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Tips to overcome Blue Monday

1. Q: Why this Monday (21st January) is termed as Blue Monday?

A: According to statistics, this Monday (21st January) is the most depressing day of the year, there are many factors causing it the Blue Monday. Firstly, Monday is always be depressing, sometimes it is translated as “busy day” in Chinese; and including dark and damp weather, credit card bills arriving for the Christmas spending and the length of time before the next holiday. Furthermore, instances of seasonal depression peak during the winter months, particularly during January and February.

2. Q: What’s the bad effect of Blue Monday?

A: According to relevant research, a workplace malaise can affect businesses over January, where workers struggle for motivation resulting in lost productivity and increased sickness absence.

3. Q: Are there any tips to overcome Blue Monday?

A: a) Do some easy things that makes you happy such as bake a cake for your workmates, visit someone lonely or do something nice for someone that you wouldn’t normally do;

b) Try to get someone else to do your work for you, for example, outsource your work to some Chinese companies, you just need to pay only a fraction of your salary then you can enjoy your days at the office browsing the internet, of course you can not let your boss know about that.

c) Always keep optimistic attitude.

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