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1. Anhui Gujing Group Company Limited to Feiyue Sewing Machine Group Corporation.

Anhui Gujing Group Company Limited

Anhui Gujing Group Company Limited was established on the basis of the core enterprise Gujing Distillery (now Gujing Distillery Co., Ltd. of Anhui). The company is a "Grade 1 State-Standard Enterprise", with total assets of RMB 2.86 million and a workforce of more than 10,000. Its core enterprise, Gujing Distillery Co., Ltd. of Anhui, is a liquor producer well known throughout the country.
Its leading product, Gujing Tribute liquor, is one of the eight most famous Chinese liquors with a history of over 1800 years. It has been described as "limpid like a crystal, fragrant and pure like a secluded orchid, and mellow and refreshing in taste with a lingering aftertaste." Gujing Tribute Liquor has won four gold prize medals from the Second through Fifth National Appraisal of Liquor Products, the Gold Cup Prize at the Quality Contest of Alcoholic Beverage held by Ministry of Light Industry, and the gold medal of the National Export Products of Light Industry. Moreover, it is the only Chinese famous liquor product that has won the gold medal at the 13th International Food Fair in Paris and is praised by the Chinese public as the Peony of Liquor.

Anhui Ningguo Wear-Resistant Material General Plant

Anhui Ningguo Wear-Resistant Material General Plant was established in 1998 with RMB 130 million in registered capital and 350 million in total assets. The corporation employs over 2,000 and manufactures the chromium series of alloy wear-resisting materials and other alloy castings for the building material, metallurgy, mining, and power generation industries.
Anhui Ningguo Wear-Resistant Material General Plants is a "National Large-Scale" and "Class 2" enterprise specializing in chromium alloy grinding system (steel balls, bars and resisting liners) for since 1965, also the largest provider of grinding systems in China and even in Asia. The Ministry of Agriculture listed it in the China 500 Industrial Enterprises, National Top 50 Township Enterprises, and National Best Benefits Township Enterprises. The State Commission of Science & Technology also conferred it the titles of "New High- -Tech Enterprise" and "Regional Popular Enterprise".

Anhui Quanli Corporation

Anhui Quanli Corporation is a company with large businesses in chemical engineering, hydroelectricity generation, and tourism. The group fully owns ten companies, including Yangcheng Rihua Holdings Company, Anhui Quanli Technological Development Company Limited, Anhui Quanli Chemical Engineering Company Limited, Shanghai Quanli Utilities Company Limited, Sichuan Pengshan Hecheng Laundry Cleaning Products Factory, Yuanming Powder Detergent Factory, Leigongjing Water and Electrical Holdings Limited, and Quanli Holiday Inn. Quanli keeps its core business in its holdings while its Shanghai and Sichuan branches develop new businesses in their respective eastern and western regions.
The corporation now has RMB 590 million in gross assets. Annually, it produces 18,0000 tons of powder detergent, 50,000 tons of liquid detergent, 50 million tubes of toothpaste, and 15,000 watts of hydroelectric power. It is now the third largest laundry detergent manufacturer in China and the top in Anhui Province. In 1999, it had sales income of RMB 560 million and paid RMB 48.55 million in profit tax.

Baoding Sail Group Co., Ltd.

Baoding Sail Group Company Limited is a joint venture of Baoding Sail Group Company Limited, Bank of China-Baoding Branch's technical service center, and a Hong Kong company. The Company was established on October 18, 1993 and started operation on January 1, 1994. The company has registered capital of USD $40 million and over 3,000 staff. The company now produces 3.2 million varieties of batteries every year and sales income is RMB 610 million. The company has developed advanced technology to mass-produce a wide range of products. Since its establishment seven years ago, it has become a Chinese industry leader and the largest firm in its market.

Baoding Swan Co., Ltd.

Baoding Swan Co., Ltd. is the first modern joint-venture fiber manufacturer in the country. Established in 1957, the company produces primarily viscous and polyester fibers. Synthetic fiber production of has reached 22,000 tons every year, of which 18,000 tons are viscose fiber. It is one of the world's largest producers of viscose fiber and produces 19.02% of the national total production.
The company's main product brand Swan Viscose Artificial Fiber received the China's Silver Quality Award and was the first group in Hebei Province to be recognized as a Supreme Quality Product. It is also the first export textile product to have the CCIB China Business Quality Control Mark. Since 1994, the Baoding Swan Co., Ltd. has been listed in the 500 Most Economically Successful Industrial Enterprises.

