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Control Over Foreign Hydrological Projects in China Tightens

17.05.07 13:50 Age: 17 yrs
Control Over Foreign Hydrological Projects in China Tightens

Beijing, China - May 17, 2007

The State Council had issued a new regulation through the Ministry of Land and Resources, making it compulsory for all foreign organizations or individuals in China to obtain approvals for the undertaking of hydrological projects across the country.

The said Regulations will take effect starting June 1, 2007 which states, inter alia, hydrological organizations should report to the local governments as soon as they detect changes in water quality that could be a direct indication of the occurance of water pollution.

China authorities believe with the imposition of the said Regulation, it will help to regulate better quality control of foreign involvement in hydrological projects, in view that these projects now must be supervised by local authorities and Chinese partners are needed in order for a foreign organizations to undertake hydrological projects.

(Source: Beijing Today)

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