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2. Foshan Haitian Flavouring & Food Co., Ltd. to Inner Mongolia Yili Goup Co., Ltd.

Foshan Haitian Flavouring & Food Co., Ltd.

Haitian flavouring has become an enterprise which makes sauce manufacturing as its leading industry and a professional flavouring kingdom of over 100 varieties and 6 categories including oyster sauce, gourmet powder, vinegar and sauce.

With its world advanced level, it can produce 180000 tons of soy per year. Haitian has now created China's largest "Kindom of flavoring". It was once honored the "AAA Image Award" of China's top 500 companies. Its scale ranks the 23rd and its economical profit ranks the 18th in China's food manufacturing field. It is also the largest exporter of soy sauce in China.

In 1994, Haitian got the certificate of ISO9002. its product also dot the safety certificate approved from various countries including America UL, Germany VDE, Sweden SEMKO, Canada CSA, Australia SAA, China CCED. The market share reached 48% of the country and are widely sold to countries like Europe, America, Japan and South East Asia.

Founder Group Corporation

Founder Group Corporation was established by the Beijing University (Peking University). It is one of the key high-tech enterprise in China. The company is owned by 2 incorporated companies an China, the Founder Co., Ltd. and the Shanghai Founder Yangzhou Technology Group Corp. There are 17 subsidiaries and Joint Venture companies in the Group with employees around 6,000.

Founder computer is one of the branded computer manufactured in China. It has already been granted as the top 10 computer in Asia Pacific. Monitor sales is the No.1 in the country. Other than the core products, Founder printers and scanners are also the users preference in China.

Founder Group has now explored new arena on Chemical research. The Group has already catch the repid development in precision chemical engineering and rare clay applications.

Fujian Heng An Group Corporation

Established in 1985, Hengan was one to the earliest foreign investment enterprises entered in the PRC sanitary napkins market. Following the rapid expansion of the PRC hygiene products market, business of the Hengan Group steadily over the years. By now the Group has a nationwide sales and distribution network and owns 17 China subsidiaries in 14 provinces. Hengan has become the largest manufacturer of sanitary napkins and one of the major manufacturers of disposable baby diapers in China.

More tha 100 specifications and series of sanitary napkins and disposable baby diapers are produced and sold under the Group's famous brand names: ANLE, ANERLE and ANERLE. The Group also has the production capacity of raw materials. Hengan believes that quality of the Group's products is one of the major reasons for the Group's success. The Group's products meet their highest quality thro8gh strengthening the quality control system. At present, Hengan's main manufacturing plants and products have obtained ISO 9002 Certifications.

Fujian Jewellery Import & Export Corp.

Fujian Jewellery Import & Export Corp., established in 1989 is leading exporter, wholesaler and retailer for various type of jewellery in China. There are altogether 10 categories, over 3000 different kinds of products including gold and silver decoration, pearl, diamond, red, and blue gemstone, tourist handicraft products, and souvenir.

Fujian Fuhui Jewellery Co., Ltd., the first sino-foreign venture for jewellery processing, is company's subsidiary and processing base. The corporation's annual export turnover reaches over 100 "JEWELLERY CITY", wholly owned by the company, has multifunctions on processing, trading and exhibition. It is the largest composite Jewellry Building in the country.

Fujian Jindeli Holdings Ltd.

Jindeli Group Company Limited was established on 28 August 1992. It is now a scientific, industrial and trading corporation. Underneath the head company, there are numbers of branch companies including Jindeli Company Limited, Jindeli Jewelry Company Limited, and Jindeli Company Limited. It has altogether 9 major branch companies and over 100 sales point.

Jindeli is famous in the Chinese Jewelry market, it is one of the 100 largest manufacturing private enterprise announced by China Industrial and Commerce Chamber. The products are well sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S.A, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia and etc. 'Jindeli' has become a famous brand name.

Fujian Nanjing Malata Electronic Co., Ltd

Malata Corporation is one of the country emphasized high technology corporations and it is one of the hundred best electric corporations in the country. The Company was established in 1984 and it now has 10 full subsidiaries and over 4000 staff. It also has a large production scale producing 8 different categories of products including DVD and VCD, home theatre line, DVB numerical satellite receiver, cable TV network facilities, Tele-communication facilities, CD drives, ionized water machine and air purifying machines.

The company has many international level production lines in Xiamen and Shenzhen, it has automatic modernized production facilities and advanced test instrument. The company has research and development centers in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, it has also established laboratory in America. It has invested over billion dollars as scientific research fees and has enormous exploitation ability.

Fujian Nanping Nanfu Battery Co., Ltd.

