. (Xoceco)

Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co., Ltd. (Xoceco), established in 1985, is one of the largest and most advanced manufacturers and exporters of consumer electronics in China. The headquarter is located in Xiamen, a modern, industrialized city of over one million people. Situated on the southeast coast of China, the production facilities consist of twenty different factories with a staff of over 6,000 employees. The combined production facilities cover over 2 million square feet. Products are exported to more than 100 countries throughout the world. Xoceco was the first company in China to develop the 25" and 27" colour televisions and the first Chinese electronics manufacturer to receive ISO9002 certification. The product line-up includes Pure Flat TV and HDTV, computer, monitor and communication products.

Xinghuacun Fenjiu Distillery Co., Ltd

Founded in 1951, Xinghuacun Fenjiu Distillery Factory has expanded into the largest white wine production plant in China. Fen wine has achieved production 25,000 tons a year. Premium wine has reached 75-85% with peak at 90%. The market has grown with paid tax RMB 54,300 per staff a year. 1977, paid tax of the company has reached RMB280 million. It is granted as 500 best company in the country. Golden Quality Award has received in consecutive years. Gold Cup in Light Industry Liquor category.

Xinjiang Tianshan Woolen Textile Co., Ltd.

Incorporated in 1980 and started business in 1981, XiinJiang Woolen Textile Stock Co., Ltd. is one of the first joint venture enterprises in China after the regulations concerning joint Venture enterprises were promulgated. In 1995, the Company was restructured into a joint stock limited company and in April 1998, shares was issued and in May, 1998 the Company was listed. Through the activities of capitalization, the total capital stock is now 338.07 million shares. The Company produces high grade cashmere and wool upper garments. The Company has five subsidiaries, with 2700 employees. The company uses the quality cashmere and fine wool produced in Xjinjiang as the raw materials, has introduced advanced technology and equipment from Japan, Italy and Germany, successfully turned the superiority of raw materials into the superiority of products.

Yangshengtang Co., Ltd.

Yangshengtang Company Limited is a modernized famous, high technology corporation, it mainly produces health products and it has branch company in U.S.A.
Yangshengtang Company Limited now has over 1700 staff, more than 90% of management staff are well-educated, there are also many scientific research staff. The company has emplyed a large group of professors and professionals who have very good knowledge in different subjects like biology, Chinese medicine and nutrients. The powerful research team exploit different kind of products like medicine, nutrient, DNA engineering medicine and drinking water. The annual investment on scientific research is about 5% of the whole sales amount.
The head of Yangshengtang is situated at Zhejiang province Hangzhou city, it has branch companies and marketing sections over 26 provinces in the country. It has developed a multi-class, broad sales tunnel and network, it also has branch company in U.S.A.

Yantai Polaris Import & Export Co., Ltd

Yantai Po;aris Import & Export Co., Ltd Located the birthplace of China's timepiece, Yantai, is an industrial company with the right to do business of import and export approved by the State Foreign Economic and Trade Administration. Our Brand name "POlARIS" has been granted as one of the "China's Ten Most Famous Trademarks". Ever since 1915, we have been making and selling all kinds of grandfather clocks, wood-case mechanical wall clocks and alarm clocks and in the recent years we have also developed some popular wooden products, quartz wall clocks, tower clocks, watches, Cuckoo clocks, barometers, aquatic products, construction and decoration materials, mini-electrical appliances, toys, sports goods, etc, which are sold very well in every corner of the world and also have been granted with gold medals both at home and abroad several times. "POLARIS" also get the certification "Ten Famous Brand" of China in 1991 which is the first brand to get this special honor in the China clock industry.

Yeliya Group

Yeliya Group, mainly produces high quality woolen garment includidng fabrics, supplements and garment accessories. The group merges scientific research, manufacturing and trade into an organic whole Yeliya Garment Group, with staff 3000, possesses the registered capital 0.2105 billion RMB. The annual production capacity is 1.2 million high quality suits. Approved by Shangdong Government, Yeliya Group has set up Garment Technical & Developing center, which is the only one in Shandong Province. We adopted ISO9002 International Quality System and the quality system is in conformity with ISO9002.The main garment: suits, cashmere coats, leisure suits, uniform and fashion garment they are the famous brands in China. The garment not only sell all over China, but also sell to Japan, South Korea, U.S.A., Italy, etc. In October, 2000, Yeliya Brand was named as the "China Well-known Trademark" by State Industry Commercial Bureau.

Yuli Electric-Appliances Group Corp.

Yuli Electric-Appliances Group Corporation is a emphasized key corporation of the country's light industrial department and Zhejiang province. It is one of the largest production base of evacuators. The main product "Yuli" evacuators got the Chinese Well Known Trademark in April 1995. The products has been well accepted by the market for over 10 years, it has also obtained over one hundred. It is the first corporation among other electric-appliances corporations to pass and use the "Great wall" electrician safety approval mark. It is also the only Corporation to obtain both named as "customer satisfied corporation" and "customer satisfied products".

Yuxi Hongta Tobacco Group Co., Ltd.

