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Financial Services Litigation in China

Our Financial Services Litigation team specializes in providing comprehensive representation across a wide spectrum of litigation areas, covering both criminal and civil aspects, class actions, regulatory affairs, and investigations. Leveraging our relationships internationally and extensive experience, we serve diverse clients in the financial services sector, including investment banks, broker-dealers, private equity and hedge funds, asset managers, trustees and custodians, insurance companies, brokers, lenders, servicers in mortgage, auto, and debt collectors, fintech companies, e-commerce entities, and more. Anticipating the key challenges faced by our financial services clients, our team proactively identifies and addresses these issues, even before they escalate into litigation.

Key Areas of Focus:

- Anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance

- Fraud and aiding and liability claims

- Competition claims

- High-value debt recovery

- Consumer claims involving fees, charges, and payment processing

- Regulatory interactions with financial authorities

- Corporate acquisition finance disputes

- Data and privacy breaches

- Disputes arising from financial products

- Enforcement of arbitration agreements and class action waivers

- Compliance with China Data Security Law (DSL), China Cybersecurity Law (CSL), Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), China National Security Law, China Anti-espionage Law, Exit Bans

- Financial distress and insolvency matters

- Government investigations

- Internal investigations

- Ponzi and other fraud schemes

- Securities litigation

- Truth-in-Lending claims

- Anti-unfair competition, deceptive acts, or practices

- User agreements and related disputes

Our Financial Services Litigation team is authorized to appear before all People’s courts and tribunals across mainland China. We bring extensive experience in litigating disputes, representing clients before administrative and regulatory authorities, governmental agencies, and various arbitration tribunals in China and globally. Throughout the discovery process, we assist clients in data preservation and collection, offering proactive counseling on litigation risk mitigation. Our longstanding experience in this sector enable us to handle each matter efficiently and effectively, delivering value for our clients in today's dynamic landscape.

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