Nanfu Battery Co., Ltd. is the No.1 alkaline battery manufacturer and the market leader in China, and process 8 lines of advanced and full automatic alkaline battery production lines. We can supply full range of alkaline battery, super heavy duty battery, lithium photo battery, and rechargeable battery. The excel brand batteries are high quality, lasts longer and better value for consumers.

Fujian Shishi Fu Lin Shoes Industry Co., Ltd

The Company was established in 1984, the company was focused on tourism souvenir composite factory. In 1991, Fulin Company was established with the Hong Kong Fulin trading Company. The Company has developed to be large scale, it has fixed asset RMB 180 million, asset RMB 740 million, 2500 staff, annual productivity 4 million pairs of shoes income near RMB 500 million. The branded Rich Bird shoes has 4 categories (men and women leisure shoes, kids shoes, fashion shoes, leather products) and over 1000 different types of products. The products are sold in the whole country. It has obtained over 100 awards and honors including the ten kings of Shoes in China, 'the world' s famous consumer products certificate' and '1998 China Top Ten Real Leather Shoes'.

Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1987, Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. (FYG) is a leading automotive safety glass manufacturer based in Fujian, China. FYG was the first company in the automotive glass industry in China to list on the Shanghai Security Exchange (code No. 600660). We are also the largest automotive glass production enterprise in China sharing its 50% OEM and 40% replacement markets. Now, we are a Class A supplier of FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai-Volkswagen and Shanghai-GM.

Goodbaby Group Corporation

Goodbaby is the largest corporation, which is profession in design, manufacture and sale of children appliances in China.

Its manufacturing base is located at Kunshan economic development in the country, take place 660 thousand square metre, which have the power to produce 3 million unit of child-cars.

The Group, Goodbaby is also a joint venture with the top manufacturer in the world. Its facility, technology, management of production, quality-control system have been entered into the advance classes of the world.

The aim of the Group is caring of children and to serve family. Every year, it invests one million US dollars in research and development. It was also announced that the group has been get 280 franchise in China and 13 international franchise of product.

Goodbaby's main products include stroller, tricycle, bicycles, carriage and children beds, clothes, table and chair, paper diaper, and toy, targeting at babies to teenagers. It has 15 categories of products in total.

Great Wall Lubricating Oil Group Co., Sinopec

China Great Wall Lubricating Oil Group Co., Sinopec won the most advance automatic lubricating oil production system, which is a modern and belong to the top-most international corporation in the world. It was also called as the Forward Soldier in the China Lubricating Oil Industry.

Great Wall Group Co.'s main product-Great Wall Lubricating Oil - is the famous brand of Lubricating Oil Industry in China, included internal combustion engine oil, gear oil, liquid pressure oil etc. and so on near 200 product in 19 category. It quality guarantee is strictly limited to the ISO9002's organization system to produce and reach the requirement of International Standard Organization (ISO), America Petrol Institution (API) and various special standard. It product is widely use in different kind of local product, import car and industry machine facility.

GREE Electric Appliances, Inc.

Set up in 1989, GREE Electric Appliances, Inc of Zhuhai has invested over 760 million Yuan in fixed assts, is one of the China's top 5 electrical home appliances enterprises specialized in manufacturing air conditioners with an annual production capacity of 2.5 million sets. It now produces 10 categories, 40 types and more than 400 kinds of products.

GREE Air Conditioner City was completed in 1995 covering an land area of 200,000 square meters. A new premises mainly for product development and quality control will be completed by 2000. With 18 production lines, the annual output in 98/99 is about 1.8 million sets air conditioners including 85% for local market and 15% for overseas markets. Over 4000 workers during peak seasons and 150 staffs in Research and Development department. In Gree,, the air-conditioner products of the Corporation are widely sold over 100 countries throughout the world which is the top export amount in the country since 1995, the increase rate of the export amount is also the highest in China. The Corporation has obtained the 22nd 'International best brand name' Award which is given by the European entrepreneur Association.

Guan Sheng Yuan (Group) Co., Ltd.

The Company was established in 1918. it si a famous brand name corporation in the Chinese nations industry and has 80 years history. In 1997, the corporation as gross asset RMB6.4 billion, net asset RMB 0.53 billion, sales income RMB5.5 billion, export amount US$ 10.6 million. The Corporation as 110 full subsidiaries. It has established technological exploitation and educational training centers. It is a state class large corporation and is one of the 500 bet Corporations in the country.

The company has 16 categories of products including candy, bees' products, noodles products, Beer, medical wine, Microwave food products, mineral water, wheat, Cold beverages, ball pens, clothing and printing products. The Company has built up over 100 sales net points Shanghai and has established 20 sales centers in the country's large cities and provinces. It has also built up long term business network with over 60 overseas sales agencies and thus the corporation has established a large scale sales network.

