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What Is The Current Procedure Of General Administration Of Customs Of The People’s Republic Of China For The Direct Return Of Imported Goods?


· The current procedures are applicable to those who supply, receive and transport imported goods to China.
· Agencies (applicants) who intend to apply for the direct return of all or part of the imported goods after their arrival, but before the completion of the approval procedures by Customs are also affected.
· Imported goods, which are ordered by Customs to be directly returned in pursuance of the related national provisions shall also fall within the scope of the Procedures.

The Procedures are, however, not applicable to applicants who intend to return imported goods, which have been approved by Customs after arrival.
After the arrival of imported goods but before the completion of the approval procedures by Customs, applicants may apply to Customs in writing for direct return of the imported goods in question under the Procedures should one of the following conditions be satisfied:
1.       A recipient of imported goods is unable to present the required documents owing to changes in national trading policies;
2.       The goods are wrongly or excessively delivered with the submission of written verifications made by the suppliers or transporters;
3.       Both the supplier and recipient have agreed to return the imported goods with the submission of a written agreement signed by both parties;
4.       The transaction is the subject of a dispute and copies of judgments made by courts or dispute resolution institutions, or evidence in support of the undisputed ownership rights of the goods are presented; and
5.       The imported goods are damaged / destroyed or fail national inspections within the submission of the verification made by the national departments of inspection and quarantine upon the request of the applicants.
The Procedures have established various rules and steps for the direct return of imported goods in different circumstances. The direct return of imported goods to bonded areas, export & processing zones and other special zones subject to supervision by Customs as well as the controlled bonded premises shall be conducted in the light of related provisions in the Procedures.


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