Beijing Tiantan Furniture Corporation

Beijing Tiantan Furniture Corp. (BTTFC) was set up in 1956 under the former name Beijing Northern Suburbs Timber Factory. Through relentless effort for nearly a half-century, BTTFC has evolved into the largest and the most comprehensive furniture manufacturer in China. At present, BTTFC operates 22 plants, 16 subsidiaries, five joint ventures, and seven chain stores. By the end of 1998, its value of total assets has reached RMB500 million and the sale scale in 1998 is RMB850 million. Tiantan products are not only marketed widely throughout China, but also exported to more than 20 countries and areas in the world such as the US, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Hong Kong, and Macao. BTTFC has developed quickly in recent years with the joint effort of its 3,600 employees, many of whom are outstanding engineers, technicians, designers, and sellers.
The company has imported more than 20 complete modern production lines from Germany, Italy, the US, and Switzerland. With this advanced equipment, BTTFC is capable of manufacturing many different types of furniture, e.g. solid-wood furniture, panel furniture metal furniture, upholstered furniture, glass furniture. With leading designs, advanced technology, and a full quality assurance system, BTTFC offers consumers both high-quality products and services.

Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University

Tongren Hospital was established in 1886 during the Qing Dynasty and has become one of China's largest medical institutions with 35 specialized laboratories around the country. Beijing Tongren eye storage started to invite members since 1992 and is becoming a key ophthalmology research center. From 1991, Tongren Hospital is also the research center on ENT. The hospital now has 800 beds and serves about 3,500 patients everyday for about 14300 operations a day. There are about 10,000 in-patient treatments annually. 1956, the hospital received the Golden Award for research discoveries on Trachoma.

Beijing Xingwei Sports Goods Company limited.

Beijing Xingwei Sports Goods Company Limited is jointly owned by local and foreign companies. Its holding company, Beijing Xingpai Group, is the largest billiard equipment manufacturer in China. The company now employs 356 workers, 39 of them technical employees, and total assets have reached RMB 65 million.
Xingpai billiard tables are famous for their high quality and good after-sale warranty services, earning Xingpai a good reputation both domestically and abroad. In 1997, Xingpai billiard table was approved by the World Professional Billiard Union for international professional competitions. In 1998, Xingpai billiard table achieved ISO9002 international quality certification and appraised to be a China well-known trademark that is exported to Europe, South Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, and other countries all over the world.

Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Corporation

In 1980, Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Corp. was established from the foundations of the Yanjing Brewery Plant and developed into a second-class nationwide enterprise. The company successfully restructured into an incorporated enterprise in 1997 to become the present Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Corporation. By the end of 1999, the plant produced 1.04 million tons of beer, making it one of the 100 largest beverage enterprises in the country. Yanjing Beer Group Corp. is now counted as one of the 500 most effective companies in China, being first in beer production and having the highest after-tax income in the country. It occupies a market share of 85% in Beijing and 25% in Tianjin.

Chang'an Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

Chang'an Automobile Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 with the merger of the former Chang'an Machine Building Plant and Jiangling Machinery Plant. Later, Chang'an Automobile (Group) Liability Co., Ltd. acquired Chang'an Special Machinery Plant and Chang'an Precision Machinery Plant. It also acquired a controlling share in Chongqing Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd., Chongqing Chang'an Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd., and several subsidiaries. It has total assets of RMB 9,640 million and a workforce of 22,000. It is a special large enterprise in China, and exporting enterprise for machinery and electrical products and. It is one of the 500 strongest enterprises in China and one of the 50 strongest in Chongqing. In 1998, Chang'an produced 111,350 vehicles, realized total industrial output value of RMB 4.813 billion, sales value of RMB 5.1 billion yuan, and profit and tax of 157 million yuan in 1998.

Chang'an has a history of over 130 years and it is a key base for research, trial-manufacturing, and producing of guns and small caliber ammunitions. It is introduced the mini-vehicle production technology from Suzuki Motor Corp. of Japan in 1984 and started the production of mini-vehicles and their engines, making it one of the largest manufacturers of them. After many years' development, the famous "Chang'an" Brand mini vehicle and "Jiangling" Brand engines have become established and won various high awards in state and auto industry competitions.

Changchai Holdings co., Ltd.

