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What requirements must Automotive parts go through in order to be exported?

Exported automobiles must be inspected at the place of manufacture. Inspection and quarantine authorities accept the export licenses for the purpose of their relevant inspection applications. Customs requires an export license and “Export Clearance Certificate” issued by the inspection and quarantine authorities when an enterprise makes its export declaration.
To ensure a smooth transition, the 2007 filing deadline for automobile manufacturing enterprises to the relevant local branch of the MOC is 15 January 2007. The list will be published in February and implemented from 1 March 2007 onward. Export contracts signed before 15 January 2007 by enterprises that are not on the 2007 list must be filed with the relevant local branch of the MOC before 20 March 2007, with export licenses possibly being issued before 1 August 2007 based on the above filing records.

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