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Licensing in China

Intellectual property licensing and technology transfer agreements are playing an increasingly important role in the China strategic business plans of many companies. Our intellectual property attorneys understand that technology transfers and licensing agreements involve far more than intellectual property rights. We draw on the full knowledge and resources of the firm to anticipate the competitive implications for all parties in licensing and marketing negotiations.

We advise on the full effects of licensing, technology transfer agreements, and strategic alliances. As it is very common in the China market to enter into a licensing agreement, Lehman, Lee & Xu is experienced in assisting clients obtain the highest value while still protecting the rights of both parties through such agreements. When developing and executing licensing strategies, we counsel our clients on matters such as business partners, investors, competitors, and third party involvement.

Lehman, Lee & Xu is experienced in the following areas:

  • Patent licenses;
  • Trademark licenses;
  • Copyright licenses;
  • Trade secret licenses;
  • Consulting licenses;
  • Non-disclosure agreements;
  • Research support;
  • Partnering;
  • Development;
  • Supply;
  • Settlement;
  • Currency issues and licensing; and 
  • Repatriation of royalties.

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