Changchai Co., Ltd. was established from the original well-known Changzhou Diesel Engine Works, a national first grade enterprise, is the world's number one small and medium-sized diesel engine manufacturer and seller. The "Changchai" trademark is the only nationally famous trademark in the industry. Its annual production and sales volume exceed 1.6 million sets and has been the first among its rivals for more than ten years. For eight consecutive years, the company has been named one of the 500 biggest industrial enterprises in China. In 1995, Changchai ranked first among 20 giant listed companies in heavy industry.
Taking full advantage of its competent technical personnel and sophisticated equipment, both among the best in their class, the company has kept on turning out first-grade products for rural use, offering over 100 kinds of diesel engines ranging from 4 to 69.1 kW in power.
Early in 1983, Changchai was among the first group of enterprises that were awarded the National Quality Control Prize and the first diesel engine manufacturer awarded the ISO9000 quality system certification. The company commands a market share of over 25%. Changchai exports its products to over 80 countries and regions and they are popular both at home and overseas.

Changhe Aircraft Industry Company

Changhe Aircraft Industry Company was established in 1969 to be a production base of Chinese helicopters and mini-automobiles. It is one of the country's 500 largest industrial corporations and has over 11,000 employees and has gross assets of RMB3.5 billion.
The company manufactures 160,000 helicopters and mini automobiles every year. Since 1992, Changhe has grown by over 40%. It has sold the most mini-vans for six years and has a market share of 36%. Its gross production of automobiles ranks it in 7th place. The composite economic effect of the company is outstanding and it is also the top enterprise in Jiangsu province and the Chinese Aviation Industry.

Changhong Machine Factory

Originally founded in 1958, Changhong has aggressively expanded its businesses in electronics, home appliances, information networks, communications, radar, and other fields. It has developed into a large hi-tech enterprise group involved with R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and investment.
Changhong has had a culture of technological innovation since its founding. It has gained world attention for its technology development, market exploration, scientific management, joint stock transformation, capital operation, and other innovative measures. It owns various electronic and electric manufacturing companies, and has established Guangdong Changhong, Jiangsu Changhong, Jilin Changhong, Power Company, Changhong College, and other operating entities. It is one of the first batch of National First Class Enterprises and the largest color TV manufacturer in China, Changhong. Changhong has won various honors and awards such as China Color TV King, Orient Star, etc.

Changling Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

Changling Group Co., Ltd. is one of the largest publicly listed enterprises in China. Its predecessor Changling Machine Factory is one of the 156 key projects built jointly by China and former Soviet Union during the former's 1st Five-Year Plan. It is a key enterprise in China for research and the manufacture of whole sets of radar.
After 40 years of development, Changling has developed advanced techniques and thousands of domestic and foreign equipment. Military electronic products, textile electronic products and household appliance have been developed as pillar series products, which is the main factor for Changling's rapid development. Now, it is on the list of the "National 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises" and the "Top 100 Electronic Industries" for six successive years. Changling Group is a "National First Class Enterprise", a "National Technology Developing Center", and won the National Enterprise Technology Progress Award.

Changyu Wine Group Co., Ltd., Yantai

Changyu Wine Group Company, Ltd., Yantai, previously the Changyu Pioneer Wine Company, Yantai, was established by a well known overseas Chinese merchantile giant, Mr. Chang Bishi 108 years ago. It is not only the first industrialized winery in China, but also the largest winemaking enterprise in Asia.
In 1915, Changyu Keya Brandy, Chefoo Red Wine, Vermouth, and Riesling Dry White Wine were awarded four gold medals and the prime quality certificates in the Pacific Panama Fair of Nations. Later, Changyu products were awarded 16 world gold and silver medals, 20 nation gold and silver medals, and are always listed among world-famous wines and spirits. Now it has developed into a corporation involved with research and development of health wines and traditional Chinese medicines, processing of liquor and alcohol, import and export, packaging, and related machinery and glass products.

Chaoyang Baolansi Refined Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Refine Chemical industry is a special key business in the Town. It is also one of the key enterprises in China's chemical industry. Chaoyang Baolansi's cosmetic products are recognized as China Well Know Marks. Recently, the company has been approved to entitle as one the countrywide enterprise.

