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3. Ji'an Xinkaihe Co., Ltd. to Shanghai Color Products Factory

Ji'an Xinkaihe Co., Ltd.

Ji'an Xinkaihe Company Limited was established in October 1998. the company produces, provides and sells Ginseng, it is the largest Ginseng corporation in international scale. It has 154 advanced production and processing equipment, and has production base of 500000 metre squares.

Sinkaihe Ginseng products are the main production of the company, the products have won many awards both in the country and in the world. Besides having good sales amount in the country Sinkaihe Ginseng products are also exported and sold in other countries like South Asia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The company has gained US$12 million and has annual sales amount more than 80 million dollars.

Jiangsu AB Group Co, Ltd.

Jiangsu AB Group is the largest production & sales base of health care fabrics, with 2000 regular staff members. Integrating weaving , dyeing, garment-making, sales scientific research an development, the company has set up with 8 big centers, over 20 branch factories, over 30 sales and stock-controlled companies, and the sales network covers all the big and medium-sized cities in China.

As the pioneer of health care underwear in China, AB Group have developed Pure Cotton Elastic Garment, Pure Cotton Mercerized Lace Garment, Pure Cotton Mercerized Vest, Pure Cotton Double-Mercerized T-shirt, Cotton + Lycra Underwear, New Style Thermal Underwear, Fine Quality Wool Underwear, Flat Cotton Underwear, Fine Gauge Knit Underwear, AB Velvet Super Thermal Underwear, Yikang Super Thermal Underwear, Modial Loungewear, Children's Underwear etc. It turns out annually above 2 million set of underwear of different types, 20 million pieces of health care fabrics of all sorts. The general possessing rate of AB products is line up at the third place in China market. The Company has been approved by Jiangsu International Estimation Company as a AAA grade corporation.

Jiangsu Chunhua Electric Group Corporation

Jiangsu Chunhua Electric Group Corporation is the largest & professional manufacturer of cleaning equipments in China. Our main products include various kinds of vacuum cleaner, high-speed vacuum motor, floor polisher and heater of CHUNHUA brand. Our company owns the most advanced production equipments for vacuum cleaner and vacuum moter. Annual production capacity is 1.5 million pcs for vacuum cleaner, 2.0 million pcs for vacuum motor and 500,000 pcs for other kinds of small household appliances.

Products of CHUNHUA brand series are of high quality and reliable performance. Main products have already obtained safety standard approval of CCEE of China, GS of German, SAA of Australia, BS of Great Britain, KEMA of Holland and UL of U.S.A.. Also, most of the products have earned CE and EMC mark of EU. The company has obtained ISO9001 international quality system certificate issued by DNV Classification Society after examination and thus becomes the first in this line in China to have got the approval. We have also got the GB/T192001-ISO9001 certificate issues by CCXQ and CCLQ of China.

Jiangsu Hubao Group Corporation

Jiangsu Hubao Group Corporation was established in 1989, it has gross asset 5 billion dollars, 4000 staff and is one of the top 10 corporations in the clothing industry. The Corporation has passed ISO9002 international quality approval.

The Corporation insists on large investment, great involvement and great technological reform. It has spent enormous amount of money to borrow the top and advanced facilities including 50 production lines of shirts and suits, the French electrical computer design printing machines, Italy stereotype equipment, French automated CAD/CAM computerized clothing design and cutting system. The main product 'Hubao' shirts and suits have obtained the country Top 10 brand name Golden Award, more than 100 awards of the country quality products, it has become the winner of the international golden award for 6 years, the country's golden bridge award for 4 years. The Products are well sold in more than 30 provinces, cities throughout the country and are exported to more than 10 overseas countries and regions including Japan, Korea, Russia and Italy.

Jiangsu Kangbo Group Corporation

Jiangsu Kangbo Group Company, the pacesetter of China down garments industry, is a state-owned enterprise on clothing, real estate, finance and securities. The Company has been successively awarded "The 100 Enterprises Most Taxes and Profits In National Clothes Industry (top 10)". "Bosideng" series now exports to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries. At the international fair held at St. Petersburg of Russia, "Bosideng" down garment won the Gold Prize for Famous Brand in similar exhibited products. Among which the "Bosideng" down garment, quality supervised by Down Clothes and products Special Committee of China Clothes Association and quality tracked by National Clothes Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, has won the honor of "China Famous Brand" in successive years and the championship for Inspection-Free Products in provincial down garment industry for three successive years.

