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Flight Safety and Airlines

Q: Choose aircraft or carrier when travelling?

A: People may choose the type of aircraft for a safer flight. However, JACDEC is connecting the safety with the airlines by making a Safety List of 60 airlines of worldwide.

Q: Who is JACDEC?

A: JACDEC is abbreviation of the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center, an airline safety think-tank in Germany.

Q: What the criteria is in rating?

A: JACDEC considered the number of crashes and fatalities each airline has experienced – regardless of cause – since 1983. Its “time-weighted” methodology placed the greatest emphasis on recent crashes.

Q: Who is on the top and who is at the bottom of the List?

A: The safest airline, according to survey is Finnair, while China Airlines (Taiwan) is at the bottom of the Safety List.

Q: How is the performance of other Chinese Airlines?

A: Air China, the biggest aviation company is China, did not fare well and was ranked as 43th. Hainan Airlines was the best, ranked 9th.

Q: Were all the airlines in the US ranked well?

A:  The US is a country having the most airlines in the world. However not all of which performed well. United Airlines was ranked 31st, American 42nd, US Airways 44th, Alaska 45th, and SkyWest was ranked one of the ten worst at 51st.

Q: Which airlines were involved most in the fatal crashes of recent years?

A: The last 11 airline accidents resulting in passenger fatalities have all involved foreign airlines (fatalities in parenthesis): Air India Express, Pamir Airways ( Afghanistan), Afriqiyah Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Rwand Air, Bangkok Airways, Aria Air, Caspian Airlines, Yemenia, Air France, and Turkish Airlines.

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