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4.86 Million Tourists Flock to Beijing During May Holiday

07.05.07 19:33 Age: 17 yrs
4.86 Million Tourists Flock to Beijing During May Holiday

Beijing, China - May 7, 2007

Beijing tourism hit new record high during the one week long May Labor Day Holiday.

It is reported that during the one week long nationwide holiday, more than 4.86 million tourists from abroad and China had packed the Capital City - Beijing. It is also believed that an estimated revenue of RMB4.17 billion (USD$0.5billion) is being generated for the tourism industry, an increase of 6.2% more than the same period last year.

Amongst the popular tourists sites, Forbidden City recorded approximately 440,000 visitors with ticket sales revenue totaling RMB23 million (an average of RMB60 per ticket). However, the Beijing Happy Valley theme park (the Chinese equivalent Disneyland) generated RMB26 million in its tickets sales of 185,000 (an average of RMB140 / ticket) thus making it the most profitable tourist destination over the May Labor Day holiday.


May 2, 2007 - tourists crowd at the Beijing Forbidden City (Sina - photos)

(Source: Xinhua News)

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