The Company extends to high technology, high quality and modernization. It has fully introduced CIS on management, with advanced production lines from USA AND Japan using CAD, CAM automatic design and cutting systems The 13,968 square meters workshop is equipped the largest and most passed GB/T19002-ISO9002 Quality System Certification.

Jiangsu Little Swan Group Company Limited

Jiangsu Little Swan Group Company Limited is one the largest 100 groups in China, its products includes domestic and commercial appliances, such as washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, fabrics drier, industrial washing machine and dry-cleaning machine. Wuxi Little Swan Company Limited, the core of this group, is at present the largest listed company in China to mainly produce washing machine bye the end of October 2000, total assets of the company had reached 5.4 billion yuan and its net asset had reached 3.1 billion yuan. The domestic market share of Little Swan fully automatic washing machine has been kept at the first place in China for several years. In 1998, the total volume of sales, total income of sales and total profit was at first place in China. Little Swan products sell well in more than 40 countries and regions, such as Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chili, Egypt, South Africa etc. in order to further break into the world market, our company has set up branches in U.S.A., Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong etc. In 1995, Little Swan passed ISO9001 International Quality Authentication System. In 1998, our 15 varieties of fully automatic washing machine passed the International Safety Authenticication of CE (European Authentication System) and GS (German Authentication System). In 1999, our company passed ISO14000 Environmental Management Authentication System. It marks that Little Swan has obtained the pass for breaking into the international market.

Jiangsu Menglan Group Co., Ltd.

The Corporation has continuous development and exploitation on bed utilities and has developed the famous brand Menglan home decoration utilities.

Menglan bed utilities has special pattern design, trendy style, perfect craftsmanship and it emphasizes on health care and protection, so the products are famouns throughout the world. It has established a well brand name image. Menglan has 10 categories and over 500 different kinds of products. It has obtained various kings of awards and honours including 'The Best Seller in the country' 'Golden Bridge Award', 'Brand products in China domestic textile industry', 'Jiangsu Province key brand products', and 'Jiangsu Province Famous Trademark'. The company is now the top in the industry for years. It is also the best seller in the country.

Jiangsu Senda Group Corp.

Senda Corporation was established in 1977 and it's main business is shoes' production. Underneath the Corporation are 7 member Corporations and 48 sales branch companies. The Corporation has 11000 staff and has net asset RMB 530 million dollars. 'Senda' is the first shoe's brand to have the 'China Well Known Trademark'. The estimated value of the trademark is RMB2.842 billion and it is one of the top 20 brand name in the country.

The sales network of Senda Corporation covers all over the country. The top 1000 big malls in the large cities of the country all have 'Senda' departments, it has also established 2000'Senda' shops in different provinces and cities. The market occupation rate, the market coverage surface and the sales amount of 'Senda' products are the first among other same business. 'Senda' now shares 31.9% of the market and the products are exported to 11 overseas countries including America, Japan and Australia.

Jiangsu Shinco Electronic Group Co., Ltd.

Shinco Electronics Group Co. was set up in 1994. The headquarter is located in Luoyang Town, Changzhou City, occupying an area of 150,000 square meters. It has 8,000 staff members. It has established 5 subsidiary companies, up to 40 sales branches and technical service centers all over China. Shinco has been listed China's top 100 electronic companies for 10 years. Its VCD player has been the No. 1 in China on sales volume since the year of 1996 to 1998. Shinco is the first one that released Super VCD in 1998. Its volume of sales amounts to 2.5 billion RMB that year. In 1999 Shinco released DVD players, AC-3 amplifiers, household conditioner and portable players. It is now promoting the sales on the world market.

Jiangsu Sunshine Group CO., Ltd.

The company is the largest refined woolen textile corporation in the country, it is also the production base of high class fine woolen textile. It is one of the 520 largest corporation in the country and is the new and high technology corporation in Jiangsu. The corporation mainly produces and operates refined woolen and high class suits. It has self-operated import/export right in external trading. The company has gross asset RMB 2.5 billion, fixed asset RMB 1.5 billion, 9000 staff, 900 textile machines, over 70% of the equipment are advanced and updated. The production scale is one of the top 3 in the world. In 1998, the sales income was RMB3.75 billion, profit tax was RMB 320 million and export amount was US$38 million.

