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Jiangsu: 330 international registered trademarks in Nanjing

2013-01-11 10:59:04  Source:IPR in China  

International trademarks registered in 2012 under the Madrid Protocol hit 330 in Nanjing, capital city of Jiangsu Province, as known from the city's administration for industry and commerce. This all-time record represents an expedited step of local enterprises towards the landscape of winning adequate international recognition.

International trademarks are those registered under the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks, which allows trademarks to enjoy exclusive rights and equal legal protection in each contracting party immediately after their registrations come into force. This approach was usually ignored and seldom tried by many Nanjing companies in the past, who often didn't realize their marks had already been registered by others only until they attempted to promote their products abroad.

After the continued efforts of local authorities, including the policy to give a 10 thousand yuan reward to each successfully registered international trademark under the Madrid System, businesses in Nanjing finally started to realize its importance and that triggered an explosive growth in filings. As many as 105 international trademarks were registered in 2011 and 2012 alone, exceeding the sum total of the past 30 years.

It is known that those marks were majorly registered by enterprises engaged in high-tech, agricultural and modern service business. [Chinese version is available on njnews.cn]

Web: http://www.chinaipr.gov.cn/newsarticle/news/local/201301/1721414_1.html

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