Chengdu Di'ao Medicine Group Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Di'ao Pharmaceutical Company is a key pharmaceutical enterprise established on 18 August 1998 with a start-up loan of RMB 500,000. The company is mainly engaged in researching and producing traditional Chinese medicine, genetic recombinant medicine, biochemical preparationúČand other new drugs. It has a staff of more than 2úČ000, among who are 1,025 highly qualified technicians. It has now become one of the most powerful bases for researching, testing, and manufacturing medicine.
During the past 12 years, Di'ao Group's total assets surpassed RMB 13 million, which is 2,600 times its original start-up capital. Its tax-profit ranked 6th among professional enterprises for four years and the value of its production was RMB 1000 million in 1999. Since five years ago, Di'ao has been the biggest pharmaceutical in Sichuan and a brand famous throughout China. The company has been honored with numerous awards, including "Top 100 High-Technology Enterprise", "Key High-Technology Enterprise"úČand "Key Enterprise of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry".

China Beijing Quanjude Group Co., Ltd.

China's time-honored "Quanjude Roast Duck" brand was established in 1864 during the Qing Dynasty.
In May 1993, China Beijing Quanjude Roast Duck Corporation was established. It is now a group of over 60 corporations with annual sales of RMB 500 million. Each year, it prepares 2 million ducks and serves over 5 million guests. Gross assets are RMB 600 million and its good will is estimated at RMB 700 million. It has also developed an advanced management system using CIS to handle 3 million ducks in a production line.
In January 1991, "Quanjude" was honored as a China Well Known Trademark, being the first and the only in its field.

China Beijing Sanlu Factory

Beijing Sanlu Factory was set up in 1985 and is a large state-owned enterprise in the China cosmetics industry. Beijing Sanlu Factory is known for its high quality products and wide selection of products. Some of its products have won numerous national and international awards. In 1987, the Dabao herbal cosmetic series won the bronze medal at the 15th World Fair for New Techniques and Products in Geneva. Dabao Effective Hair Stimulator won the silver and Dabao Slimming Cream won the gold at the 35th and 37th World Fair For Invention in Brussels Eureka, respectively.
Established 15 years ago, Beijing Sanlu Factory is one of the first five cosmetics enterprises among 2,000 currently in the domestic market. The sales networks of Dabao cosmetics cover the entire domestic market, encompassing 157 counters in major department stores across 27 provinces. According to the figures published by the State Statistical Bureau in 1997, the sales volume of Dabao cosmetics produced by Beijing Sanlu Factory ranks No. 1 in the Chinese skin care market.

China Beijing Tongrentang Holdings Corp.

China Beijing Tongrentang Holdings Corp. has been one of the biggest 500 Industrial Corporations in China since 1993. Today, it has grown to become a first-class state-owned enterprise and certified by State Medical Administration Department as No. 1 of 50 state-owned pharmaceutical companies.
Tongrentang Corp. owns total capital of RMB 1.8 billion and produces more than 10,000 tons of traditional Chinese medicine. Today, it is a time-honored brand from Beijing. Forty-seven Tongrentang products have received various national golden and silver awards. Its primary products are popular throughout the country and are also exported to over 40 countries.
In 1997, eight production lines of Tongrentang Holding Corp. have passed various certifications. This includes the International Certification of Austria GMP, a milestone for the Corporation's entry into the global market.
China Beijing Tongrentang Corporation holds 75% stock in "Tongrentang" (Stock Code: 6000085).

China First Automobiles Group Corp.

China First Automobiles Group Corporation was re-organized from the First Automobiles Manufacturing Factory, originally established in 1953. It produced the first delivery wagon for the PRC army in 1956. In 1958, it began production of the famous Dongfeng and Red Flag sedans.
The company's production has increased from 20,000 automobiles to 450,000 automobiles. It has six lines of automobiles including heavy, medium, and light vehicles for cargo and passenger use. Manufacturing more than 550 different types of products, the company's production and sales have ranked first in China for seven years.
The Corporation has assets of over RMB 50 billion. It now has its own multi-functional units on technology research, production, sales, financial, and trading.

China Great Wall Computer Group Corp.

China Great Wall Computer Group Corporation was established in 1986. The registered capital of the company is US$11 million and it has net assets over RMB 3.6 billion.
As a powerful information technology production and networking corporation, it has diversified its business to include scientific research, accessory production, system integration, import and export trading, and venture capital.
In 1999, the corporation had sales of RMB 15 billion, net profit of over RMB 0.6 billion, exports of US$1 billion. It has production capacity of up to 970,000 computers per year. Great Wall Corporation is a major supplier of PC, PCB, storage equipment, and magnet heads in the world.

