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Amendments to Commercial Register Code of Macao (Macau)

The Amendments to the Commercial Register Code in the Special Administrative Region of Macau will enter into force on the 22nd July 2012, Law No. 6/2012, published on the 23rd April 2012.

What are the main amendments?

1.      Stricter identification requirements.

The copy of the identification (when the commercial entrepreneur is individual) or the copy of the identification of each director, supervisor and the company secretary (when the commercial entrepreneur is corporate) must be submitted along with the application.

2.      New method for the filing of the application.

When notarized by a notary or lawyer with office in Macau, the registration application can be electronically filed and the filing can be made outside Registration Office business hours.

3.      Reduction of intra-Administration Bureaucracy.

An ex officio interconnection between the Registration Office and the Tax Department for the purpose of the Registration Office promptly updating the database has been established, The Registration Office can update the cancellation and the re-registration of a commercial entrepreneur on the industrial tax database.


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