Guangdong Foodstuffs Import & Export (Group) Corporation

Founded in 1954, Guangdong Foodstuffs Import and Export (Group) Corporation (GDF), used to be the ranks among the 500 large import and export enterprises across the land and 23th among the 83 large-size enterprise groups in Guangdong Province, major business in foodstuff and varies kinds of product. Nowadays, the enterprise group consisting of 15 sub-companies, and nearly 25 investment enterprises and manufacturing bases.

Apart from export live and fresh commodities to Hong Kong and Macau (included live pigs, live poultry, fresh vegetables, fruits, pond fish, aquatic products, eggs, frozen food series), it has established good trading connection with 120 countries and region, more than 500 customers, with the accumulative exportation of more than US$ 9 billions.

Moreover, this group own the China famous and well-know brand "Pearl River Bridge", "GDFOK" and many other registered brands, many times have the honor to get the reputation of State Quality & Efficient Corporation and golden award of Europe Quality Technique, etc. This group has also won the credit AA+ of banks and been honored as one of enterprises of Class A by the customs.

Guangdong Galanz factory Group Corporation

The Guangdong Galanz Factory Group Co. is one of the world leading manufacturers of home electric appliances. The factory site of headquarter in Shunde has 600,000 sq meters, 11,000 employees. The estimated sales in 2000 will be 5 billion RMB. The products sell to more than80 countries and territories in the world. Export sales will be USD 250,000,000 in 2000, which makes Galanz top 3 exporter in China home electric appliance field.

Being the largest microwave oven production base in the world, Galanz has the annual production capacity of 15,000,000units of microwave ovens, sharing nearly 70% of China market, 35% of the global market. Another very competitive product of Galanz is air conditioner, Galanz will set up a production base owning an annual production capacity of 8,000,000 units of air-conditioners. Galanz Group also runs one of the largest luxurious rice cooker production base in the world. Its annual production capacity is 1,2000,000 units, which makes Galanz top 3 in China market share. These will help Galanz becoming leading home electric appliance brand in the world.

Guangdong Jianlibao Group Co., Ltd.

Jianlibao Company Limited is a diversified large scale corporation and it mainly produces beverages. The company is one of the 500 largest scale industrial corporations in the country.

In order to produce the key products 'Jianlibao' beverage, the company has borrowed national level equipment from America and Sweden. They include filling production lines of can, bottles and soft package and one set of modernized quality control equipment. The annual productivity is over 500000 tons and the products have been honored as the most popular for 9 years.

'Jianlibao' products are sold in 31 provinces and are exported to over 20 countries and regions. It is called 'China magic water'. The products have been the China sports team beverage in the 6th and 7th Sports Game of China, 11th and 12th Asia Olympic Games and 23rd and 26th Olympic Game.

Guangdong Kelon Electrical Holdings Co., Ltd.

Kelong Corporation is the Country's largest scale refrigerating and electrical appliances Corporation. It has over 10000 staff and has fixed asset RMB 2.52 billion. It is the leading corporation in the refrigerating business and is the first refrigerating Corporation to issue shares in Hong Kong (H share).

The production gross asset in 1999 was 8.72 billion dollars, and the after taxed profit was 0.628 billion dollars, the annual scales increase percentage was 30%-50%. It is the best seller of refrigerators in the country for 9 years. It is also the champion in the quality control test of air-conditioners for 5 years.

Kelon Corporation is the first one to pass the international MRP II A class Corporation. It passed ISO9001 quality approval in 1994 and passed the ISO14001 environmental protection management approval in 1997. it also obtained the 'East Asia best growth Company' award in the world's economic debate in 1997.

Guangdong Macro Co., Ltd.

Guangdong MACRO Co., Ltd (GMC) set up on October 1992 and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 1994, registered capital 5.76 hundred million dollars and total assets 3.26 billion dollars, is one of China's well-known listed companies that integrates the superiority of newly brand and high-technology.

Under the guidance of State industrial policies, newly the high technology and market demand, GMC energetically develops the industry of power transmission and transformation equipment led by Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers, the industry of plastics machinery led by injection machines. By now, an industrial pattern has basically taken shape that combines brand effect, technological edge and high quality assets.

The company has asset 34 billion dollars, it mainly produces, sells and operates fuel gas utilities, chemical ink, printing and packaging, electrical wires and cables, communication facilities, domestic electrical appliances, plastic products, domestic chemical products, compressors of air-conditioners, clothing and stitching, decorated glass and printing machines.

