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FAQ pertaining to labour and employment

Q: What should be taken into consideration by the employer for employees?

A: labor and human rights, worker health and safety, the environmental impact, ethics, and management systems, etc.

Q: Is there a suggesting way to ensure that the management of employees of a company is in line with the requirement of protecting the working conditions of employees?

A: Hire an auditor and commence periodical audit. Let the auditor grade the facility’s level of compliance with every line item of the sound working conditions and evaluate the strength of the underlying management systems and identify areas for improvement. Management systems include policies and procedures, clear roles and responsibilities, and trainŽing programs for workers, line supervisors, and managers.

Q: What should be taken into consideration by the employer to protect the labour and human rights of workers?

A: Antidiscrimination; Fair treatment; Prevention of involuntary labor; Prevention of underage labor; Juvenile worker protections; Working hours; Wages and benefits; Freedom of association, etc.

Q: What areas could be attributed to discrimination?

A: Race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion, political affiliation, union membership, national origin, and marital status, and prohibits pregnancy tests or medical tests for discriminatory use.

Q: Name some aspects which are pertaining to worker health and safety?

A: Occupational injury prevention; Prevention of chemical exposure; Emergency prevention, preparedness, and response; Occupational safety procedures and systems; Ergonomics; Dormitory and dining; Health and safety communication

Q: What areas should be aware by the employer to minimize their impact on the environment with responsible practices?

A: Hazardous substance management; Wastewater and stormwater management; Air emissions management; Solid waste management; Environmental permits and reporting;Pollution production and resource allocation

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