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China expects cooperation with more Indian companies: premier

The people of China are reaching out to the world, old friends, allies, and even rivals and potential adversaries.  One rival and potential adversary is India.  But business and influence are two driving forces and no one knows that more than the new government in Beijing.

China welcomes more Indian enterprises to cooperate with their Chinese counterparts to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win results, visiting Chinese premier Li Keqiang said Tuesday.

Li made the remarks when touring India's industrial giant Tata Group in the financial capital of Mumbai.

Li said that the group, which opened an office in China's Shanghai over a century ago, has a special relationship with China.

The Tata Group has carried out extensive cooperation with Chinese companies in recent years, Li said, referring to the group as an epitome of the comprehensive development of China-India cooperation in trade and economy.

Li said that during his stay in India, he had reached a strategic consensus with Indian leaders and nailed down a host of pragmatic cooperative programs, which would strongly promote Tata's cooperation with China.

Chairman of Tata Cyrus Mistry said it was a great honor for the group to be a forerunner of India-China cooperation in trade and economy and the bridge for India-China friendship.

The group is willing to take advantage of the steadily developing India-China relations to further expand cooperation with China and play an active role in the development of the bilateral relationship, Mistry said.

The Chinese premier also made a video call with Tata staff, both Chinese and Indian, at the Shanghai office, saying that they are not only exploiting the Chinese market but also helping China know more about the Indian market.

This shows that China and India, two large emerging economies and markets, are connected and complementary, he added.

"As the China-India economic and trade relations develop, I am sure you will have more opportunities to exert your talents," Li told the staff.

For their part, the staff vowed to continue efforts to contribute to the friendly cooperation between China and India.

Founded in 1868, Tata is the biggest conglomerate company in India, which encompasses sectors including communications and information technology, engineering, materials and services. Its branch in China specializes in such fields as steel, cars, communication and freight.


Chinese PM vows to open up markets to India

India and China seem now to be determined not to let old differences to get between them. Why should they let old wars and border disputes get in the way of doing what is most important; making money! So economic cooperation is their new watch word and trading is their new icon.

NEW DELHI, May 21 – Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang pledged on Tuesday to open up domestic markets to Indian businesses and narrow a gaping trade deficit between the two countries.

“As for Indian concerns over the trade deficit, the Chinese side is willing to provide facilitations for more Indian products to access the Chinese market,” Li said during a speech to Indian business leaders in New Delhi.

“I am confident we have the ability to mitigate the trade imbalance between our two countries,” he added.

China is India’s largest trading partner, with two-way commerce totaling $66.5 billion last year. But trade is skewed significantly in China’s favor with the deficit totaling $29 billion in 2012, according to Chinese figures.

Li said China understood that balanced trade was crucial to good relations between the world’s two most populous countries.

“China never has the intention to pursue a trade surplus. Only a dynamic trade balance is a sustainable trade relation,” said the premier who is in India on his first foreign visit since taking office.

During his speech, Li reiterated China’s desire to build up trust with India after both sides agreed on Monday to work towards resolving a long-running border dispute in the Himalayas.

“A peaceful and stable South Asia is consistent with China’s development interests and will enable China to focus on addressing problems at home,” he said.


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