China International Travel Services

China International Travel Services (CITS) was founded in 1954, serving as the largest comprehensive travel agency in China. It directly administrates numerous enterprises, 12 of which are distributed among the United States, Japan, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong. In addition, the CITS Group has 160 member enterprises nationwide.
Taking travel as its mainstay business, the CITS Head Office has developed into a multifaceted enterprise, dealing in tourism investment, aviation, satellite communications, computerized reservations, hotel management, insurance, and tourism infrastructure construction.
For decades, CITS has sustained a high reputation in the international tourism market, demonstrating its role as a leader in China's tourism industry.

China International Trust and Investment Corporation

China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC) was established on Oct. 4, 1979 by Rong Yiren, a former Vice President of the PRC.
CITIC is a window on China's opening to the outside world. CITIC has grown into a large transnational conglomerate. It now owns 37 subsidiaries (banks) including those in Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. The company has also set up representative offices in Tokyo, New York, and Frankfurt. CITIC's core business ranges from financial industry, industrial investment, to service industries. By the end of 20000, CITIC's total assets stood at RMB 358.61 billion. Its 2000 after-tax profit was RMB 2.54 billion.

China Jialing Industry Holdings Co., Ltd.

Jialing is a large state-owned corporation dealing with technology, industry, trading, and services. It employs over 120,000 staff and has gross assets nearing RMB 4 billion. Its main products are Jialing motorcycles. The company has over 30 full subsidiaries and 300 associated companies. It is the largest arms and motorcycles manufacturer in China.
Jialing has so far produced over 10 million motorcycles in its history. It now produces 2 million motorcycles every year. In addition, Jialing has over 30 operation and services centers throughout the country, 20,000 sales channels, and exports to over 50 countries.
The Corporation has passed the GJB/Z9001 and ISO 9001 quality accreditations, and has also passed the ISO 14001 environmental protection approval. These reinforce Jialing's place as a first-class brand in the motorcycle industry.

China Lucky Film Company

Established in 1958, China Lucky Film Group is one of the largest enterprises of the imaging and information recording industry. It has the largest scale, strongest technical resources, most abundant products, as well as the biggest market share in China. China Lucky Film Corp. is the mother company of China Lucky Film Group and its subsidiaries Lucky Film Co. Ltd.; No. 2 Film Factory, Nanyang, Henan province; and the Research Institute of Photosensitive Chemistry, Shenyang, Liaoning province.
China Lucky Film Company is the country's largest producer of composite exposed materials and magnetic record materials. At present, the group has 20 advanced production lines, including coating, finishing, magnetic tapes, PS plate, and Resin-coated categories. Among all product lines, China Lucky Film offers a full spectrum of film production including photosensitive photographic film, safelight filter, graphic arts film and PS plate, non-silver film, photo processing kits, PET film, and film base, photographic organic materials. Magnetic recording materials include high-speed duplicating tapes, audio cassette tapes, video tapes, computer tape drives, and floppy disk, magnetic film, magnetic card, and the newly developed inkjet consumables.

China National Blue Star Chemical Cleaning Co.

Established in 1984, China National Blue Star Chemical Cleaning Co. is a large state-owned high-technology company headquartered in Beijing. It has total assets of over RMB 5 billion. Blue Star has six divisions strategically located throughout China, 11 professional companies, 12 major manufacturing bases located in Beijing, Lanzhou, Nanchang, Nantong, Wuxi, etc. It also has 400 subsidiaries strategically located across China and four joint ventures with companies from the USA, Japan, Australia, and Ukraine. The total turnover of 1997 was RMB 1.368 billion.
Due to rapid growth after its establishment in 1984, Blue Star has become a leading chemical cleaning company in China. It occupies an important position in new chemical industry material fields, such as organic silicon compounds and engineering plastics. It also ranks first in cleaning, organic silicon compounds, Bisphenol-A, and PBT. Blue Star Corporation was publicly listed in 1996 and continues to grow strongly and steadily as a large-scale, multifunctional multi-national enterprise. It is also one of China's 512 Recommended Strategic Enterprises.

China Qing Qi Group Co., Ltd.

