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Amendments to PRC Industry Guidelines Come into Force in May 2013

1. What are the contents of the Amendments to Industry Adjustment Guideline?

The New Guideline, effective as of 1 May 2013, amends, adds or revokes various clauses relation to the three catalogues, (encouraged, restricted and eliminated) established in the Industry Adjustment Guideline.

2. What are the additions under the encouraged catalogue?

The additions under the encouraged catalogue are closely related to clean energy and public security. Main additions are related to new energy, nuclear energy and public security and emergency product.

3. Is there any change under the restricted catalogue and eliminated catalogue?

Under the restricted catalogue, a clause relating to thermal power units discharging cooling water directly to the river has been removed. Several traditional fire-proofing materials have also been added under the section relation to “firefighting”.

            Under the eliminated catalogue, the New Guideline removes the clause “PVC packaging product directly contacting the food” and the “disposable foamed plastic dishware.”

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