The Corporation has branch companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingao, Shenyang, Australia and Hong Kong. The products share 10% of the country's market and share 18% of the province market. It is the top one in the market share rate in the industry.

Jiangsu Zhengchang Group Corporation

Jiangsu Zhengchang Group Corporation is the leader in China's fodder machinery manufacture industry, that integrates four pillar sectors-oil. Cereal and fodder machinery, agro/animal fodder, complete plant/electric control/steel warehouse engineering and oil-grease chemistry. The group possesses assets of RMB 470 million Yuan and employs a staff near 1000. It is one of the 38 key industrial enterprises in Changzhou City in terms of its economic yields, and No. 1 cereal machinery enterprise in the Ministry of Internal Trade. Zhengchang brand feed machines are covering 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and are exported to a dozen of countries in South East Asia. Zhengchang brand pellet mills have a share of 70% in the domestic market.

Zhengchang Group has two dozens of subsidiary companies, including Joint ventures, where the foreign partners are from USA, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong respectively, that is favorable for Zhenchang brand feed machinery products to catch up with the international level in their technical and quality standards. Zhengchang got two certificates of registration for quality system, certifying that the corporation designs and Manu-factures of feed machinery (die pellet mill, hammer mill, die) and complete engineering for grain and food factory (including steel silo electric controlled equipment, complete set) and provides services in accordance with ISO9001.

Jiangsu Zhenjiang Hengshun Group

Jiangsu Zhenjiang Hengshun soya Sauce and Vinegar Plant was first established in the 20th Year of Daoguang Period of Qing Dynasty (the year 1840). It mainly produces four categories of ingredients including "Jinshan" brand savory vinegar, pickle, soy sauce, and chili sauce. Hengshun is the largest scale and best economic efficient corporation in the China Soy and vinegar industry with net asset 1.3 billion Yuan and annual net profit 38 million Yuan. It is the only famous brand product honored double Gold Prize both nationally in Chinese vinegar industry. It is widely sold domestically as well as in 43 countries and regions in the world. The products are guaranteed to be natural and there are various types of vinegar like Hengshun savory vinegar, honey health vinegar, state-banquet seafood vinegar and table vinegar.

Jiangxi Gongqing YaYa (Group) Co., Ltd.

The national largest enterprise-YaYa (Group) Co., Ltd. Is located at the southern foot of the beautiful Lushan Mountain and bordering the Poyang Lake, on the middle part of Chagjiu (Nanchang Jiujiang) industrial corridor, is not only the largest modernized factory in the country specialized in making duck's feather and down products but also the major expert-oriented production base of the state. Its main products are, eider down outerwears, quilts cotton-padded mattresses, trousers, waistcoats fillows, cushions, sleeping bags, fur garments, spring and autumn clothes, polyester cotton-padded garments, computer embroidery, applied and adhesive-boreded fabric including various Fibre product all inland and overseas friends and figures in the society are welcomed to place orders with us, we are glad to rocess raw materials on slients demands. Fine quality YAYA duck's products sell everywhere. YAYA duck's products are overwhelming in the markets of various countries. China's YAYA, has become the friend of the world.

Jiangxi Phenix Optical Instrument General Factory

Jiangxi Phenix Optical Instrument General Factory is a completely integrated manufacturer of cameras, microscopes, telescopes, astronomical telescopes, optical glass lens, cine camera equipments and accessory and optical gift. Founded in 1965, with the opening policy to the world in the late 1970's, it concentrated the effort on cameras, microscopes and moved to a new factory at the present location. (Shangrao City, Jiangxi P.R.China). In the 1980's, it made major capital infusions to enhance the technology, esp. In the field of optics, mechanics, electronics, plastics and computers. That was followed by very significant growth. In 1996, it was authorized the rights of Import & Export Trade. And in 1997, it became the First Stock in Optical line in China. In 1998, it passed Iso9002, and it Hong Kong Branch was set up, 1999 saw our American Branch established. Now it is one of the largest and leading State-Owned Enterprises in optical line in Mainland China, with more than 4300 staff, 700 engineers and technicians serving 150 customers all over the world.