Qing Qi Company's best known brands are the Qing Qi and Mulan motorcycles. China Qing Qi Group Company Limited has also begun to manufacture automobiles for civil use. Established in 1956, it has over 30,000 staff with gross assets of RMB 14.5 billion. It has been listed among the 500 Largest Corporations since 1988.
The Company produces 12 categories, over 240 different kinds of motor cycles and power assisted bikes. It also produces 6 categories, 20 kinds of light lorries, and 4 wheels cars for agricultural use.
The Group has 91 companies in different businesses. Qing Qi and Mulan Motor Cycles have obtained Golden Bridge Awards for the best sold products for four years. It holds 20% of the domestic market and exports to more than 80 countries in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

China Sanlu Group Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Company Limited is a large composite corporation that raises cows, processes dairy products, and exploits technological research. The core corporation has been honored as a "China Top 100 Food Manufacturing Industry" and "Hebei Province Top 10 Agricultural Business". From 1993 onwards, Sanlu's milk powder business has ranked the best in terms of productivity, quality, and sales amount. The company produces 5,000 tons of dairy products and 400,000 tons are milk powder.
Sanlu Group has 11 dairy products companies with a distribution network in over 39 provinces and cities. The company manufactures over 100 different kinds of products in seven categories, including 20 different types of milk powder alone. The products are sold in 31 provinces and cities and control 29% of the domestic market.
The Company passed the ISO9002 quality approval in 1998. In the same year, the Hebei Province Trademark Asset Estimation Office assessed the "Sanlu" trademark as worth RMB 1.39 billion.

China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Brewery Group Corporation

China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Brewery Factory was established in October 1951. In June 1984, Shaoxing Wine Production Industrial and Commercial Joint Company was established. In October 1986, the company name was changed to China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Brewery Company. China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Brewery Group Corporation was then incorporated in August 1994. It also has formed a joint venture with a Japanese company to establish Guyuelongshan Brewery Company Limited, of which it holds a 65% share.

China Xingxing Group Co., Ltd.

Xingxing Corporation, a large corporation employing 2,980, is famous in China for its line of Xingxing refrigerators. Xingxing refrigerators have become second domestically in terms of production and sales. It has received more than 30 honors including "Recommended Products of the National Apparatus Association", "Recommended Products by the National Consumer Council", "Golden Bridge Award of the Country's Best Sales Brands".
Starting from 1998, the corporation began its second corporate reorganization. Xingxing also actively exploits the central and western regions of China for future growth. For the international market, it is developing its kitchen and bathroom products. Today, Xingxing is setting its sights on developing its business in the hotel and the family markets.

China Xuan Paper Group Company

China Xuan Paper Group Company (CPGC) (subsidiary name: Anhui Jing County Xuan Paper Mill) was established in 1951 in Jing County, Anhui Province, which has history of Xuan production for more than a thousand years. After 40 years of expansion and innovation, the company has developed into a large-scale conglomerate with export right, incorporating techniques, industry, and trade business.
It has been listed as one of the China's "Top 50 Industries with Best Economic Benefit" continuously since 1990. Currently, it is the largest manufacturer of Xuan paper in China. Other accolades it has received include State Large-scale Enterprise, State Second-Grade Enterprise, Backbone Enterprise of the Light Industry of China, China's Star Enterprise, and Key Export Enterprise of Anhui Province. It was also graded as a Top Quality Enterprise in China by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision in 1994. China Xuan Paper Group Company, as the sole initiator, has successfully issued A shares of Redstar Xuan Paper on the market, and consequently established Anhui Redstar Xuan Paper Co., Ltd.

China Yituo Group Co., Ltd.

China Yituo Group Company Limited was reorganized from China First Tractor Engineering Company (formerly China First Tractor Manufacturing Factory). It has assets close to RMB 50 billion and is the country's largest tractor manufacturer. Today, it has expanded to become a composite machinery manufacturing corporation that can produce over 50 brand names and 100 models of tractors, automobiles, and engineering machines. Its most famous brand name among them is "Dongfanghong". Its products sell well throughout the country and are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world.
Yituo Corporation's products have a long history, with its high quality products and efficient service network. It is a leader in product coverage area, market share, annual sales, and after-tax profit.