Guangdong MD Holding Co., Ltd.

Guangdong MD Holding Company Limited is a large scale Corporation, it mainly produces electrical appliances and was established in August 1992.

The Corporation has enormous production power, it can produce 1.5 million air-conditioners, 12 million fans, 5 million electric cookers, 2 million small domestic electrical appliances and 3.75 million micro-electrical machines every year. The Corporation has gross asset RMB5.7 billion in 1999.

The production and sales amount of the MD air-conditioners was the 2nd best in 1998, the production of fans was the best seller over the world. The production and sales scale of electrical cooker and electrical warmer is the largest in the country and the RP machine occupies 30% of the market.

In 2000, Beijing brand name asset estimation office estimated that trademark of MD worth RMB 6.38 billion. The corporation has been the leader for 7 years in export amount. It is one of the major domestic electrical appliances exporting base in China.

Guang dong Robust Group Co., Ltd.

Origin from Guangdong Nowada Group Company Limited founded in 1989, Guangdong Robust Group Co., Ltd is the top ten corporation in China Beverage Industry and pointed development large scale group corporation in Guangdong province. Today's Robust has become a modernization corporation., with owned more than ten factory base distribute equally in the whole State, producing 5 major series of high quality product, master over the whole market network in the whole State, gather with it well-know and highly reputation trademark, and galaxy of talented man's corporation.

From 1989 onwards, the company has insisted on creating health life, produce 5 major series of high quality product included sour milk, milk and water beverages. Robust's milk has been the top one in market shares and it distilled water also had been the second best in the market share rate. In 1999, it's brand gain the China well-know trademark.

Guangdong Strong Group Co., Ltd.

The Company is specialized in manufacturing and selling jelly and budding. It was established in 1993. it has different branded products. It is famous for producing jelly, budding and energetic beverages.

The area of the Industrial Garden is 330000 metre squares and the building area is 77000 metre squares. It is a modernized and garden type industrial region. It is also the largest processing base of jelly in the world. The head office is located at Shenzhen and it has established healthy sales network throughout the country (include Hong Kong). It has also established many branch companies and office in the China (including Hong Kong).

It is the first in production scale and sales amount in the world and the annual sales amount is over US $ 1.7 million.

Guangzhou Light-Industry Import and Export Group Corp.

Established for 40 years, Guangzhou Light-Industry Import Export Group Corporation is the largest professional import/export company in Guangzhou and building with more than 100 countries and regions of trading relationship. The business scope of GZLI include: native products, animal by-products; chemical & machinery; cereal, oil and food stuffs; medicine and health care products; materials; agent service of import; entrepot trade, allocating; purchasing; processing; wholesale; and retail; Sino-foreign joint venture; Co-production; processing with supplied materials and samples, assembling of supplied parts; compensation trade; transportation and storage; bond business; packing design; tourism and etc.

Guangzhou Masson Company Ltd.

Masson has developed from an old-style enterprise, Guangzhou Toothpaste Factory, to what it is today. The company manufactures and markets toothpaste, cosmetics, detergents, health care tonics, and food additives. It also deals with sales of general essences and perfumes, and site rental. Masson has registered capital of $1.44 billion and gross assets of $520 million. It has a total plant area of 60,000 square meters and advanced equipment for producing toothpaste and cosmetics. Masson has reached an annual production level of 4.2 billion units of toothpaste, and 900 million tons of cosmetics and detergents.
Recently, Masson adopted an operation development strategy system, introduced an advanced management software SAP-R/3 to standardize company procedures, and achieved office modernization in its internal management. Its toothpaste and cosmetics also earned the ISO9002 Quality Approval Certificate. Its market share rate has increased sharply and its brand names "Heimei", "Masson" toothpaste, and "Qirixiang" cosmetics are sold throughout the country.

Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co., Ltd. is a state owned corporation that was reorganized from Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Industrial Company and Guangzhou Piano Factory in December 1996. With its 4,000-strong staff and RMB 1 billion of total capital, Pearl River Piano produced 71,000 units of piano in 1999. That year, it generated RMB 638 million in sales and RMB 140 million in after-tax profit.
Pearl River Piano Group Co., Ltd., is a leader in production scale and sales, product quality, economies of scale, and strong future potential in the pipe organ and piano stool manufacturing industry. It was listed in the "Best 500 Corporations in Chinese Industry" and "200 Strongest in Chinese Light Industry", and is the world's second largest company producing and selling pianos.
The "Pearl River" brand (piano stools) has earned many national gold awards and international quality awards. Today, it has a piano production capacity of 100,000 units. The company has a market share over 50% in China and exports to over 70 countries, including the USA, UK, France, and Germany.