Jilin Aodong Medicine Group Co., Ltd.

The former company of Jilin Aodong Medicine Group Holding Company Limited was established in 1957. In May 1992, Yinbian Aodong Medicine Group Holding Company Limited was established.

The company has fully utilized its geographical advantage of situating at the Changbai Mountain area by deeply exploit the plant/vegetation over there. The company has also employed the advanced medical equipment from European countries and to improve the production.

Jincheng Corporation

Jincheng Corp., using of its brand "Jincheng", now engages in the development, manufacture and distribution of aviation products, motorcycles and gasoline engines, engineering hydraulic pressure product lines. Among its over 200 subsidies, more than 70000 staff and 30 billion Yuan of total asset. The headquarter of Jincheng Group located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province of China, it provide the advance of transportation, economic, culture and political environment for its growth and development. The mission of Jincheng is to develop and produce the best product of Chinese nation, so providing best quality product and service are their principle of business. In recent years, Jincheng start actively and has been enter into the international market. It product have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions and established manufacturing plant aboard.

Jinchuan Nonferrous Metals Corporation

Jinchuan Nonferrous Metals Corporation (thereinafter refer to it as JNMC) is located in Jinchang city, Hexi corridor of Gansu province. It is an extra-large nonferrous metallurgical and chemical complex, which has formed a complete set with mining, dressing and smelting. JNMC manly produces nickel, copper, cobalt and by-products including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, osmium, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium chloride, and so on, which are widely used in etallurgy, machinery light industry, electron industry, catalyst, national defense industry, aerospace and many other lines. The output of nickel and platinum group metals account separately for 88% and 90% in the country. JNMC is China's production base of nickel and cobalt, and refining center of platinum group metal. The products of JNMC are sold to 29 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and Hong Kong special administration area. Such products and stainless steel products and so on about more than ten kinds area exported to America, Japan, British, France, Singapore, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and so on. "JINTUO" trademark used in Jinchuan main products of #1 electrolytic nickel was authorized as 'China Celebrated Trademark', by State Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau. After registered in LME, 'JINTUO' was admitted to register in America again.

Jinjiang Holdings Co., Ltd.

Jinjiang group is one the largest service oriented conglomerate in China. Founded in 1984 and with Jinjiang Holdings Co., Ltd. As its flagship, the group ahs all together 31 wholly-owned enterprises, 11 enterprises under its management with holding shares, 12 joint venture, 5 investment and financial companies, and more than 80 subsidiaries. Jinjiang Group has a total asset of RMB 7.1 billion and over RMB 10.9 billion of assets under its management. At the same time the Group also looking into international business expansion. So far, it has invested and setup in Hong Kong, U.S.A., Korea and Japan. Listed by "Asia Week" as one of the top 500 enterprises of Chinese capital. Jinjiang Tower Co. Ltd. Besides its core hotel business has expanded into hotel management, real-estate, commercial trading finance and other industries. The achievement of Jin Jiang Group have been duly recognized by "HOTEL", the prestige trade journal, which ranks Jin Jiang Group among the top 300 world famous hotel management groups. Jin Jiang Group was ranked 132nd in 1989, and now it has rised to 51.

Jinzhou Cailian Plastic Material Group Co., Ltd.

Cailian is the largest production base and the high technology corporation of plastic products. The Company has fixed asset RMB192 million, net asset RMB 152 and 3000 staff.

The company has enormous technical power, top production equipment and advanced processing handicraft and perfect quality approval.

The annual productivity of the company is 60000 tons and the products exported overseas.

Kangnai Group Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Great Wall Shoes Industry Corporation is the key enterprise of China Leather Industry Association, the vice-chairman unit of china Shoemaking Professional Committee and the excellent key enterprise of Zhejiang Province. The Corporation now has the staff of 3500 and the factory buildings of 100,000 square meters and mainly produces "Kangnai" brand leather shoes have three times won the honors of "One of the Ten Shoe kings in China". Regarding "quality as the life of the enterprise and consumers as the God of the enterprise". "Kingnai" brand leather shoes are widely sold and exported to other international markets like Europe, America, Russia and Hong Kong.

Konka Group Co., Ltd.

