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What does basic telecom business and value-added telecom business refer to?

According to the Telecom Regulations, basic telecom businesses refer to public network infrastructure, public data transmission and basic voice communications services, including but not limited to:

  • Fixed network domestic long-distance phone and local phone service;
  • Mobile network phone and data service;
  • Satellite communications and satellite mobile communications service;
  • Internet and other public data transmission service;
  • Sales or renting of band width, frequency, optical fiber or cable, pipeline and other network elements;
  • Network carrier, access and contracting service;
  • International communications infrastructure and telecom service;
  • Wireless paging service;
  • Resold basic telecom businesses.

(Note that the last two items are administered and regulated as value-added telecom businesses)

Value-added telecom businesses refer to the telecom and information services provided via public network infrastructures, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic mail service;
  • Voice mail box;
  • Online database storing and searching;
  • Electronic data exchange;
  • Online data processing and transactions processing;
  • Value-added fax;
  • ISP;
  • ICP;
  • Video Tele-conferencing;

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