Guilin Sanjin Medicine Group

Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical Group Co., with the strength of its high technology, up-to-date productive facilities, integral and scientific testing devices, and the sound quality of its products, is one of the key medicinal herb pharmaceutical sectors of the People's Republic of China. It has about thirty kinds of independently finished products of Chinese medicinal herbs with their own characteristics, such as the San Jin Tablet, with the brand name of Elephant Hill, San Jin Capsule, Guilin Watermelon Frost, Watermelon Frost Lozenges, and Shuang Hu (or Double Tigers) Swelling Tincture. They are popular with Chinese consumers and are exported to Southeast Asian countries and American countries, where they enjoy a long-standing fame.

Haier Group Corp.

Haier is a giant Chinese enterprise that started out as Qingdao Refrigerator Factory founded in 1984 with imported refrigerator production technology from Germany. Armed with the brand name strategy initiated by Zhang Ruimin, Haier has actively engaged in technical innovation, scientific management, capital operations, mergers and acquisitions, and multinational expansion. It has completed its long march from a small enterprise burdened with RMB 1.47 million in debts to reach its present position as the No. 1 domestic electrical appliance producer in China. When it was founded, the company had only one product and 800 staff. It now has more than 20,000 employees making over 9,000 products in 42 categories.
Starting out with imported technology, Haier now has the advanced technology and depth of expertise required to set up production facilities in Europe and Southeast Asia. Technology exports to some developed countries in Europe signify a major breakthrough. Haier now has 62 distributors and more than 30,000 outlets around the world. The company's target for the beginning of the next century is to enter the top 500 list of Fortune magazine.

Hainan Cocowind Co., Ltd.

Cocowind Group Co., Ltd. Was ranked one of the state's large-scale enterprises and has 23 up-top-date production lines for fruit juice drinks, canned food, fruit wine, health care products and packing, which were introduced from foreign countries. The group has owned fixed assets of RMB 1.1 billion, 1,600 qualified employees, annual capacity of 150,000 tons, and output value of RMB 3 billion. The products developed and sold by Cocowind Group include 42 different drinks, food, and black goat embryo essence tonic liquid that formed six series of products such as "Cocowind" coconut juice, mango juice, etc. In June 1998, the Group won the certificate of ISO 9002 and the certificate of General Preference System for export commodities issued by the China Inspection Bureau for Import and Export Commodities.

Hainan Sundiro Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

The Holding Company Limited was established in 1988. It reorganized, enforced a share system, and established a modernized corporation system in 1992. In 1994, company shares went on sale on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is the first motorcar corporation to issue shares and go on sale in the market.
Sundiro Research Exploitation Centre has a professional exploitation team of nearly 300 people and its design processes have all been computerized and are now paper free. Haina Motor Manufacturing Centre and its affiliated Machinery Processing Centre were established in 1988. It is the country's most advanced motorcycle engine manufacturing center and produces 1 million motors per year. The company has become a leading professional corporation focusing on motorcar production.
Sundiro has 25 offices and has established a sales network that covers the whole country. It has nearly 3,000 direct sales agencies and retail sales agencies, 500 of which are exclusive shops or counters.

Hangzhou Hongyan Electrical Co.

Established in 1984, Hongyan Electrical Co. is a leading company in the electrical apparatus business, has various kinds of products, and has the largest sales scales. The company is specialized in exploiting, producing, and protecting the mother line system, composed refrigerating system, PVC pipe materials and pipe accessories, UPVC drainage pipe materials and pipe accessories, plastic line, electric wire, and other kinds of products. Its main product, electrical accessories, has a national market share of over 15%.
In recent years, Zhejiang Province Hangzhou Hongyan Electrical Company reformed itself with electric Information Technology. It is the first corporation among its businesses to enforce CIMS (Computerized Manufacturing System) techniques, which has greatly enhanced its exploitation speed. In 1994, it became the first in the electrical industry to pass ISO9001 (GB/T19001) quality approval.

Hangzhou Wahaha Group Corp.

Hangzhou Wahaha Group Corporation was established in 1987 and is one of the country's largest food production companies. Wahaha manufactures products in five categories and more than 30 different kinds of products in five categories, including beverages, health products, food product, and medicine.
After more than ten years of development, Wahaha has gross assets of more than RMB 2 billion. It is one of the country's 197 largest industrial corporations and the largest food production corporation. Wahaha has been in first place in food producing for three consecutive years.