Established in 1979, Konka Group Co., Ltd. is the first sino-foreign joint venture electronic enterprise in China. In 1991 konka Group was restructured into a stockholding company and its stock A an dB were listed simultaneously in 1992. Konka is one of the market leader on the Shenzhen stock exchange market. Konda Group is mainly engaged in the production of video and audio devices as color TV, VCD, DVD, VCR players, as well as housing electronic appliances and telecommunication products. The products of Konka are widely sold to 60 countries and regions in the world, with annual output of over 7 million color TV set konka has become the biggest seller for 4 years and to occupy more than 20% of the market share in color TV sector. In 1998, the sales income was 10.5 billion dollars and it is the first over ten billion industrial corporation in Shenzhen Province. IN 1993, Konka obtain the ISO9001 quality certification, in 1998, it got the ISO 14001 environmental system certification.

Kunming Cigarette Factory

The factory was former Asian Tobacco Company and was established in 1922. it is the first machinery cigarette factory in Yunnan. 1999 the production exceeded 1 million boxes of cigarette, profit tax was RMB 5.33 billion. It is the second best corporation in the China tobacco industry the goodwill of Yunyan is RMB 5.2 billion and is the sixth brand value in the country.

On 22nd August, 1997, the company passed ISO9002 quality approval, the management of the company has reached the international level.

The cigarettes are sold in the country's 30 provinces, cities. The products are also exported to overseas countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Africa, Panama, Luxemburg, European Union market. Because of the guaranteed of the quality, the products are well accepted by the customers.

In 1994, the corporation was one of the top ten in the country's 100 strongest corporations and it is the fifth in the country's 500 best economic effect corporations.

Lan Yan Group Co., Ltd.

The company was reorganized in 1993. it is the country's largest dying factory and its business includes textile, dying, clothing. It has got a high place in the country's 500 largest textile industrial corporations and it is the largest in Asia.

The factory has 3000 staff. The gross asset is RMB 426 million. On average each staff has gained US$7,269 every year.

The jeans clothing of the factory has obtained many awards including the 'Asia regions international trading exhibition golden award' in the Beijing Exhibition and the best sales award in the 'Qingdao textile products international exhibition'. Over 85% of the cloth and clothing of the factory are exported to overseas countries, and is famous over the world.

Legend Holdings Limited (Beijing)

Founded in 1984, Legend Holdings Limited (HK stock code:0992 and ADR: LGHLY) is the leading information technology company in China. It designs, manufactures and distributes Legend computers and provides Internet services and content. The company has over 10,000 staff, it has regional head offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Chenyang and Shenzhen. It also has sales points all over the country and has branch offices in Europe, America, and Asia. In 1999, the company has sales income 203 billion dollars. It continues to be the leader in the country's best 100 electrical enterprises for 2 years. It sold 1.258 million legend computers, and it has been the leader in the country's market for 4 consecutive years. It has also become the leader in the Asian market and thus it becomes the most powerful high technology Corporation. 1994 Legend Corporation issued its shares at the Hong Kong stock exchange. The market value of Legend Holdings Limited (serial number 0992) is estimated to be HK$90 billion. It is one of the 10 best holding companies in Hong Kong.

Liaoning Panpan Group Co., Ltd.

Panpan Group Company Limited is a country's large corporation. Panpan group is a leading security door, garage door, security window and polyurethane sandwich panel producer in China. The company has passed ISO9002 quality approval. In 2000, the group produced 950,000 security doors, 100,000 square meters security windows, 2000 garage doors and 100,000 square meters polyurethane sandwich panel, total output value was $12 million, increased by 20% compared with the previous year. Beginning from 1999, the group began its technical innovation, it invested RMB 100 million in introducing automatic production lines from Korea, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and Japan. The production of the products came into a new stage of automation. Panpan's products have been sold well in all the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the output and sales volume ranked the first in China, the products have also exported to some European, African and Asian countries.

Liuan Walking Tractor Factory

The Factory has produced tractor for 30 years history. From 1996 onwards, it has become the country largest tractor manufacturing Factory, the annual productivity is 200,000. The Factory has advanced production equipment and quality control equipment. It uses the scientific management skills to increase the competitive power of the quality, quantity, price, and after sells services. The products are sold in the 24 provinces and are exported to other countries like South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, and Turkey. The sales amount of the products have been the first for 12 years and the company has also been the first in the industry in terms of composite effect for years.

