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Chinese MOH Announced Centralized Procurement of High Value Medical Consumables

1. What is the purpose of the issuance of the Tentative Guidelines for Centralized Procurement of High Value Medical Consumables (the Guidelines)?

The Ministry of Health (MOH), on Dec. 17th, 2012, issued the Guidelines, aiming to control health care costs, particularly in the area of medical consumables which are extensively used in clinical practice with high process and strict safety requirements.

2. What are the contents of the Guidelines?

A reference list of high value medical consumables subject to the centralized procurement mechanism is set forth in the Guidelines, which includes intravascular interventional devices, non-vascular interventional devices, orthopedic implants, neurosurgical implants, electrophysiological catheters, pacemakers, extracorporeal blood circuit/ blood purification devices, ophthalmic implants, dental implants, artificial heart valves, and others.

3. If the manufacturer commits fraud, what punishment will be taken?

If a manufacturer engages in commercial bribery or any unfair competition activities during the bidding process or fails to perform its products supply obligations, all these behaviors will go to public and all of the manufacturer’s products will be withdrawn from the procurement list.

4. What are included in the evaluation criteria for each high value medical consumables?

The evaluation criteria include quality, price, and their relative ratio. Besides, clinical efficacy, quality standards, degree of R&D and scope of application are factors to be considered as well.

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