Hangzhou Zhangxiaoquan Scissors Factory

Hangzhou Zhangxiaoquan Scissors Factory is the country's largest scissors production corporation. It has the largest production scale, best techniques, best quality, most reasonable price, and highest fame.
After several times of large technical reforms and invention, over 90% of production processes are being mechanized and automated, the Factory can produce over 50 million scissors every year. It has many different kinds of qualified products, including clothing scissors, domestic use scissors, gardening scissors, student use scissors, and kitchen use scissors, in addition to knives. Altogether, it has more than 120 categories and 360 different kinds of products.
"Zhangxiaoquan" is well received by customers because of its high quality, and received an award at the Panama Expo.

Hebei Longyao Hualong Food Co., Ltd.

Hebei Hualong Food Group Co., Ltd., located in Longyao county of Hebei province, which is a base for fine wheat production in China. Since established in March of 1994, it has become a large modern enterprise, whose business scope includes instant noodles, fine flour, biscuits, packaging, color printing, seasoning, and transportation services. It has more than 3600 staff with total assets amounting to RMB 280 million.
At present, "Hualong" brand instant noodles have become famous products that sell well in more than thirty provinces, cities and autonomous regions, which ranks it among the leading companies of the industry. It is also the only approved production base of children's instant noodles. On the foundation of a large enterprise size, a well-known product brand, scientific management, and modern technology, Hualong Group looks to the future by keeping pace with new knowledge, adopting first-class food industry technology, and marching towards the goal of multi-product and international operations.

Hebei Xuri Group Co., Ltd.

The Corporation is the earliest corporation in the country to exploit tea beverages and to have research on it. It is also the earliest corporation to put tea beverages in the market. The Group has the most advanced production equipment and techniques. The Chinese first great 'tea man' Mr. Yujie was the supervisor to instruct the exploitation of the products.

The Corporation's main product is iced tea, warm tea, Wulun tea, green tea, red tea, milk tea, rice tea, coffee tea.

The iced and warm tea are invented by the corporation. It has passed the China Light Industry Association 's approval. It was the only approved beverage in the 8th China Sports Day, the only approved product in the 11th World Secondary Students Sports Day and it was the only recommended beverage by the China Tea business Powerful Corporation - The China Tea Circulation Association.

Hefei Meiling Company Limited.

Meiling Group is a state-owned huge and important enterprise with diversified business including household appliance, plastics, paper product, cooper product, hotel, food manufactures and R& D. Meiling Group's gross assets has reached RMB 3.2 billion with annual manufacturing capacity of 1.6 Million refrigerators, 200 thousand washing machines, 40 thousand tons of P.V.C. material, 2 Million meters of high heat defense electricity wires, 500 thousand sets of foldable metal iron board, 40 million square meters of packing materials, 2 Million meters of high heat defense electricity wires, 500 thousand sets of foldable metal iron board, 40 million square meters of packing materials and 4 thousand tons of copper products.

Heilongjiang Wangdashan Group Corp.

Wandashan Group Corp. of Heilongjiang Province is a famous base of green food with favourable ecological envirionment. Wandashan group is a large - sized milk product group taking Wandashan Food Plant as the center. It has 10 milk product plants, 1 candy plan, 1 drinking plant, 1 milk juice plant and 4 soya powder plant. The total area of grassland is 44,000 Ha, 35,000 holstein-friesian cows are raised, and more than 100,000tons of fresh milk can be produced annually. The company has 237,000,000 yuan RMB of fixed assets and 18 milk products production lines that can daily process 410 tons of fresh milk annually produce 20,000 tons of comprehensive products. Wandashan brand series of milk products have well sold in more than 1000 channel outlets in China, such as milk powder, malt and milk, pure milk, soya powder, juice drinks, candy and milk rich in iodine, and the annual total sales has been up to 220,000,000 yuan RMB with 29,000,000 yuan of profit tax per year.

Henan Lotus Gourmet Powder Group

Henan Lotus Gourmet Powder Group Co., Ltd. Is a large scale corporation in China. It has 16,000 staff, and her fixed and current capital is RMB4.3 billion. In 1999, sales volume is nearly 3 billion, profit tax is RMB 364 billion, that is the number one of China in this industry. The ability of annual monosodium glutamate production is from 400 tons to 150,000 tons, it is the biggest base of manufacturing and exporting monosodium glutamate, and the biggest corporation for producing monosodium glutamate in a factory in the world. Lotus monosodium Glutamate is the first one to pass ISO9002 (quality certification) in this product field n China, and is the leader in China market. In foreign market, her position is becoming more and more important. More than 20 countries and regions are importing the products. Lotus Monosodium Glutamate ahs ore than 40% in China, that is the leader in this industry in China. In August 1998k Lotus Monosodium Glutamate's A Share captures about RMB0.7 billion capital that it leads the corporation can expand much more scale. It is considered that Lotus Monosodium Glutamate has entered a second booming period.