Liuzhou Liangmianzhen Group Co., Ltd.

Liuzhou Liangmianzhen Holding Company Limited was established in January 1980. It re-composed as a holding corporation in June 1994. The corporation has fixed asset RMB350 million, capital near RMB 300 million dollars, annual industrial gross production RMB 6 million, 1500 staff.
Start from 1990, Liuzhou Liangmianzhen Holding Company Limited became one 500 Best enterprise in China.
The Company's main product, Liangmianzhen tooth paste, is produced by Guangxi's special plant "Liangmianzhen". Start from 1983, it continue to be the best seller for fifteen years among the same kind of products. The company products are distributed to the 31 provinces and cities which occupies 18% of the market. The company also exports to other countries. In January 1997, it became the first corporation to pass the ISO9001 international quality approval among the tooth paste business.

Lolo Group Co., Ltd.

Lolo is a transregional and transnational large enterprise group which takes the almond juice as main production, it produces and manages other fruit juice, all kinds of canned meat and also charges of commerce and tourism service. It is one of the largest enterprise in China and large pillar enterprise group and agriculture industrial enterprise in Hebei province. It owns total capital 1.32 billion RMB and 17 subsidiaries. Chengde Lolo co. Ltd. is its subsidiary of going on the stock market. Lolo group co. Ltd. is the central enterprise. It is national monopoly capital which was authorized by the state, the group will have 500,000,00 tons of Lolo juice, 500 million RMB of profit and tax per year of 2000. it was gained the first ten in the queue of China light industry product of 1995, and won the first three in the queue of fruit drink in national product market from 1994 to 1996, and top ten in to China Beverage Industry in 1999. The almond juice was approved as health care food by state health department of 1997. It also owned a sales network covers the whole country.

Luzhou Lao Jiao Co., Ltd.

Luzhou Lao Jiao (LZLJ) has long history on brewery back to 1700. the town where the company established has been famous with wine making. Now LZLJ has more than 3000 staff. Upto 1994, net asset has already reached RMB467 million. Production of more than 20,000 tons of wine. In order to maintain the high quality, the company has built a product and quality development certre and research laboratory in the plant.
With the unique wine making formula, the company has developed the famous Laojiao Da Ju wine since the Ming Dynasty. Today derivatives hs successfully been developed from the formula. The products has exported to more than 150 countries.
Since 1915, LZLJ won their first Panama Golden medal award in theExpo in San Francisco. The company has won Golden medal almost every year; especially in 1994, a premium Golden Award has once again granted to LZLJ in the Panama Expo.

Moutai Co. Ltd. Kwei Chow, China

1996, China Kwei Chow Moutai Jiu Factory has successful restructured into China Kwei Chow Moutai Jiu Factory (Group) Co., Ltd., with employees of about4000, and annual production of Mou Tai Liquor is 4000 tons. Current and Fixed asset is RMB1.5 billion and RMB1.1 billion respectively. Export amounts to USD10 million every year. One of first class corporations in white wine industry in China. Guizhou Mou Tai Liquor, Scotland Whisky and Brandy are three most famous wine in the world. Guizhou (Kwei Chow) Mou Tai Liquor has won the Golden prize in Panama Expo since 1915. Besides, it has won international golden prize for 14 times continuously, and won various award in the world.
1994, the quality control of Moutai Liquor Factory has passed GB/T19002-ISO9002 quality system certification. Moutai Liquor once again, won special golden prize in Panama.

Ningbo Youngor Holdings Co., Ltd.

The Youngor Group is a comprehensive enterprise, whose net assets have amounted to billion RMB yuan after 20 years' hard efforts. Now there are more than 10000 empljoyees and over 40 subsidiaries in the group. The Youngor Group takes garment manufacturing and marketing as her principal business and also develops in the field of real-estate and trade. A major arm of the Younger Group, Youngor Group Co. Ltd, whose stock code is 600177, is listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. Youngor Group Co. Ltd runs the whole operations of the Youngor Group and engages itself in garment designing, manufacturing and sales. In 1999, the sales output group tops 2.5 billion yuan and the profit is 250 million yuan. The export volume figures as much as USD50 million.

