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China's Internet society proposes good faith

BEIJING, July 10 -- China's Internet Industrial Association on Thursday issued a proposal on credit building and good faith in the cyber sphere.

The proposal by the Internet Society of China and 22 Chinese websites called on Internet businesses and netizens to use the Internet and operate their websites in accordance with law, honestly and in good faith, while resolutely opposing the fabricating and spread of false information, malicious libel, fraud, piracy and other online mischievousness.

It also urged the websites not to provide a platform for illegal and discredited activities.

The proposal is said to be part of the industry's efforts to implement a State Council plan released last month for building social credit system, the country's first special national plan in this area.

Major news portals and commercial websites should take the lead in promoting the value of good faith and credibility and enhance their self-discipline, said Ren Xianliang, vice director of State Internet Information Office.


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