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What and to whom should I submit in applying for a joint venture?

Joint venture applicants shall submit their applications directly to the MII if applying for basic business activities or inter-provincial value-added business activities. The documents may include a project proposal, a feasibility study report, verification of joint ventures partners' qualifications and also any other documents authorities may require. MII shall approve or disapprove of such joint venture within 180 days for basic business sectors and 90 days for inter-provincial value-added business sectors.

In applying for provincial value-added businesses, joint ventures partners shall submit all the above-mentioned documents except for a project proposal to provincial information industry authorities. Provincial information industry authorities shall approve or disapprove of such joint venture within 60 days. If approved, the applications shall be transferred to the MII, which shall agree or disagree within 30 days.

If according to the relevant regulations or administrative rules, any foreign investment projects in telecom services is subject to the approval by the SDPC (State Development Planning Commission) or SETC (State Economic and Trade Commission), the above approval deadlines shall be extended by another 30 days.

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