North China Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

North China Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., established in 1958, is the biggest medicine manufacturer in china. The development of Huabei Medicine (North China Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.) established the history of large-scale production of antibiotic in China. It was also being one the 500 most biggest and best economic efficiency industrial corporation in the whole state. Nowadays, Huabei Medicine has been developed to a owing more than 20 thousand employees, combined with Science, Industry, Trading and Finance's corporation with total capital near 10 billion of dollar and annual sales RMB3.6 billion.
The body of Huabei Medicine Group consists of 27 corporations, mainly included one company on stock market - Huabei Medicine Holding Co., Ltd. and 16 foreign investing corporation. Huabei Medicine, nowadays, is the biggest production base of antibiotic in China. The productivity of resources medicine of antibiotic occupy 15% of state total productivity and the annual productivity is 22 billion which is the top of the state its product has been very famous in the international market and sale to 30 different country and region in the world.

Northeast Pharmaceutical General Factory

The Medicine Manufacturing Factory is Located at Liaoning Province Shyeng City. It was established in 1946, it is the country's largest chemical synthesis and biological fermented and composite medicine production Industrial Corporation. It has near 10000 staff, 12% of them are engineering technicians. The Factory has 5 factories, 12 production lines. It has its own medicine research cerntre, quality control centre, education centre, engineering design center and environmental protection cerntre. The factory is divided into 6 sections and its area is 1.37 million metre squares.
The Factory mainly produces over 70 kinds raw materials medicine, pharmaceutical intermediates and vitamins, hormones, antibiotics, cardiovascular. The products are sold in the provinces and cities and are also exported to 55 countries and regions all over the world. The quantity and quality of the products attain the level of the latest edition of "America Medicine Law" and "Britain Medicine Law". The annual gross export amount is US$60 million. It is the first group of professional medicine factories to have self import/export operation right.

Panda Electronics Group Co., Ltd

As the cradle of China's electronics industry, Panda Electronics Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1936, with a history of sixty-four years. Brand 'Panda' is the first Chinese electronics products brand entered into international market and also the first 'famous Brand' of electronics industry in China. The total assets of the Company are RMB 5,980,000,000, net assets are RMB 1,550,000,000, fixed assets are RMB 980,000,000. The Company possesses 800,000 meter square of ground area. The registered number of staff of the Company is over 10,000. The employees are engineering technology administrative personnel. The Company established five national engineering technology research centers and a post-doctorate research work station. Panda products are involved in communication, A/V, computer, air-conditioner and precision machine manufacture, 200 varieties of 6 catalogues products. The Company established marketing networks spreading over nationwide, more than 40 countries and regions in the world. User and consumers are up to 70,000,000. The Company was honored 'First Grade Stated-Owned Enterprise' in the first batch, 'National Key New High-Tech Enterprise' and ranked among the top 500 largest industry enterprises in China for 10 years running, The sales income of the Company amounted to RMB 10,342,000,000 in 1999, and ranked 9th in the electronics industry in China.

Phoenix Holding Co., Ltd.

Phoenix Holding Company Limited is the largest production Corporation of automobile in China. It can produce more than 5 million automobiles every year. It is also the only automobile corporation to pass the ISO90001 quality approval. Besides producing two famous brand name automobile 'Phoenix' and 'Feida", the Company also produces power assisted bike, motor- cycles, kid carts, fitness equipment and other accessories. It also deals with other business like hotel and tourism, transportation, agency of sea transport and technological development. It is a large Corporation of diversity and multi-discipline.

The automobiles of the Company are well sold in over 100 countries and regions. It has got the honor of 'the satisfied products recommended by the customers' and 'the well sold products in the Shanghai market'. 'phoenix' automobile has recognized as one of the three best sellers in the world.

Qing Chun Bao Group Co., China

The group was established in 1972 with the original name of Hangzhou Second Chinese Medicine Factory. It is famous for producing Chinese medicine and health care products. The Group has 20 full investment corporations and 16 joint ventures. The investment scale is RMB 1.2 billion and it has 3000 staff. It is the largest modern Chinese medicine corporation in the country.

The Company produces near 100 different kinds of products. It is one of the most famous Chinese medicine factories and has established over a hundred years. It now produces over 170 categories of Chinese medicine products.

