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EVENT: Asia Business Forum Consumer Insight Conference 2007 December 17-18

11.12.07 13:42 Age: 16 yrs
EVENT: Asia Business Forum Consumer Insight Conference 2007 December 17-18

Consumers everywhere are increasingly overwhelmed by the number of choices offered to them. As a result, their product preferences are constantly changing and brand loyalty is hard to keep.

How should an organization position its brand for that added competitive edge to win over today’s increasingly sophisticated consumer?

The key is to first understand consumers’ needs, attributes and purchasing habits.
Effectively obtaining and applying consumer insights to your business strategies will help you reach and retain more customers.

This 2-Day Conference on “Consumer Insights 2007” takes a critical look at how to use consumer insights to build more profitable relationships with your customers. Understand the latest techniques and methodologies in obtaining data, analyzing them and translating them into measurable value.


* Revolutionary methods in differentiating your company in a crowded marketplace.
* Understand the importance of consumer insights in driving your business and how to maximize its impact as a proactive tool in supporting
* Unleashing the power of consumer data to identify insights that empower value-added decisions. Discover how to translate data into insights and insights into opportunities.

Special guest speaker Edward E. Lehman, managing partner of Lehman, Lee & Xu, will also address recent developments in Chinese consumer law, presenting on China’s product quality law and consumer protection law. Mr. Lehman is an expert on Chinese consumer law and appears annually on CCTV’s Chinese consumer day program.

To register, visit the Asia Business Forum at

To learn more about Chinese consumer law, visit Lehman, Lee & Xu’s resource center at

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