Henan Luohe Shuanghui Group co., Ltd.

Henan Luohe Shuanghui Group Company Limited has gross asset RMB2.85 billion, fixed asset RMB 1.7 billion and 15000 staff. It is a large food products Corporation and it's main business is meat processing.

In the Country's Top and largest 500 Industrial Corporations, it occupies the 107th place and it is the top one in its industry. It si the largest meat slaughter, processing and canned food processing base.

'Shuanghui' is the first and famous brand name in the meat processing industry. More than 300 different kinds of products are sold to the customers through 'Shuanghui' shops. The Company produces 350000 meat products, 50000 tons canned food, 20000 tons plastic packaging products every year. The annual sales amount has reached 60 billion dollars. 'shuanghui' food products share 42% of the market.

Henan Xinfei Electric Co., Ltd.

Henan Xinfei Electric Co., Ltd. Is a Chinese-foreign joint venture jointly invested in and established by Henan Xinfei Electric (Group) Co, Ltd., Singapore Hong Leong Corporation Ltd, and Hn-sin Electric Pte Ltd in October, 1994. Currently, it is the biggest production base of non-CFC refrigerators in China with a total asset of 2400 million Yuan, 7000 staff and annual production capacity of 3 million units.

Since 1990s Xinfei Co., has been listed as one of the 500 biggest industrial enterprises in China, the 200 Strongest Light Industrial Enterprises in China and "the 10 Strongest Enterprises in Domestic Electric Appliances Industry". It has also been entitled as Vanguard Enterprise for Quality and Efficiency, and China Star Enterprise. In the list of "the Top 500 Industrial Enterprises in Comprehensive Assessment 95'" announced by state commission of economy and Trade and the State Bureau of Statistics, Xinfei ranked the 17th and leaped to the first place in national refrigerator industry. It has become the biggest production base of refrigerators in China with its market share reaching 13%. The main product is 'XinFei' refrigerators. Its main products-Xinfei series of refrigerators (freezers) of 20 series and 300 designs, have been graded as Famous Products in China. Xinfei is the first brand among those of green refrigerators in China.

Hero Group Co., Ltd.

Hero Pen Factory was set up in 1931, it is one of the largest scale pen manufacturing industries in China. In October 1993, it was reorganized to be share holding system and became a listed Company, In September 1997, it was renamed as Hero (Group) Company limited. The asset scale of the company is enlarging, the gross asset has increased from RMB 469 million to RMB1.62 billion Year 1999, This has increased the risk resisting power of the Company.

The pen products of the company share 50% of the country's market. Other new kinds of business share 15-30% of the country's market. The products are exported to over 70 countries and regions like Europe, North America, South East Asia. The annual export amount is US$ 20 million. Shanghai Light Industry Holding (Group) Company is a share holder of listed certificate hero shares and it holds 52.92% of the shares.

Hongdou Group Corp.

The former company of Jiangsu hongdou Holding Company Limited was Wuxi Hongdou Company Limited. The Company was established on 16th June, 1995. In 1997, the man five categories of products of Hongdou Corporation including suits, shirts and T-shirts passed ISO9002 quality approval. In early 2000, it was approved by the Police Force as the production base of the '99' style Police uniform.

Base on the scientific management and the good image of the brand name, the market coverage rate of the company's products, are exported to different countries and regions like Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, America, Australia and Russia.

Hongmei Group

Hongmei Group was founded in October, 1998. It has seven core subsidiaries: hongmai Flavor Additives co., Ltd; Tianweilai Feed Co., Ltd; Hongmei Food Products Co. Ltd; the Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd. Shenyang honemei-Shengjing Sprits Co., Ltd; Shenyang Hongmei Group Xinyuan Co., Ltd. It has rent Qingyuan Hongmei Monosodium Glutamate Factory and has taken charge of the First Food Factory of Shenyang Hongmei's assets total RMB 500m, including constant assets RMB 350m. Now it has developed into one of the first-class of China's large Corporations. It is one of the directors of the Chinese Fermentation Association of Monosodium Glutamate Council. Hongmei's products include the following Hongmei monosodium glutamate, Hongmei powdered and crystallized chicken bouillon. Shanyuan soy sauce, Hongmei nutrient salt, protein feed, Hongmei vinegar, spirits and other products. In 1997, Hongmei brand was recognized by the National Government as a Famouse Chinese Brand, which has made Hongmei a well-known brand throughout the world.

Hua Guang Group Co., Ltd.