The Company also deals with other businesses like tourism, real estate, clothing, finance, and telecommunications. Its business is distributed over the world, including Thailand, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Shanghai, Wuhan, Heinan and Shenzhen.

Qingdao Aucma Group Corp.

The head office of Aucma Group Corporation is a State-owned first class Corporation and is an emphasized industrial Corporation announced by Shandong Province. The corporation has 5 large production bases and is the world's largest non-CFC refrigerator production base and the country's largest production base of dish-washing machines. Aucma Group, which was established in 1990, is the only refrigerator corporation and the first dish-washing machine company to pass the international double qualification. The estimated value of the trademark 'Aucma' is 34.06 billion dollars. Qingdao Group Corporation is a shareholder of the listed security 'Aucma' (serial number 600336), of which it holds 73.11%of the shares.

Qingdao Doublestar Group Corp.

With a staff of 30 thousand and more than 130 operative entities, Doublestar Group Corporation is a trans-regional conglomerate State-owned enterprise. Doublestar's marketing income increased to 0.21 billion, 55 times over the original 39 million; its total volume of profits tax increased to 0.21 billion, 16 times over the original 7.7 million; net assets value increased from 8 million yuan to about 0.7 billion yuan. Doublestar Group was the first company in its class in China to get an ISO 9000 certificate, be on the stock exchange, offering a large variety of more than 1000 styles and 3000 colors of shoes, its central product, and with a yearly output of over 50 million pairs. Doublestar tops the list of tour brands both at home and abroad in terms of market occupation, sales proportion and market coverage and the "Doublestar" brand values 5.05 billion yuan. Qingdao Doublestar Corporation is a shareholder of the listed security "Qingdao Doublestar" and holds 61.793% of it.

Qingdao Hisense Electric-Appliances Company

Hisense Group was founded in August 1994 from the previous Qingdao TV Main Factory. At present, Group assets total RMB2.18 billion, and sales in 1999 were RMB 10.7 billion. Its major products are TVs, air-conditioners, computers, software, telephones, VCDs, DVDs, music centers, cameras and optical and electrical products in over 400 varieties. Hisense has been listed in China's top 500 enterprises (in terms of size and profit) for a 9 consecutive years, is the biggest electronics enterprise in Shangdong province, and ranks among the first 10 in China's top 100 electronics enterprises. Hisense products have been widely sold in Europe, the USA, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, earning tens of million in foreign exchange annually. Every year, Hisense spends 4% of sales income on research and development. In 2000 the figure was 8%, the highest in China. The company is shareholder of the security "Hisense Electric Appliances" (serial number 600060) and holds 69.26% of it.

RHK (Group) Co., Ltd.

RHK (Group) Co., Ltd. is a key national high and new technology corporation in China. The development of the company is base on the fruitful plant materials in China and the modern biological techniques to produce health-products, functional-beverages, biological medicine, biological cosmetic products and bio-agricultural medicine. The company has about 320 branch companies and more than 3000 marketing networks. Because of the company's high sales ability, it is becoming a leader in the medicine business.

All the staff in the company are young, energetic and have high quality. The directors of the company are professors, senior engineers, professionals, and 76% of the management staff have received tertiary educations. The average age of the staff is just 27 years old, young and energetic. The company has successfully developed into a learning organization.

Rongshida Group Washing Machine Co. Ltd

Hefei Washing Machine Corporation is the largest supplier of washing machines in Asia. It is the largest washing machine production base in the world. It is a modernized domestic electrical appliance corporation that produces other products like refrigerators, microwave ovens, and electric heaters.

The corporation emphasizes high and new technology, and it has established a central research center that was jointly invested by China and U.S. This can ensure that products are up-to-date. The main products of the corporation are washing machines, and these have become the best seller for four consecutive years. The different lines of products branded RONGSHIDA are now fully automated. The products are exported and sold in 130 countries all over the world.

Sanli Group Co., Ltd.

The company was established in 1986 and is famous for its "Sanli" woolen yarn. The product has passed 12 indexes in different kinds of quality testing. It has the honor of "Hebei Province consumer trusted products" for 3years. In 1995, it became Hebei Province quality free product and received the certificate of 100% mark from the international wool office. "Sanli Woolen Yarn, good wool, good yarn" is a famous slogan. The group has over 400 agencies, and it has more than 2000 direct retailers.

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