Chint Group Corporation

Chint Group Corporation is one of the largest industrial electric manufacturers in China. Its main business includes low-voltage electronics, power transmission and distribution equipment, automobile electronics, communication equipment, instrument and meters, computer software, and system integration.
The total sales of Chint Group Corporation in 2000 reached RMB 4.1 billion. The domestic market share of its main products, low-voltage electronics, have risen to 12%. Fixed assets are RMB 500 million and total assets are RMB 1.2 billion. It has 6 specialized subsidiary and holding companies, and more than 40 member companies. It has over 600 sales companies and special sales agencies across the country, five affiliated companies, and over 20 sales agents in foreign countries. The corporation has more than 7,300 employees, among which are more than 1,000 engineering personnel.
In 1994, it was among the first in the country's industry to pass the ISO9001 certificate and ISO14001certificate in 1999. In the same year, the "Chint" Trade Mark was nominated for the "Nationwide Renowned Trademark" by National Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau.

Chunlan Group Corp.

Chunlan (Group) Corporation is a large state-owned conglomerate. It is comprehensive, high-tech, diversified, internationalized, and engaged in scientific research, manufacture, trade, and investment. It ranks among the Top 5 in the Top 500 Enterprises assessed by the Chinese Industrial Enterprises Comprehensive Assessment and is listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock code: 600854).
The main scope of business for Chunlan includes the manufacture of household electronic appliances, motor vehicles, semi-conductors, and electronics. It also does domestic and international trade and investment. Its household electronic appliance division is the largest in China with the economic effects topping the trade of Chinese household electronic appliance for a consecutive years. Its motor vehicle section pushes it way into few enterprises with higher profit level.
As a Chinese company that actively entered into the global market early on, Chunlan has established assembly factories, sales networks, and R&D centers in Europe, North America, in the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Its air conditioners, motorcycles, and refrigerators are sold to 82 countries and areas around the world. Its total overseas investment and overseas trade volume rank among the top among state-owned enterprises.

Coco Group Co., Ltd.

Coconut Palm Group Company Limited (formerly Haikou Canned Food Factory) is the largest canned fruit juice manufacturer in China. It has 23 subsidiaries and divisions, of which three are Sino-foreign joint ventures and four are cooperative companies. It is one of the Top 500 Industrial Enterprises of China with 500 employees and over RMB 600 million in fixed assets.
Coconut Palm Group's coconut juice is a world pioneer and China's first is unique of its kind. Its special process has been awarded patents from the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. According to United States' Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Coconut Palm Brand Natural Coconut Juice contains no cholesterol and meets all international standards for food safety. The Coconut Palm Brand of products is now sold throughout all 32 provinces of China and in over 35 countries worldwide.

Dalian Refrigerating Machine Co., Ltd.

Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd. can trace its history back to 1930, when it was founded as Dalian Refrigerator Works. Since then, the state's policy of reform and opening up in the early 1980's has driven Bingshan to transform, open up, reorganize, restructure, and utilize mergers and acquisitions. The company has expanded into a multinational group with diverse ownerships and trading.
By the end of 1999, it had 39 subsidiaries operating under the Group including one public company, 10 solely-owned companies, 24 Sino-foreign joint ventures and four state-run holding companies with total capital assets of RMB 5.5 billion, of which are 48% state-owned assets, 22% foreign investment, 24% public assets, and 6% collective assets. As a result, the Company has a strong position that can be evidenced by the appraisals "100 Strongest Machinery Companies of China", "500 Best State-Run Enterprise", and the "512 Enterprises Backed by the Government. In 1999, the Bingshan brand name was named a "Best Trademark" by the government, which was unprecedented in the Chinese refrigeration industry at that time.

Delisi Group Corporation

Delisi Group Corporation is a state-owned professional food production corporation that mainly produces Delisi processed meat products and natural biological health products. According to the China's annual report of statistic, Delisi processed food product has been the best seller from 1996, 1997, and 1998.
Delisi Group Corporation has established 26 raw material suppliers in the province and branches all over the country. It is able to process 2.5 million pigs and produce 60,000 tons of food products each year. In addition, it has set up operations in over 100 cities and provinces around the country. Delisi aims to promote healthy and nutritious processed food products to every Chinese. The products also have passed ISO9002 quality approval.