Yuxi Hongta Tobacco Factory was established in1956, and it was reformed as Yuxi Hongta Tobacco Group Company Limited in 1995. The company now has fixed asset nearly hundred billion dollars. It has high quality staff, first class tobacco leaves and the world's advanced computer system and automated system.
The Company has many brand name of cigarette like Hongtashan and has received Golden award. In 1997, it was approved as China Well Konown trademark. The Company can produce over 2 milllion packages of cigarette every year and it is now a first class Corporation. The Company is best both in China and in Asia. It is also one of the best Tobacco processing modernized Corporation in the World.

Zhangzhou Pientzehuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Established in 1956, Zhangzhou Pentzehuang Group Co. (Zhangzhou Pharmaceutical Factory) is one of the 100 important Enterprise in Fujian province. It had been ranked continuously for six years among Chinese 500 Best Economic Benefit Enterprises and Chinese 500 Biggest Enterprises. Zhangzhou Pientzehuang, the traditional product which has a history of over 400 years, enjoys a high reputation of "national treasure', "miracle cure" and "Chinese Antibiotic". The group was awarded province quality administration prize. It has direct import/export right. It is the sole producer of the rare Chinese medicine Zhangzhjou Pientzehuang, which is listed as state first-standarded protection Chinese medicine and state secretest medicine. And it was awarded state gold medal and enjoys a high reputation over the world. 25 percent of the staffs are professional technicians. The group has a series of modern equipments of world-level and its medicine manufacturing is adjusting to GMP international standard mode. In recent years, the group developed and manufactured dozens of products which are as follows: Pientzehuang series including Pientzehuang Capsule, Ointment, Compound Perlingual Tablet, Haemor-rhoids, Yin Dan Ping Gan, Skin Powder, Pimple Eraser, as well as Royal Telly Capsule, Huoxiang zhengqi shui, xinshubao, increasing latex and pressrving infant's health ointment, xiao qinglong sugarless granule, xiao chaihui sugarless granule and chuanbei qingfei syrup, etc.

Zhe Jiang Busen Group Co., Ltd.

The major business of Zhe Jiang Busen Group are shirt, trouser and suit. It has 5 branch companies over 2700 staff, and international modernized factory of 60000 metre squares. The annual productivity is 6 million shirts, 2500000 pairs of trousers, 200000 suits and knitting T-shirt 500000 units, maintains a 37% annual increase and stable development. The Company is one of the largest corporations in the State's Clothing Industry. The sales of the products cover the whole country and the products are exported to other countries like Italy, Germany, America, Russia, Poland and Canada. The Group has been the first one in the industry to pass ISO9002 quality approval. The "Busen" brand enjoy a very high degree of honor and well-know in China, and the Busen shirt also has been the Top sales and capacity in China for 3 year.

Zhejiang Nice Chemical Industry Ltd.

Zhejiang Nice Chemical Industry Ltd. is the largest production base of washing products in the country. It has over 5000 staff, it can produce soap and transparent soap 250,000 tons, Diao super soap 80,000 tons, liquid soap 0.2 million tons, detertent 150,000 tons and washing powder 450,000 tons every year. The company has the world first class production equipment and advance technique. It also has an international level washing powder which is the largest in the country. The company has technical centre and laboratory, and has over 500 technicians.
Na Ai Si is the first corporation among the soap business to pass ISO9002 quality guarantee. It has offices in more than cities around the world including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. It also has agents and sales network all over the country.

Zhejiang TransFar Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

The Group was established in 1986. In the past years, it has maintained a 40% increase in the various types of economic index. It is one of the 100 famous corporations in Zhejiang and is one of the 100 top chemical corporations in the country.
The core business of the Group is daily used chemical products, printing and dying agent. In 1998, the TransFar technology industrial garden of 340 acreage was established and operated. The Garden will be a research centre of refined chemical, as well s a development centre for high technology.
The Group has two main products daily used in chemical and printing dying agent. They have been top one in the industry terms of technological level and market sharing rate.

Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc.

Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. was established in 1985. It was the first corporation to public listed to issue A & B Shares. Livzon Pharmaceutical Group has 21 associated companies and subsidiaries in the Group. It is a composite and multi-functional corporation including medicine research, exploitation, production and sales. Livaon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. has become one of the 50 largest industrial corporation starts from1989, the Group has also became one of the 50 best Medicine industry in the country. In 1996, it was one of the 76 high-technology corporations which were emphasized in China, and it was one of the 70 large corporations that were highly recommended and developed by Guangzhou Province. In 1998, it became one of the 520 key corporations which were recommended by the Chinese merchant banker and MOFTEC. In 1999 it was named by Guangzhou Province as advance technology corporation. The trademark "Livzon" was registered as China Well Known Trademark.

Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Works

ZHUZHOU CEMENTED CARBIDE WORKS (ZCCW), was built up in 1954. It is the largest cemented carbide base in China for its production, scientific research and self-managing import & export ratified by the state. The international trade organization of ZCCW is Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Works Imp. & Exp. Company (ZCCC). ZCCW ranks among the nation's 500 biggest enterprises, 300 selected and strong enterprises which enjoy priority support by the state, and also the 100 star enterprises in the whole country. It was awarded the certificate of ISO9001-1994 in 1996. ZCCW enjoys great prestige both at home and abroad. The "DIAMOND BRAND" trade mark products sell in 66 countries and regions all over the world.

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