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FAQ on the laws and regulations update in November 2013

Q1: Which new laws and regulations release recently should address our attention?

A: a) The Law of People’s Republic of China’s on Protection of Consumers’ Interest (The Law)was amended by the standing committee of the national people’s congress and was released on October 25 2013. This newly amended law shall come into affect on March 15th 2014.

  b) The Explanations of Several matters Concerning the Applicable Laws in the Handling of Criminal Case of Snatching (the Explanations) was promulgated by The Supreme people’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and will take effect on Nov.18th 2013.


Q2:  Are there any new rules that will protect consumers’ interest well?

A:  Yes, there are several new rule that will definitely protect our consumers eg. after March 15th 2014online purchaser shall enjoy a 7 days cooling-off period, and the operator shall refund the paid money to consumers within 7 days after he/she received the returned goods. In the amended law, the consumer’s privacy such as the name, the image etc. are entitled to be protected better. The operator and the staff members shall keep the consumer’s data strictly confidential.


Q3. How to classify the snatch case by the amount of money in accordance to the Explanations?

A: The Explanations categorize the snatch case into “ relatively high amount”, “huge amount” and extremely huge amount” if the snatched property amount to 1000yuan to3000 above, 30000 yuan to 80,000yuan above, 200,000 to 400,000.  

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