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What regulations do the Chinese customs authority uphold with regard to the imports and exports of Foreign Invested Enterprises?

The Chinese customs authorities issued the following regulations (in accordance with the Customs Law of the PRC) to administrate the imports and exports of FIE's:

  • Once established, the FIE shall file a declaration to the customs officials. When this is approved, the customs will issue a Certificate of Declaration Registration. In the delaration the FIE mustincludes the following documents:

    a) duplicate or photo-copy of the business license
    b) duplicate or photo-copy of the business opening certificate
    c) a financial guarantee by the bank
    d) papers to show the business operations of the enterprise

  • Once the FIE is given the Certificate of Declaration Registration, the FIE must select a person to be in full time charge of the customs. This person will receive special training from the customs authority.
  • Raw materials, fuel, components, parts, accessories and packing materials imported by foreign invested enterprises will be exempt from import duty.
  • The FIE must report all imported goods to customs within 14 days after the arrival in the country.
  • The sender of the imported goods must declare the import to customs 24 hours prior to the loading
  • All imported goods shall be subject to the customs inspection

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