Delixi Group Corporation

Delixi was founded in July, 1984 and the Sino-foreign Wenzhou Delixi Electrical Corp. Ltd. was formed in 1991. Delixi Group of Zhejiang was founded in 1994. Delixi Group is a large village-owned enterprise whose main products are electrical equipment for industrial controlling, input-output electrical equipments of distribution, meters, and instruments. The Group owns 70 member companies, 700 cooperating companies producing spare parts, 600 domestic sales offices, and 30 international sales offices.
The company is technologically strong, having set up a scientific research institution in electrical instruments and a post-doctoral research center. Delixi Group pays great attention to using new technologies and developing new products. It reserves 5% of annual sales as an investment. It developed the CJ40 alternating current contactor, CJX1-F alternating current contactor, and CDR1 thermal relay in 1999. Delixi has also successfully developed the CDM2, CDM3 circuit breaker with plastic-shell, and CJX1-F intelligent alternating current contactor.

Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Corp.

Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Corporation (Changzhou Tractor Factory) is the country's first group of the first class corporation, mechanical industrial sections key corporation and the country large corporation. It has fixed assets of RMB 170 million and 2,743 staff, of which 287 are technicians. The company has 1,214 kinds of equipment and 19 automated or half-automated processing lines. It is the one of the country's largest small-sized tractor manufacturer.
During its 30-year history, the main product Dongfeng model 12 has obtained the Golden Award twice. Its products are exported and sold to 61 countries and regions throughout the world. The company develops new kinds of products according to the market need. It now mainly produces Dongfeng 3-15hp tractors and Dongfeng 20-40hp models. The Company has been the first in the field to pass the ISO9002 quality approval and it passed ISO9001 quality approval in June 1996.

Dongfeng Automobiles Company

Dongfeng Automobiles Company (2nd Automobile Factory) was established in 1969. In 1981, Dongfeng Corporation was established. It wasa trial case for the country's economic reformation in 1986 and it was authorized as a state-owned testing corporation. After 30 years of operation, the company has built up three large production plants and sales points in Shanghai Pudong and throughout southern China. The company can produce 506,000 automobiles. It has 105,000 staff and gross assets of RMB 52 billion.
Dongfeng passed ISO9001 quality approval in 1997 and is the first automobile corporation to be recognized as a "China Well Known Trademark". Since 1989, it has become one of the country's 500 strongest industries.

Dongyi Shoes Co., Ltd.

Founded in September 1991, Dongyi Shoes Co., Ltd has now become a magnate enterprise in China's shoe manufacturing industry. Its export turnover continuously ranks first in China's shoes market.
Dongyi has a strong innovative technological base, modern assembly lines, and advanced machines from Italy. The company's quality certification guideline takes "delicate design, perfect services" as its motto. Recently, the company has received ISO-9001 quality approval and has developed its chain production system, marketing, researching, examination, and management.
Because of its reputation for quality, Dongyi has received numerous honors. Its products have been exported to markets over the world, including the US, Russia, Hong Kong, Middle East region, etc.

Erdos Group Company

Erdos is a famous brand in the cashmere market. It is now a multi-disciplinary conglomate in the business of textiles, building ceramics, electronics, petroleum, real estate, trading, tourism, and telecommunication services. As of 2000, the group had RMB 4.5 billion in total assets, RMB 2.28 billion in net assets, a consolidated balance rate is 49.3%, sales income topping RMB 2 billion, and foreign exchange earning toping USD 120 million. Among its main products, the sales and production of its cashmere products cover 40% of the domestic market and 30% of the international market. It is now the largest and most powerful cashmere-processing firm in the world. The "Erdos" trademark was formerly recognized as a"Chinese Famous Trademark" by the State Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau of China.

Feiyue Sewing Machine Group Corporation

The Feiyue Group has largest sewing machine production base in China and is one of the largest in the world. It administers six production bases in the country. In the course of its development, Feiyue has relied upon advanced science and technology. Utilizing the world's most advanced automated processing machinery, it has developed a comprehensive production line from designing, forging, metal processing, paint spraying, and assembling to comprehensive product testing. In addition, it has established an international center for research, development, and information.
With a big first step in its product development, Feiyue has a capacity to manufacture more than 100 products in 22 series. At present, it is manufacturing newly developed high speed over-lock sewing machines, automatic lockstitch sewing machines, multi-functional family sewing machines, and stretch lock sewing machines. These are regarded as some of the most competitive and sophisticated products available anywhere in the world. Among them, the multi-functional family sewing machines with integrated mechanical and electrical devices have been chosen to be China's diplomatic gifts and are regarded by state leaders as history-making products.

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