Huaguang Ceramic Group is the first Society Company approved by the Reformation Association. It is also the first share issuing ceramic company. In 1998, it was one of the Top 30 Corporations n the composite operation ranking.

Daily used ceramic is the main business of the Group. The products are lead free and cassiterite free and are thus well sold in the national market for more than 20 years. The brand name 'Huaguang' has obtained the golden award in the national exhibition.

'Huaguang' has over 1000 styles, more than 200 glossy colours. It is the top one in production and sales amount. The Group has passed ISO9000 quality approval. The ceramic coffee cups share 70% of the advertising and present cups market in America. This has established the leadership of Huaguang coffee cups in the world. It has got the honour of the world's first class product and the products are exported to 20 overseas and area.

Hubei Maiyard Group

The Hubei MAILYARD Group stands among the large bases for the production and exportation of textile garments in China, and has been certified as one of the Ten Biggest Enterprises of the Trade consecutively by the State Statistics Bureau since 1995. the MAILYARD Group, with its original fixed assets valued at over 0.8billion yuan RMB and its total asset at 2.4 billion yuan RMB, has more than 28 subsidiary corporations and a staff of about 12,000. its equipment was all imported from such industrialized countries as Japan, South Korea, West Germany, etc.

Moreover, suits have been the major products of the MAILYARD Group, over 80% of which are made for export, and account for 26% of all the Japanese men's suits exported form china, taking up about 26% of exports to Japan. And MAILYARD suits have been granted such honors as "the first Chinese Ten Famous Brands Garments" and "the Ten Chinese Name Brand Suits". Wearing a "MAILYARD" suit are regarded as "A successful Men". And its MAILYARD Co., Ltd. is a corporation listed on the stock market.

Hunan Zheng Hong Feed Co, Ltd.

Hunan Zheng Hong Feed co., Ltd. was recognized and renovated by Hunan ZhengHong Fodder factory Considering as the first listed Chinese fodder company, it was registered on March 12, 1997 and was presented to the stock exchange on march 18 in Shenzhen.

Under the jurisdiction of the company, there are then subsidiary in the area of Hunan province and 15 owned, stock, holding joint-venture in Shandong, Hebei, Jiangxi province possessing 20 computerized production lines. It mainly produce the fodder of 35 varieties of 4 series for pig, chickens, duck and fish the accumulated annual output is 800 thousand tons, the total asset reach 1000 million RMB yuan, net asset reach 800 million RMB yuan and ranks No.1 nationwide in respect of comprehensive productivity. The "ZhengHong Brand fodder" was awarded by the State Science and Technology Fair, the State Fodder Industry Fair, the Mexican Applied Technology Exhibition, totally more than 9 golden prizes and 25 award items.

Inner Mongolia King Deer Cashmere Group Co., Ltd.

The Company has fixed asset RMB 16billion, it is a world cashmere production and operation centre. It is also a state level technical centre and is a state-owned large scale first class corporation. The products of the Company has obtained many different honours, including 'China AAA class image Corporation', 'China Textile industry Best Corporation' form the Textile Department, China Brand products, Customers satisfied products, market quality testing passed products, customers recommended high quality products form the China Corporation management Association, China quality control Association, China Customer Council and the China Customers protection funding Association.

In February 1997, the Corporation has obtained the highest honour Customer Protection Cup form the China Customers Protection Funding Association. The wool flock products of the company has also obtained China International Famous Brand Products Exhibition Golden Award, Spain high quality services and high quality products Golden Award, and 'The Sixth international Goat Meeting Golden Award'.

Inner Mongolia Shiqi Holdings Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Shiqi Holdings Company Limited was established on 9th October 1998 from the Inner Mongolia Shiqi (Group) Company Limited.

The Company has developed its scale and new business in new areas. It has formed a 'all in one' from wool processing to clothing production. The company has fine equipment and good state-of-art and develop brand Shiqi suits to follow the international fashion market. It has high productivity that can produce 2300000 suits every year. Shiqi suits has become the winner in the first Top Ten Famous Brand Name Suits in China.

The company has 300 sales network points and all distributed al lover the country. 30% of the products are exported to overseas markets like Japan and America. All the products have passed ISO9000 quality approval.

Inner Mongolia Yili Goup Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Yili Group Holding Company Limited is the key corporation in Inner Mongolia. It has gross asset RMB 600 million, 125 corporations, over 10000 staff, and has the best in the business.

'Yili' food products are famous in Inner Mongolia. The company produces 9 categories, over 500 different types products including ice-cream, instant food, milk powder, packaging products. They are sold in the country's 30 provinces and over 500 cities.


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